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December 29, 2019
Christmas dinner
I received your email with the link to the picture of the group. What can I say?
Firstly it was nice to see all the happy faces and connect names to faces.
Second, I have to hope the Dinner was in a low light setting, as there was definitely enough colour and brilliance to go around.
Thirdly, I am not sure if the Fashion police have been alerted to the vibrancy and brilliance of the team. I am sure everyone is brilliant, but that was not the sense I am using.
Fourth, what a faux pas Bernard and Joe committed. Had you noticed they had the same outfits???? How could you miss??
Fifth and most important. Happy New Year to a great and resourceful team.
Best for the New Year. — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada)
December 11, 2019
Thanks heaps, all fixed
Have to say also you guys are always the best support. — Leigh Barnett (Australia)
December 09, 2019
Wonderful software
Having Thanksgiving recently I wanted to tell you I'm thankful to you for the wonderful software, updates, and support you've given me and others over the years.
Your products are amazing! I would never be able to keep my collection organized without it and the thoughtful features you provide. — Jim Rhea (USA)
December 05, 2019
The best on the market
I really enjoy the products that your company offers. They are the best cataloging products on the market, in my opinion. — Dave Newell (USA)
December 01, 2019
Great customer service
As always, great products and great customer service.
Happy Holidays. — Ken McMurray (USA)
November 28, 2019
Great software
Thank you so much for your efforts in updating this already great software.
Even though you are sending this out to all your customers, I just thought I would it you know that your efforts are much much appreciated by me personally.
Thank you again and my regards to Sytske as well for all her help in the past. Cheers and you both have a great week ahead! — Baz Benjamin (Singapore)
November 27, 2019
Thank you again for everyone’s support and help
I can’t fully express how much I value your excellent support (and products) over the many years I have been associated with you! — John G Sackis (USA)
November 12, 2019
Happy and proud to be a customer
I have been a customer of CLZ for such a long time now. I have used your scans, your CLZ Barry. I really like the way you have grown and changed with time, following the challenge of the new technologies. I am sure you will always be surprising us with new features and am happy and proud of being an old customer. — Roberta Meo (Italy)
November 07, 2019
The best
I have always said, you guys are the best customer service in the business. — Dennis Dutterer (USA)
October 24, 2019
Excellent customer service
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. It is very hard to find good service these days. You knew exactly what I needed to do to make it work and your replies were very prompt.
Thank you again. — Joe Mondin (USA)
October 23, 2019
You guys are awesome!
I just have to say, in my 40 years of working with computers, I’ve never seen a company more dedicated to maintaining and fine-tuning an application than Collectorz. You guys never cease to amaze me with your superb and timely updates and improvements. Thanks so much for being the best of the best! — Taig Stewart (USA)
October 22, 2019
Your customer service
So, once again I thank you for your patience and your help. You guys have the best customer service of anybody I do business with. — Peggy Beatty (USA)
October 16, 2019
Excellent support
No questions this morning, just wanted to say thank you for the personal assistance ya'll have given me, and tell you how much I like the program. Thanks again for the excellent support, wish other program operators gave that kind of help. — James R Whittemore (USA)
October 11, 2019
Top rate
A product is only as good as the support it receives. Collectorz.com’s product support is consistently top rate. — James Craft (USA)
October 10, 2019
20 Years
I have been using the Collectorz software on PC and mobiles for over 20 years and it is still getting better! — Pat Salt (United Kingdom)
September 28, 2019
Great products
I appreciate your quick response (you all do that so very well). Please give my regards to Alwin and the rest of the crew. Your product quality is only surpassed by the actual people in your organization who put it together and support us all.
I tell everyone I know about COLLECTORZ and I hope that in some small way I’m able to give positive vibes to you for all the amazing work you do. — Don Butler (USA)
September 25, 2019
Keep up the great work
I love what you guys have been doing with the various Collectorz programs. Well worth the money spent. — Jeremy Ponti (USA)
September 10, 2019
Great service
Excellent support, quick response, great service. — Mark Ashcroft (United Kingdom)
September 03, 2019
Marvellous software
It's been great having CLZ all these years (keeping my +5000 movies & +4000 books in order). I’ll continue using & renewing CLZ movie & books, both programs help tremendously in cataloguing & keeping me aware of what I have (avoiding duplication). I’m constantly recommending CLZ to people I meet while purchasing DVDs or books: bragging about the quality and convenience of the program. It’s marvelous! — Julie Lightner (USA)
August 30, 2019
Consistently amazing support
Thanks for the super fast response! I really appreciate the excellent support you provide for such a low annual fee!
I had to contact you some years back and also got great support then. As in that case, it's simply a case of "read the freaking manual" and your team kindly helped anyway.
I'm a very happy customer - you've given be great value for years and I will continue to use, support, and recommend Comic Collector Pro to anyone who needs it! — Christopher Larkin (USA)
August 29, 2019
Thank you so much for your help! Your customer service is amazing! — Aleshia Prosser (USA)
August 29, 2019
BTW your company is super to work with. — Alvin Elkins (USA)
August 11, 2019
Thank you for the great support
Your phenomenal support is greatly appreciated.I am still blown away that you answered every email within a day. — Isaac Star (Canada)
July 31, 2019
Great Support staff
Just want to take a minute to give a thumbs up to the great Support staff at Collectorz. Great people who have helped "talked me off the ledge"... even as I write this. — Peter Solt (USA)
July 24, 2019
Remarkable service
You have always been, and remain, an excellent company with remarkable service to your customers. Thank you! — Gregory Schmunk (USA)
July 15, 2019
Superb service for a superb product
Simple to use, provides exactly what I was looking for. I have had a problem logging in so contacted the support team, within 15 minutes the problem is identified, solved and removed. This all took place at around 8.30 Monday evening, which is 9.30 Dutch time. — Dave Brown (United Kingdom)
July 08, 2019
Worth every cent
I love your programs and feel they are worth every cent I’ve spent on them over the years. Please tell everyone that they are doing an awesome job and to be proud of their accomplishments.
Service has always been 150%. Thanks again. — Doug Zylenko (Canada)
July 06, 2019
You guys rock
I just wanted to say (and pass this along to Alwin) that I was looking into my archives (I archive every MFin’ thing,) and I came across a thing called “kic3alpha1.zip,” timestamped 19990814. Yes, I’ve been rocking your software since 1999, when it was “Keep It Compact.”

