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What's new in CLZ Games for iOS?

It’s Friday, so this is my fifth and final “CLZ Games 9 Feature Hilite” email.

All five v9 Feature Hilites are now available on our CLZ Blog here, including lots of screenshots:

About our “Wrong Covers” project

A common complaint from users of our game apps has been about not always getting the correct cover image when adding games by barcode. The problem varied from not getting the exact cover for your limited/collector’s edition, or a getting the cover for the wrong regional release, or just bad images in general, like slanted covers, tiny images, fuzzy images etc…

So we decided to finally resolve this problem. A huge project that the CLZ content team has been working on for the past 5 months, with the help of a number of enthusiast users: checking and fixing game cover images, to make sure the cover image actually matches the exact edition (by barcode).

We work on this by popularity (most commonly owned releases first) and by recency (recent releases first). The metric we use to measure our progress is what we call “Cloud Coverage”, that is, the percentage of game releases in the CLZ Cloud that can be “covered” with a checked cover image.

This week we reached a Cloud Coverage of 88% (!!), meaning that for an average game collection, at least 88 percent of cover images should be the correct image for that barcode.

We expect to be working on this for at least 3 more months, but… the effects of our work should already be noticeable now.

Update from Core now also let you REPLACE cover images

To help you enjoy the improved cover art for your collection, we have improved the “Update from Core” tool to allow the overwriting/replacing of cover art with possible new cover art from Core.

To do so, select some (or all) games in your app, tap the Action button on the bottom right, then choose Update from Core. In the settings screen that appears, at the top, set the toggle for “Front Cover” to “Replace”, then tap “Update” on the bottom right.

Recent changes

v9.1.1: CLZ Games is now free to use up to 100 games May 31st, 2024 v9.0.5 Game values are back in the Add Games screen April 17th, 2024 v9.0: Improved Add by Title screen, Collection tabs, Check Value screen and more! March 12th, 2024 v8.4: Easier access to Manage Pick Lists tool October 25th, 2023 v8.3: Pre-fill screen: Orange highlights and a Clear button October 16th, 2023 v8.1: New Sync button on main screen September 6th, 2023 v8.0: Use multiple folder levels May 17th, 2023 Youtuber Mystic shows how he is using CLZ Games April 19th, 2023 v7.5: More value data from PriceCharting (Graded, Box only, Manual only) July 25th, 2022 v7.4 New “Card View” May 12th, 2022 v7.3: Back Cover images! March 29th, 2022 v7.2: Progress Bars and Cancel buttons! March 16th, 2022 v7.1: Improved Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields! February 4th, 2022 v7.0: New features and lots of improvements December 2nd, 2021 v6.6 Submit to Core / New Select Mode and action menu September 27th, 2021 v6.5: Duplicate / Clear Cloud / Shake to Shuffle / Web-links September 8th, 2021 v6.4 New look for game list, cover view & game details July 2nd, 2021 v6.3: Various improvements February 22nd, 2021 v6.2.1: New: Pre-fill fields while adding games December 28th, 2020 v6.1: New “Updated Values” report after updating values from PriceCharting November 12th, 2020 v6.0: Improved game value features, batch editing & more! October 21st, 2020 Sneak Preview: version 6.0 of all 5 CLZ mobile apps! July 21st, 2020 v5.4: Re-designed “Select Folder Field” screen and faster Update from Core June 11th, 2020 v5.3: Add Games by Platform and Add Hardware from Core April 7th, 2020 v5.2 Faster CLZ Cloud syncing! March 18th, 2020