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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.2: More fields now sync to CLZ Cloud / Music Connect

June 16th, 2021

Last week, we added many new fields to the CLZ Cloud storage and the web-based Music Connect software, all based on feedback from our users.

Of course, new fields in the CLZ Cloud won’t help you much if you can’t sync them from Music Collector 🙂 So in today’s v21.2 update, we enhanced the CLZ Cloud syncing system to support all the new fields.

New cloud sync fields

The following extra fields now sync to and from the CLZ Cloud:

  • Headers in track lists!
  • Musicians, with their instruments
  • All Credits (Producers, Engineers and Songwriters)
  • Storage Device and Slot (per disc)
  • Box Sets, including their box set images, barcode and release date
  • Subtitle
  • SPARS code
  • Compositions
  • Chorus
  • AND: all web-site links!

BTW: an update for the CLZ Music mobile app is coming up soon, so that you can fully sync the new fields all the way to (and from) your mobile device too.

Updated track list layout for Flex template

While we were working on discs, headers and tracks in Music Connect, we designed a new look and layout for the track list. So figured, why not bring the new layout to Music Collector too?
So here’s the new look for the track list, included in the Flex template:

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