I had to fall out of subscription because of some lean years, but I’m back in. I DID drop the Music Collector because I wrote my own juke box that, while it was not as robust as Music Collector on many fronts, it fulfilled some core functions that were outside of the specs of your software.
However, your other platforms, especially Movie Collector, are downright delightful.

The main thing I want to say is this: When you stick with a software vendor for twenty years, that means they’re doing something right. I’ve always had nothing but positive experiences dealing with the support at Collectorz.com (and I remember having some spirited back-and-forth with Alwin all those years ago.) You guys rock.

Thanks for being a great software provider, — Michael Petro (USA)

July 04, 2019
Your software is AWESOME!
By the way your software is AWESOME!! It is incredibly easy to use and pretty much hassle free. Your pricing also is really great and now you're adding the only thing that I thought would improve your system which is the pricing guide. I would hate to be you guys right now because you've done such a good job so far it's going to be hard to keep improving!! Once again great software and great customer support and pricing. — Nelson Fountain (USA)
June 16, 2019
Pleased with the software
I’ve been using the music, movie & book collector software for many years now and have always been pleased both with the software (approx. 37500 entries in the music one alone!), and the speed at which you and your team respond to any queries, so thank you for that and long may it continue! — Mark Johnson (United Kingdom)
June 07, 2019
Happy camper
I have been with CollectorZ (Music & Movies) for a couple of years or more. I have been Happy with every fix and upgrade they have made. They have taken this old codger from caveman to computer guru. Well not quite...guru maybe but not a computer guru.
Thank You Gang for continuing to make it better. Keep it up and I might just renew (lol). — Larry Nuese (USA)
June 04, 2019
Great company
You know that you (Collectorz.com) are a great company, right? That everyone there seems to me to be doing something they like doing and doing it well.
As the Aussie’s say - Good on You. — Dean Crystal (USA)
June 02, 2019
Your company is awesome
I noted in your last update email that you mentioned some people were wondering when the latest CLZ mobile update was coming. I just wanted to say that your company is awesome. Of all the applications I have (and I have many) your CLZ applications are updated on an incredibly regular basis. I have a great deal of admiration for the job you and all in your organization do. I can only imagine the amount of work that takes place in your organization.
With heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for a great product and your dedication to continuing to make it better and better! — Jacqui (Canada)
May 25, 2019
Customer service
The customer service is fantastic they respond in no time flat. Love that. — Christopher Montgomery (USA)
May 03, 2019
Thank you very much
The speed at which you replied was just awesome.. Never in my life have I had a company or person respond as quickly as you guys..
Wow 10 /10. Well done. — Malcolm Johnstone (United Kingdom)
April 30, 2019
Excellent customer support
On behalf of my husband, Larry, and me; thank you both for all of the wonderful detailed instructions on us finally establishing an account for Larry's Comic Books Collection database; and for my Music Collection database. We both followed your licensing instructions, as well as downloading our respective Comic and Music databases on his PC and on my MAC.
Everything went smoothly. Now we both can continue encouraging each other to enter all of our collections!
Great product, we are very happy with it; particularly with the excellent customer support you have both provided to us! Cataloging our collections has also resulted in reorganized where and how we store the Comics and Records. Great product! — Barbara (USA)
April 14, 2019
OMG that's awesome
I think it's APP-solutely fantastic you guys are awesome <3
When we ask for improvement, you guys make it happen.
I also just recently found that, you made some other changes in an earlier update like: Capitalizing after square brackets.
Multiple collections in one DB something i been looking for, for ages. I was very happy when I discovered it because I have submitted the suggestions to you several times.
After 20 years of dedicated user of your Games, Movie and Music Collectorz software, i love it more and more — Kim Jensen (Denmark)
April 09, 2019
Wonderful product
You and the rest of collectorz.com are great, and have a wonderful product. I'm a long time customer of the Book and movie collector software. The number of years I have been using your product is a good testimonial to the quality of it. — Jeff Rosmarin (Canada)
April 01, 2019
You people are so wonderful. Not just for creating such great software, but a smart and talented support team. — Theresa Anoskey (USA)
March 31, 2019
Customer service is the very best
Thank you for your follow-up. It's just one more reason I love using your software. Your amazing customer service is the very best.
It's rare these days to find a company that actually cares about their customers. Thank you for being a rarity. — Keith Petersen (USA)
March 29, 2019
Collectorz The One and Only Cataloguing Software
Firstly, let me take this opportunity to say that Collectorz software is the best set of software for cataloguing your collection of books, movies, comics, music, video games or what ever you collect. It is very versatile in what it can do and very powerful and expert at doing it. The list of its abilities is just to long to say in this review. It comes in PC and Mac editions as well as ipad, iphone, Android apps for your phones and tablets. It synchronize's beautifully and efficently with any of the above. I have never had a problem, ever with any of the updates or using the software, its seamless.

