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December 31, 2015
Software remains excellent
Congratulations on 15 years Alwin, and thanks for sharing with your subscribers. I enjoyed looking at your London pictures. Looks like you and your team had a great time, and I would add that it was well-deserved. Your software remains excellent, and is in my opinion, unrivaled. I have used it for at least 12 years that I can remember, and will continue to do so.
The best to all of you in the New Year. — Chris Weil (USA)
December 31, 2015
Keep up the good work
Just wanted to tell you all to keep up the good work. I love how you keep us updated on everything that you are doing, that's good customer service.
Happy new year! — Margaret Kahlmeier (Canada)
December 30, 2015
The programs have simplified my life
First of Congratulations on "15" Years....and Happy Anniversary. I have not been here for all....but I think quite a few of them....but that said just want to Thank You for the terrific programs. I personally use Movies and Music...and the programs have simplified my life....and to Top It Off the "Customer Service" is over the "Top". Each time this old man screws up something on a program you folks have been there everytime to sweep up the broken glass and get me back on task...a "Monumental Job" in itself. Again "Thank You" and I hope to be around for many more anniversaries. — Larry Nuese (USA)
December 05, 2015
Note of appreciation
Just wanted to send you all a note of appreciation for delivering great software and then not resting on your laurels. Your frequent updates make other, much larger companies look just plain lazy!
And then, this... Most software houses would take weeks to fix a problem they didn't cause themselves, letting their customers go without a feature. Not you guys! Within 2 days, problem solved. On top of that, you absorb all the additional costs yourselves. You're the best!
Thanks, Collectorz.com. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. — William Marsh (USA)
December 04, 2015
Easier to track
I am SO happy I decided many years ago to begin logging my collections with Collectorz!!! You guys never cease to amaze me with your unending desire to improve and update this awesome software- latest example being the switch to Bing image search! Thank you so much for your passion to make all our collector hobbies so much easier to track. You know...one of the most fun part of collecting is doing the tracking and having all that awesome information about your collection at your fingertips. And you guys make that happen for us!
Thank you so much! — Tom DeCaro (USA)
December 03, 2015
Top notch
The software and customer service are both top notch! — Josh Gamble (USA)
November 16, 2015
The best
Thanks again to the best and fastest support I ever experienced (!!!also working on sundays!!) — Peter Fritzsche (Germany)
November 15, 2015
Exceeds all expectations
Thanks so much for your help and assistance!!! As always, you and your team's customer service exceeds all expectations!!!! — Justin Kersey (USA)
November 12, 2015
Thank you
To all in Collectorz.com support, a huge thank you for helping me with the problems with my CLZ Music app. Polite, fast and very easy to understand replies to all my queries and concerns. Thank you. — JJ Mallory (USA)
November 10, 2015
“Heavenly” software
I have 3 of the programs, movies, look and music. They are all great programs very user friendly. Most of of all, the support and time response is really excellent. I fell very confidant in recommending this software and company to anyone. Thank you for raising the standards of our current business world. God bless you! — Sister Mary James (USA)
October 28, 2015
Top notch
Did you folks ever think to start a training class for other public facing software companies?
Your updates are excellent. Your notifications are top notch. Your products never lose features but continuously add or upgrade them. Your prices are perfect. Your extremely expeditious help desk is over the top in resolving issues and explaining to the user how to use a feature very promptly.
I think Google, Microsoft and Apple could all look to your company on how to do software right. — Mark Nucker (USA)
October 19, 2015
The best
Collectorz is a great product and customer service has always been the best. — Ralph Wick (USA)
October 03, 2015
The best
Once again Collectorz has proven why they are the best in the business! — Doug Connors (USA)
September 24, 2015
I wish all support teams were as good (and patient) as yours! — Frank H. (USA)
September 24, 2015
Customer service
As usual, you are to me a prince among program providers, your customer service and response time are tops and I can't begin to tell you how much I value your program. Thanks as always for your help. — Andre Arnold (USA)
September 03, 2015
Amazing software
Just wanted to thank you all for the amazing software - I've had a copy of all applications for the last few years and love the ability to catalogue my movies/tv/music/games/books with each of the applications. The Connect cloud subscription has been amazing too in helping my determine exactly what issue/version or whatever when I am in store (though I haven't yet looked at purchasing the app). — Phil Espie (Australia)
August 31, 2015
Well worth it
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the update email messages that are sent out regularly and the excellent support that I have received in the past. I feel the money I have spent on the software and update plans is well worth it. Collectorz.com has great software and outstanding support.
