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Reviews from customers

December 30, 2021
Awesome software, awesome service, awesome company! — Todd Johnson (USA)
December 21, 2021
As always thank you for the amazingly quick and accurate assistance! — Dustin Reinhart (USA)
December 05, 2021
Really impressed
I am really impressed with the quick feedback via email and Facebook. I wish all businesses had the same care to customers as CLZ has. — Shane (Australia)
December 03, 2021
Great products
Thanks to the team for their continued support of these great products. — Earl Stoyer (USA)
November 30, 2021
Your service is outstanding! — Ki von der Linden (USA)
November 27, 2021
Your service is tops!
I purchased the wrong subscription. I sent an e-mail on Saturday about my error. Being the weekend, I did not expect a reply until after the weekend. Just a few hours later I receive a reply saying that the subscription type has been changed. Now that’s great service. — David Mills (Japan)
November 26, 2021
Great products
I have been a customer a long time and think that your products are great, especially when having a big collection, I don’t get the same item twice. — Frank Montalbano (USA)
November 25, 2021
Your customer Service was EXCELLENT! — Eric T. (USA)
November 01, 2021
FANTASTIC APP + Customer Service!
I have the Music, Comic, Book, Game & Movie app installed on MY device. I use ALL of them regularly to keep a inventory of ALL MY digital & physical media. I’ve been a user since 2012 and was happy when the apps became available on the App Store. Had a issue with one of the apps and Alwin responded immediately. The problem was resolved. Thanks!
I recommend any of the CLZ apps to anyone looking to inventory or at least try to keep UP with their “STUFF” — The Original Jay-B (USA)
October 28, 2021
The app is brilliant
The barcode scanning feature invaluable. I bought the CLZ Movies app quite some time ago, so I've been a member for awhile!
I used to collect Martial Arts movies (DVD's), and but have recently started to historical books since becoming a Dad hense the interest. Having the ability know what i have without wrestling with stacks and stacks of books/games/dvd, etc... is simply amazing. It also allows me to catalogue what books I have a work out what can be replaced with a eBook or disposed off. Really helpful.
It is an amazing achievement this CLZ apps, never let it go... — Jason Quire (United Kingdom)
October 07, 2021
Swiftly resolved
Seldom have I had a problem so swiftly resolved! — Frank Frickey (Germany)
September 30, 2021
Love the customer service!
You guys are awesome! I love the software and love the customer service!
Best software company I have ever dealt with! — Todd Johnson (USA)
September 21, 2021
Commitment to customers
You have been patient with me. This goes a long way to show commitment to customers. Unlike having to wait for answers, help is there by the very next day. Allowing for time zone differences this is excellent. — Scott Foust (USA)
September 15, 2021
Your software is the best
Your software is the best maintained and easiest to update. I am over 80 years old and have been using PCs since they were invented, so I have lots of comparisons to measure you against. THANK YOU!! — Mike Young (South Africa)
September 09, 2021
Many thanks for your help. I’m always impressed with the speed with which you dig me out of messes of my own making. — Michael Grant (Ireland)
August 30, 2021
Customer service
I do love ya'lls customer service. You are terrific !! — Marci Delaney (Australia)
August 25, 2021
Your customer service is excellent. — Margaret S. (United Kingdom)
August 20, 2021
Can't do without CLZ
Rowdy- I am forever in your debt! You're an absolute STAR. Thanks so much. Yet another example of why CLZ is best, and why I very much doubt I could ever do without it now! — Steev Hopper (United Kingdom)
August 16, 2021
Prompt response
Thanks for your prompt response, one of the reasons this is the best software for collectors. — Tom Henel (USA)
August 12, 2021
Customer support
You folks are great for customer support. — Dale Larson (USA)
August 07, 2021
Amazing support
Thank you very much! Amazing - I send a support email at 4am (or so) your time, you guys receive it, respond, and fix the problem all on a Saturday morning to boot!
