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Reviews from customers

November 19, 2010
Making My Life Easier
I just wanted to thank you folks! I have 1,300 movies, 500 + books, well over 5,000 comics, all being tracked with your awesome software on my PC, collectorz.com, and Android (except for books).
My PC's hard drive was going flooey and I had to replace it. Can I tell you how EASY it was to reinstall everything (I had my data ported AND I could have easily used backups or downloaded from online). All the hours I spent entering the info was well and safe and made my re-install painless (ok I had everything backed up but still it was one less worry)!!!

Again, I thank you for being there and making my life easier! — Keith Meyers (USA)

October 11, 2010
Great to use
I just want to say that it is truly awesome to use your software. Not only is the software great to use but dealing with the developers on issues or just general questions and actually get a real time response is rare for most companies and yet you stand above the rest. Thank you. — John Warren (USA)
October 09, 2010
Worked like a dream
Have had your PC software for years (Movies, Books, Music) and now, as I have just got an iPhone 4, I have the Apps as well.
Worked like a dream and so much easier than using export to ListPro which I had to do for my old phone.
Thanks & keep up the good work. — Roderick Lane (United Kingdom)
October 04, 2010
Exceeded my expectations
Now, not only am I impressed by your products, but also your customer service!
I am currently using three of your softwares (Comic, Movie & Music Collector), and am also in the process of testing out your Book Collector, and so far all 4 have exceeded my expectations.
Congratulations to you and your team and much success. — Paul Poirier (Canada)
September 24, 2010
Above and beyond
In a world where no one cares about customer service, you have gone above and beyond and I thank you. — Gary Thorne (USA)
September 07, 2010
I just wanted to say how fantastic your software packages are! We started off with just Comic Collector, hoping to make sense of our already large and rapidly increasing collection of comics. However, soon we were hooked and added Movie, Book, and Game Collector software to our purchases.

The software is so simple to use that we could start cataloguing in minutes, but powerful enough to allow my pedantic side free reign.

The CueCat scanner has certainly helped to speed up the process of adding our substantial game, movie, and book collections to our catalogues. The process of adding to our various collections is so fast and easy that we don't fall behind in adding new additions to our lists, like we had found in the past when we were using long tables in Word and Access to try to keep everything in order.

Once again, thanks for the great software and the equally great customer support! — Mark Hackney (South Africa)

August 03, 2010
Doing Things Right!
Thank you for your immediate response.
I must say that I have been very impressed with your company and staff. You have the best purchase and follow-up program I have experienced with any of my hundreds of programs.
Thanks for doing things right! — James Doeble (USA)
June 29, 2010
Simply Awesome
First off, I have to say how much I absolutely LOVE your programs! The days of having to manually create my own unwieldy spreadsheets to track my collections are over!

I currently use Game Collector Pro to catalog my 1,083 video games, Movie Collector Pro to catalog my 517 DVDs and BluRays, and I just added Book Collector Pro to catalog my book library and video game strategy guide collection... and of course the CLZ Games, Movies, and Books iPhone apps so that I know what I actually have while browsing my favorite brick-and-mortar stores.
Your suite of programs is simply awesome! — Scott Olson (USA)

June 23, 2010
The Best
For many years I have been a Collectorz user, something like 8 years I believe.
I have Music Collector, Movie Collector and Book Collector. I am now the proud owner of Photo Collector. I haven't tried Photo Collector yet but if it turns out to be like your other products, then I will be very pleased.

Your products are the best and your technical support, of which I have only had to use once or twice (because your products work so well), is fantastic.
I am a software and database developer and therefore very picky about software and how it functions. You are definitely doing a great job.
Thanks — Bob Koehn (USA)

June 17, 2010
The Best Products
A big thank you for the best products for cataloging.

I have moved house and it was absolutely essential to tick everything back to the database from hundreds of boxes to ensure I had everything.
Especially as I have 55,463 old time radio programs on about 50 disks on the MP3 program, 1,327 classical music CDs, 1,067 Books and 183 DVDs on your other programs. — Paul Forsdick (United Kingdom)

June 08, 2010
You guys ROCK!
First, you need to understand that I'm not the kind of guy who rights these kinds of e-mails. Second I've been working with, on and around computers for over 30+ years as a programmer, consultant and power user.

You guys are, without a doubt, the BEST company I have EVER purchased software from. You're website says you answer in 24 hours, and it's TRUE!

You have always been fair in the way you charge for software (I have 5 of your products on my computer, and 4 on my iTouch). You have worked with me on group purchases, you have worked with me when I lost registration keys and had hard drive crashes and you have worked with me on compatibility issues.

But most importantly you have worked WITH me as I have worked to get all of my various collections in order. If the water in Amsterdam is what is behind on this, bottle that stuff and make a mint!

Alwin, Sytske, Chris (I have spoken with each of you now), you guys ROCK !

Keep it up !
Thanks! — Jim Herrington (USA)

May 31, 2010
So Much More Organized
Love the movie program. It has made my life much easier and so much more organized.
I also have the book program and it is great. Thanks — Myra Lynne Bass (USA)
April 29, 2010
Fewer Duplicates
I have been using Movie Collector, Music Collector and Book Collector for several years, now.
I find I am acquiring fewer duplicates than before. And now I can usually find something I know I have stashed away on a shelf somewhere.

Great product folks! — Art Straub (USA)

March 31, 2010
Great Customer Support
Movie Collector and Book Collector are awesome... great customer service.
Keep up the good work guys & gals — Carl Henry Gaither Jr (USA)
March 30, 2010
Highly Recommended
I've been using Movie and Book Collectorz for years now and my wife and I love them!
These are highly recommended. The customer service is quick and responsive. — Timothy Cook (USA)
March 29, 2010
Wonderful Programs
I use both Movie Collector and Book Collector and have been extremely happy with both.
Also, your technical support has been wonderful. You should be very proud of your yourselves for having created some wonderful programs. — John Fisher (USA)