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Reviews from customers

November 23, 2006
I really enjoy using your programs, they have everything and more than what I had in the ones I wrote myself years ago. These were well worth the money. Thanks again. — Joseph Daniels
November 19, 2006
I really love the Collectorz software, I also own the Movie, Book and Comic versions. I started out with Comic Collector and thought the software was so great and easy to use (after trying several other comic database programs), I had to get the rest. Now I don't know how I would live without them, especially Music Collector. I'd be much less organized, that's for sure. — Valerie Kyriakopoulos
September 02, 2006
I just started using Your Flic Scanner and it works great. The software is beyond my expectations. — Ed Pizagno
August 24, 2006
I bought your Music, Movie, and Book software last week, along with the scanner.

I have to say that your software is GREAT! I'm a developer myself, and don't usually get too impressed with other end-user software; yours is a definite exception! — Ken White

August 19, 2006
I have installed both the Book and Movie Collector software and have been using both with great ease and enjoyment.

Your software is really excellent and is something I've been looking forward to purchasing and using for some time (it was a long awaited birthday present). Thank you. — Wilma Meier

August 12, 2006
Hi - I just want to express my thanks to the authors of Book Collector (and indeed Music Collector, which I've just gotten my hands on!) for an amazing program. It's a joy to use, and your attention to and interest in responding to support queries is pretty damn phenomenal.

Thanks. — Malcolm Arnold

July 28, 2006
The CD/DVD carousel is great! Flawless recognition with my computer and I have it filled up already. I can't wait for the next one. — Luis Garcia
July 13, 2006
Thanks very much... you guys have some of the best customer support on earth... every time I needed you guys for something you always were there to do so.

Not to many companies like that anymore... so thanks. — Jeff Axtell

June 21, 2006
I would like to express my appreciation to you all on a very superior product. I have been using Movie and Game Collector for almost 4 years and it keeps getting better with every upgrade.

Thank you again for a wonderful product and I look forward to all future implementations. — Kevin Moore

May 30, 2006
I just purchased your special deal and look forward to receiving the scanner. As I am very impatient I could not wait to try some of the programs that I purchased. I spent some time using the Movie program and must say I LOVE IT.

I do not often compliment software makers, although I should sometimes, but I have to on this one. This is the best one by far that I have tried, easy to use and it includes pictures and all the details that I love to have on my movie lists.

Without a doubt, it is the best and I congratulate you on producing a very very useful, fun, and inexpensive program. I cannot wait to use the other ones that I purchased but will await the scanner.

Thanks again for what I consider a fabulous product for a very detailed person. As I think this is so great I just purchased a color laser printer to print out the wonderful detail that this program offers, black and white does not do it justice. — Douglas Christman

May 13, 2006
I have to tell you that your software lives up to what everyone says. I'm a database designer and just would never spend time trying to better what you've designed. It's very slick!!

I spent last evening experimenting with all 3 that I now have. A really good feature is the uniformity of approach. You use one and the others are intuitively easier. You will influence the way I do my own database design, and I've been at it for decades. What better tribute? — S M J Young

April 09, 2006
You guys rock. As an engineer and software designer myself, I had been kicking around he idea of writing a cataloging application, complete with UPC barcode scanner input. As I said in a previous message, I bumped into your applications on the web, played with the trial versions and immediately bought each, along with your barcode scanner. I don't mind paying good money for an excellent application and support, and so far, that's what I have received. In addition, it seems to support all of the bells & whistles that an obsessive collector simply needs.

Everyone on your team should be proud of your accomplishment. Excellent job!!

Dave, a Collectorz.com fan. — David Smith

February 09, 2006
I got the scanner a couple of days ago. Works great. I loaded over 100 DVDs, 80 CDs and about 30 books, exported to HTML and uploaded to my website server in about 2.5 hours. COOL! — Dan Stephens
January 20, 2006
Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy using your two products (movie & book). Excellent value, good design & wonderful reliability. Maybe Microsoft should send someone to try to learn a thing or two from you guys.

Well done! You have every right to be proud of yourselves. — Hesham Tashkandi

January 12, 2006
By the way, I discovered your softwares last month while doing a search for general home inventory. I wanted something to enter books, CD, DVD and a few other items. No software had exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for an inventory for insurance purpose and it is so boring to do, especially as I hope never to use it for this purpose.

Then I found your collection of software and I knew why a general software was not working. I need to collect different information for each type of products.

What makes your software different from the other is that it is FUN to use. I am now in the process of cataloging my collections not only for insurance purpose but for personal information retrieval and organization and it makes it very different. — Lise Bilodeau

January 04, 2006
Thank you. We are putting your programs to work and enjoying every minute of compilation and use.

Good ideas and very helpful. — Douglas Johnson