Thanks AGAIN for the great service and product! — Dustin Reinhart (USA)
August 06, 2021
I love your software
Thank for the quick turnaround and great customer service! Your customer service is always top notch and Martin always responds quickly to resolve issues. — John Perlow (USA)
August 01, 2021
Happy with the software and your support
Thank you VERY MUCH for your help… especially for such great communication and on Saturday! Really appreciate it. — Kirill Y. (Russia)
July 22, 2021
Top notch
You guys offer top notch customer service!!! — Sam (Canada)
July 16, 2021
Extra stars for the support staff
I had already rated this Service as a 5 but I wish I could give it extra stars for the support staff. Highly helpful in getting me squared away when I thought I may have just lost my account. — Jeremy Summers (USA)
June 16, 2021
Worth it!
I have Comic, Movie and Music Collectors software from Collectorz.com. Have had them for years. Definitely worth more than it cost! — Ted Gavin (USA)
June 07, 2021
Good products at reasonable prices
I always loved my Collectorz software, but now really appreciate everything it provides. I really didn't know all of my databases were automatically saved to the cloud, but when I was forced to restore everything after a HDD crash...it was so quick and easy to recover everything! I did have my databases backed up, but thought they would automatically load when the programs were opened. Therefore, I contacted Collectorz.com support when this did not happen. Your advice worked first time (I wish Microsoft support was so efficient). In retrospect, I realize that all I had to do was to import my backed-up files.
Thank you for providing such good products at reasonable prices! — Ray Clement (Canada)
June 03, 2021
Fantastic softwares
I want you both to know that I never have had such kind, friendly and quick support from anyone else. That goes for all kind of business matter mainly on the net. Thats for sure. I just love all your different Collectorz softwares and I'm really impressed of all the excellent work and hours you have spend in creating those fantastic softwares.
I've been searching for years in finding softwares like your creations around the world. Since I found the Collectorz softwares I realized at once that Collectorz was just the thing I've been searching for. Your softwares is the only accepted alternative for me! Many thanks! — Mats Norberg (Sweden)
June 03, 2021
I LOVE your software
I use Movie, Music and Book for years and love each product. You managed to lure me from competing products because of quality, ease of use, speed, longevity, etc.
I don't like your software, I LOVE your software. That also includes how you provide updates, changes, improvements. I use a lot of paid software but I truly believe your business model is the best I've come across. Not one single problem in all the years of using these products. So, please don't stop doing what you're doing and how you're doing it. I have over 4,000 albums in Music, almost the same number in movies (more if you include all the TV shows) and hundreds of books. They all work the same as they did when new, not slowing down one little bit.
Thank you for continuing to make and support such great products. — Steve H. (USA)
June 01, 2021
I don't need any help today. I just want to congratulate you on the 25th anniversary of you first collections application. You certainly provide good software solutions, at a reasonable price, and you always answer questions (provide help) quickly. Keep up the good work. — Larry Bothe (USA)
May 31, 2021
You guys ROCK
You gave me the courage to try out my new bar code scanner!
Ya-hoo!! I'm back in business with adding movies, records/CDs, and books to my collectionz.
Once more...you guys ROCK!! — Wilma Meier (USA)
May 25, 2021
Just love the Collectorz softwares
Thank you so much for your quick answer to my request earlier today.
Thanks to you everything with my three web-based softwares now is working fully completely! I have followed your instructions and everything is just bright and sunny!
I just love the Collectorz softwares and they will be priceless for me according to my cataloguing of my large music collection (1930s and 1940s music) as well as my collections of movies and books.