I have been using Collectorz books, music and movies for over 6 years here at my library in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. Collectorz fits my needs perfectly. The Loan manager part of the software is very useful for what I do,running my library and the depth that Collectorz books goes to is astonishing, but its simplicty is its strongest point.

If your ever need cataloguing software for any reason, then buy this and only this. You won't regret it. — Dr. Spence (United Kingdom)

March 23, 2019
Prompt service
Very pleased with your kind and prompt service... and of course efficient! — Raymond Pfister (Switzerland)
March 21, 2019
You and your team deserve it!
I just wish other companies would follow you. People & life aren't perfect, but a smile and a pleasant attitude makes the little problems that pop up when you do business a lot less irritating.
I wish that a few other people I deal with would take lessons from you regarding Customer Service. I'll be with you a long, long time !!!!!! — Donna Beck (USA)
March 17, 2019
Thank you for all your service
Thank you for your help. That fixed the problem. That is one of the reasons why I have always been impressed and pleased to use all of your Collectorz programs. Your company is by far and away the best company that I have ever had to deal with.
I thank you for all your service over the years. — Mihali Patsias (Australia)
March 08, 2019
Keep doing what you are doing
I feel compelled to pass on to you my admiration in the way you guys continually upgrade/update your software. I own Books, Movies & Music. I have never had an issue with anything you have sent. Every time the upgrade is seamless and so simple to operate.
Congratulations, I'm sure there are lots of companies out there who seem to make any upgrade so painful. Yet you produce the software and deliver in a timely and efficient manner. and 'bozos' like me have absolutely no trouble,

Thanks you and keep doing what you are doing because it works to the envy of a lot of people!!! — Bob Skewes (Australia)

March 07, 2019
Customer care
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help. I really enjoy your good customer care. — Joseph Bentham (Sweden)
February 26, 2019
Great applications, reliable development and permanent improvement, thank you! — Valery Shampal (Israel)
February 20, 2019
I'm impressed . . you people are FAST! Kudos.
Many thanks for making the fix (and so quickly). You're right, I'm up... works Great! — Terry Phillips (USA)
February 10, 2019
Wow timely response and on a weekend no less! You’re awesome, thank you for the detailed and helpful response. — Richard Brown (USA)
January 31, 2019
Great support
Its great to know you guys give such great support and and take on board feedback from us all. I enjoy the updates about what is happening at Collecterz. — Debra McKay (Australia)
January 24, 2019
The quality of the service you give
As ever, I am truly impressed by the quality of your rapid responses. I would never think of looking for alternative software. Yours does all that I want and more. My only sadness is that I am not able to tell you face to face!
Enthusiast for more than 12 years! — Youmike (South Africa)
January 24, 2019
Top service
Thank you so very much for all your help today. As always, top service from you guys. — Oliver Barnett (United Kingdom)
January 21, 2019
I've been using Book Collector and Music Collector since October 2018 and I'm really happy with these programs. A big thank you for that. I've been looking for a suitable program for a long time, until I found you. — Gotthard Rein (Germany)
January 03, 2019
The best customer service!
Thanks for the unbelievable fast response. You guys not only have the best collectors software but also best customer service!! — Jeffrey Bofinger (USA)
January 02, 2019
You folks are fantastic
Just want to write this quick note to say thank you once again. The time, effort, and knowledge that you devoted to my problem is certainly appreciated.
If you or your company ever need someone to explain how great you folks are, do not be afraid to use my name. — Walt Manning (USA)
January 01, 2019
Thanks and Happy new Year to you all
Dear Alwin and Team, Just a big thank you for producing so many great programs they are the best but then you are the best team i look forward to 2019 with interest to see what you are going to do.
Again many thanks and a Happy New Year to you all and Prosperous From one very happy customer. — Paul Bryant (United Kingdom)