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Reviews from customers

December 19, 2002
I just had to say this. I've been scouring the Internet for a suitable MP3 Tag Editor. Today, I settled down and downloaded five top-rated programs. I tried the first; not much joy. Then I tried yours. Voila! Right on the button, gentlemen, it has everything I wanted and a whole lot more. I went off and bought MP3 Collector. And, drooling over your offers, threw in music collector and book collector for good measure. Seconds later, I had my license keys and I'm up and running.

And no, I didn't bother installing the other three tag editors. No point: I doubt they could hold a candle to this. The collector is fast, stable, smooth, intuitive and attractive. Best of all, it has no hidden surprises. That your website runs effortlessly is just a bonus (try navigating some of the others, full with linkrot).

My compliments, gentlemen, on a truly superb suite of products and the high quality of service. — Gautam Patel

December 18, 2002
I have been using your great products since Alwin first started KiC. I now have four of your programs (I don't collect Comic Books but I am tempted to start just so I can use your program). You guys are a class act and really keep on top of your updates, fixes and refinements.

I have recommended your stuff to scores of people over the years. Keep up the great work!!! — Alan Sharpe

December 16, 2002
I have your Movie collector & have been very pleased not only with the original product, but also the upgrades. It is very obvious that continuing to improve your product is extremely important to you. Because of that, I bought today both the music & book collector. I also tell others about your wonderful product. Thanks & keep up the good work! — Sandy Nickell
September 30, 2002
I purchased KeepItCompact, kept using it as it converted to Music Collector. When Movie Collector came out I purchased it. Last Summer I converted my 400+ CDs to MP3 and have just gotten around to wanting a program to manage them. Since you keep the interface of each of your programs consistent I decided to purchase your MP3 collector. I am also currently evaluating your Book Collector.

Thanks for the products and keep up the good work. — Tony Grimes

September 16, 2002
I stumbled upon the Collectorz software site while surfing www.comicbookresources.com where you had a banner ad for the comic book database. I downloaded the demo version of the comic book software and within 15 minutes of playing with it and the demo database I decided I had to have it.

Then I saw you had an offer for purchasing the movie, music and comic book database and I decided it'd be worth it to pick up all three. And I have to say I'm just as impressed with the movie and music database as I am with the comic book database. Especially the ease of use. Within the first hour of using the movie database I was able to enter my entire (although small) DVD collection; next is my VHS collection.

Thanks for the great software and I look forward to future updates. — Timothy Frost

May 21, 2002
I guess you know how excellent the music program is. I downloaded the book collector and intended to buy that one. When I read all of the users comments, I downloaded music collector. Music collector is the perfect package for what it does. I can't imagine not having it. Now, I am going get back to the book collector.

Thanks so much for such a fine product. — Don Versluys

May 17, 2002
In the Sunday Times on 12 May 2002, I read an article about the CD collector database. I downloaded a trial version from your website and was impressed. I therefore bought a license for the CD database and noticed the movie database. Again I downloaded a trial version and decided to purchase a license.

I have a large collection of CDs and DVDs and your products enable me to keep track as the collections increase. They are also useful for insurance purposes. I have recommended your products to others.

Keep up the good work! — Francis Worsley

May 08, 2002
Initially, I tried MP3Collector after finding it on Zdnet, loved it, registered it, then thought, if MP3Collector is this good, maybe I should take a look at Bookcollector. I tried Bookcollector, loved it, registered it, then thought....

The discount was a bonus too. I register a LOT of shareware and am always impressed when the developers are confident enough in their product to give the end-users a good trial without a bunch of nag screens. For me, the trial period for both programs lasted just a few hours.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention a couple of things. In MP3Collector the thing I love the most is being able to run through my mp3 collection, back click on mp3s, add them to a playlist, and then play it. This is an excellent feature missing in every other program of this sort. Sure, lots of them let you make playlist, but not throughout your entire collection. Brilliant!

My favorite thing about Bookcollector? The internet lookup feature! It is wonderful to be able to have pictures of the books too. — Tim Joslin