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Reviews from customers

December 11, 2009
They are GREAT!!!!!
I own Movie collector, Music Collector and Picture collector and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy each and every one of them and how much easier it has made my life in owning movies, CDs and pictures..

They are GREAT!!!!! — Bob Martin

October 22, 2009
Service done right
It works great, thank you! I did not expect an answer back so quickly. I posted my question last night and when i got up this morning at 7:00 my answer was waiting.
That is service done right. All taken care of before work. Now i can go buy the iphone app.
Thanks again. — Danny Rucker
October 15, 2009
I'll always come back for more
I love working with you guys.
You're so cool. You're always so accommodating. It makes working with you such a pleasure.
More companies should be like Collectorz.
As far as Collectorz is concerned, I'll always come back for more.

Once, again, thanks for your great customer support. I look forward to getting the Cuecat so that I can input my hundreds of books, which I also continue to buy, sometimes six or seven at a time.
And, just like cd's and DVDs I've bought duplicates of books I already own.
I love your programs. — Caroline Ross

August 02, 2009
Very intuitive
I am the very satisfied customer of Book Collector, Music Collector and the cat scanner. Your products do EXACTLY what they are advertised to do, are very intuitive and don't cost an arm and a leg.
Thank you from a very happy client! — Don Johnson
July 20, 2009
GREAT products!
Thank you for these GREAT products!

I own and use regularly and enthusiastically Movie, Music, Book, Comic, and Photo. These are great software packages and the databasing programs I've been hungering for for years.

Thanks again. — Kerry Parsons

May 18, 2009
You guys rock!!
I don't think the keyboard got cold before you returned my email.
Thank you for proving customer service is not dead. — Ted Gavin
May 11, 2009
Thank you Collectorz team for making such easy-to-use software products. It is my job as a software Product Manager to evaluate many different types of products for business needs. I do this everyday.

So, when I find outstanding products like yours, that I want to use at home, at work, on the road, and in my everyday life, then I not only refer my friends and business colleagues to your site but I also show your work to the software engineers that work for me (instead of having them make it for me).

Movie Collector, Book Collector, and Comic Collector are examples of very useful and very easy software that even my grandmother understood within minutes.

My current collection: 580 DVDs (incl multi-disc sets), 276 Books, 1,934 Comics, 342 CDs, 28,350+ MP3s — E. Damien Fuentes

April 09, 2009
Exceeded my expectations
WOW -- talk about customer service! This is fantastic! I didn't expect such a fast turn around on this one.

Once again -- you have exceeded my expectations for dealing with customer questions and I will tell everyone I know about this. — Daniel Elkin

February 17, 2009
Easy to use
With 444 comicbooks, 572 cd/lp's, 407 movies and about 1500 books I would have been lost without collector's databases.

They are easy to use and maintain and they contains almost all necessary information needed.

A happy collector — Mads Tvedegaard

February 16, 2009
Love the programs
I just updated my Music Collector to 8.5 -- what a wonderful change.
OK, I admit I'm old but the ability to change font size and the new type face is nothing short of wonderful!

Now I don't have to move my monitor to my face or my face to the monitor! Very good job!

I use both Music and Book Collector and love the programs. I have almost 400 older classical music LP's and the program helps me find the piece and movement I need quickly. A separate database holds my CD collection.

Book collector performs the same function for my 600 + volume library. I also use the program to keep track of books I have read but do not own so I can find them again quickly for footnotes or additional reference.

Thanks for the excellent products and the equally excellent customer service! — John M. Bertram