Keep up the good work. — Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein (USA)
August 23, 2015
Best service
Thank you so much for your prompt service. You guys are awesome. Usually when someone purchases something like book collector especially outside your own country, if you need assistance, once the provider has your money, they pretty much leave your butt swinging in the wind LOL and simply just forget you! It is so neat and also very refreshing that you guys look after your customers. I refer you guys on to anyone I can (not that I know hundreds if ppl). Thank you again for your brilliant after sale service! Oh, if ALL businesses were like yours! Thanks again for creating such an awesome product, and sharing it at such a reasonable cost, with the best service too, what a bonus! — Tania McLaughlan (New Zealand)
August 06, 2015
Only one that really worked
Great software, my Dad is a massive vinyl collector (30k+ discs) and yours is the only one that really worked :)
I’ve finally decided to catalog my games collection so thought it was time to get the game version :) — Dean Calver (USA)
August 04, 2015
Keeping track
I really appreciate your software, as it has really made keeping track of my various collections so much easier! — Terry Bradbury (USA)
August 01, 2015
Products are excellent
I am happy for your devotion to your customers. I never hesitate to recommend collectorz to my friends. Not only the products are excellent, but the support too. Love it. — Flemming Sevaj (Denmark)
July 20, 2015
Great customer support
Thank you so much. Collectorz are the benchmark for great customer support. — Mark Gabriel (New Zealand)
July 10, 2015
Excellent customer service
I've been a Music & Movie Collectorz member/subscriber since 2006, and I appreciate so much the excellent customer service and accessibility for issues and questions you and the entire staff there provide. It's extremely rare today. And also, thanks for continuing to make the programs and apps even better.
Every time I'm in a record or video store and hear someone complain about purchasing a title they forgot they have, I recommend your software and apps. — Justin Kersey (USA)
July 05, 2015
Lifetime “organizer”
I love your software. As a lifetime “organizer” I love having something that helps me keep track of my all of my collections. I started out with your Comic Collector because I own over 12,000 comic books and then went on to purchase the Movie Collector, then the Music Collector and finally the Book Collector software. — Jamie Huff (USA)
June 10, 2015
The great cloud
Your continuing work on updating the Collectorz software has been great. I especially like the great Cloud to Android app downloading improvement. Much easier and smoother now. — Guy Platz (USA)
June 06, 2015
Once again, a query sorted and explained fully in less than 24 hours.
What a team. — Duncan Bird (United Kingdom)
June 03, 2015
Life and frustration savers!
Great job! Love the CLZ and desktop product lines. Life and frustration savers! Keep up the hard work and excellent customer service! — Thomas Christian (USA)
May 31, 2015
The best
This is the best program ever!!!!!! Keep track of your movies, music, etc..... — Dan Rodriguez (USA)
May 24, 2015
I could not be happier
You have never disappointed in helping me. I could not be happier with the software but more importantly your attention to us individuals on the occasion something technical should arise you never shy away and always find a solution rather than a workaround. Your attention to detail is far better than any other tech or software company I deal with. — Ron Salma (USA)
May 21, 2015
I remember that customer service from your company was always superb, but complete resolution within 15 minutes is outstanding. — Gavin Boxall (South Africa)
May 08, 2015
Quick and personalised response
I just want to say that your customer services are second to none. On the odd occasion that I do something stupid and have to contact you, I always receive a quick and personalised response and not the usual standard email that never helps. Keep up the good work. — Richard Bell (USA)
May 08, 2015
You are a life-saver! Thanks so much for your rapid and detailed assistance. The programs you folks publish are a boon to collectors of any kind.
Simply outstanding. — Joe Librandi (USA)
May 06, 2015
Excellent software
Excellent software and excellent support.
I'll let others know what a great product you have. — Robert Mata (USA)
March 25, 2015
Collectorz.com support is excellent. They had the patience to hang in there until this old man got everything working. Thanks again. — Doug McClelland (USA)
March 16, 2015
Great products
As always, thanks for making great products that continue to add features and functionality for your users. — Kathe Heyer (USA)
March 15, 2015
YES YES YES!! Now THIS IS EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Thank you so much for taking time to make this video. As sad as it is to say, I don’t think I would have ever been able to work thru that with written directions. This video was excellent and I have added ALL CGC and PBX grades to my software, now. Thanks again, Athan! — Allen King (USA)
February 26, 2015
Wonderful software
Thank you lovely people. I sometimes think only collectors really understand collectors. All Comics (6000), Movies (1750), Games (1150) completed Books (350) started but probably 6000 to go. Music (1500) imported from iTunes.
Many thanks for the wonderful software that helps me enjoy my collections even though they are safely filed away. — Paul Tarrant (United Kingdom)
February 22, 2015
Now, I am up and scanning. Again, thank you for the software and your patience. What a program. Very impressive! — Rick Gonzalez (USA)
January 31, 2015
Well worth the price
Sometimes I feel that I'm you only customer because you folks react so quickly. I have never had to go back and forth on an issue. It has always been fixed the first time. After trying many free services, I find that Collectorz is well worth the price of admission.
You have a very happy customer here. — Mark Nucker (USA)