You really made my day! — Mats Norberg (Sweden)
May 23, 2021
Excellent support
Thank you for very fast answer - even in the weekend. — Leif Alberg (Norway)
May 14, 2021
Love using CLZ for my collections
I really love using CLZ for my collections. I tell everyone I know that collects books and comics about CLZ. It really is great software. — Matthew S. (USA)
May 10, 2021
Thanks for all your help
Nice to see where people are treated so promptly, courteously, and resolve the matter so quickly. — Tony Kluza (USA)
May 06, 2021
Excellent service
You are really customer friendly and provide excellent support and feedback. In the upcoming week I will become a new subscriber to CLZ. Congrats to me! Again thank you and the team for the many years, then and now, of excellent service. — Myra (USA)
May 05, 2021
Remote TeamViewer session to fix a problem
You have no idea how much I appreciate what you did. Just that you (and "The Team") took the time, that you really care. I spend hours each day working on Music Collector and over the years, more and more, you all seem like "family". What you've done is very special and I feel "special". Like a cherished member of the family. You're all AWESOME! I cannot thank you enough! — Jay Shepard (USA)
April 29, 2021
Great support team
A valuable tool for comic book collectors with a great support team, keep it up CLZ! — anthony arroyo (USA)
March 26, 2021
Excellent support
I appreciate your products and the excellent support you have provided over the years. — James Joerger (USA)
March 14, 2021
Great team, great program!
Thanks for all you do, even through the pandemic. Great team, great program! — Dave Daugherty (USA)
March 08, 2021
Once again incredible support from CLZ
This is not the first time I have asked for support and every request has been dealt with quickly and professionally. — Dave Brown (United Kingdom)
March 01, 2021
Customer support is 100% helpful
Keep up the great work and your customer support is 100% helpful and on point. I’ve already suggested the app and your site to multiple collectors and they are checking it out and joining up to either one or multiple platforms. — Michael Drucker (USA)
February 27, 2021
Thank you for everything
Dear CLZ team,
Thank you for the latest news and updates and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the top service during the Corvid-19 scourge and I very much hope that you will get out of lockdown as soon as possible.
I wish you a sunny and nice weekend and stay healthy. — Günter Hein (Germany)
February 27, 2021
Just a nod to what a superb job you folks are doing. Cant tell you how much i enjoy using your extremely powerful and intuitive software. Keep up the great work. — Kevin Catheron (USA)
February 22, 2021
Excellent support
Problem solved by your more than excellent Support!! You are absolutely great! — Jens W. (Germany)
February 06, 2021
Excellent support on a Saturday!
And thank you for excellent support on a Saturday! It must be the best support anywhere. :-) — Leif Alberg (Norway)
February 02, 2021
Thanks for Staying Safe Alwin...and the CLZ Team is forever in our minds. We all appreciate support and new innovations. — Larry Nuese (USA)
January 27, 2021
I think it’s absolutely awesome that you guys follow up with your customers and actually answer emails! Not many around do that type of service. So, bravo to you CLZ!! — Tom Schurman (Canada)
January 19, 2021
Your support is best in class
Thank you so much for your help.
Your suggestion to fix this issue was more than I had expected and it works just fine now. Your support is best in class, quick, easy and very helpful ! — Jan Stromsnes (Norway)
January 06, 2021
Excellent service
Thank you very much for your time. The service from Collectorz.com has been excellent as always. — Stephen Smith (USA)
January 05, 2021
Wonderful apps
I already owned book, music and movie collector (for many years) and they are wonderful! I love to catalog and organize so your apps are perfect for me. — Terri Carnine (USA)
January 04, 2021
The best
As always very helpful. Best customer service anywhere :) — PAK 5000 (USA)
January 01, 2021
Congratulations on 20 years of Collectorz
Hi Alwin and team, Thanks for your kind wishes for the New Year, and congratulations on 20 years of Collectorz. I have been with you for a good part of those 20 years, I found a receipt for version 6, dated May 2009, so it's been at least 11 years. I have recommended your program to quite a few people, some I know have purchased it and are using it for their collections. Your backup has always been excellent, answering questions and sorting out problems.
We have been lucky in Australia with the virus and only have the occasional flareups to contend with, as a result, our Sydney New Year fireworks is going to be very low key this year with most people having to be content with watching on TV. However we are reasonably free to move around as long as we take precautions with masks, social distancing etc.
Finally, I would like to wish you and all the team a Happy New Year, and a New Year that will see an end to this terrible pandemic, and let the world get back to normal. — Michael Piquemal (Australia)