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Music Collector reviews

November 14, 2023
Many thanks for an outstanding piece of software
The CLZ database software is absolutely brilliant, thank you very much indeed.
I have been using it since version 9 but decided to re-catalogue my whole CD collection into the current version rather than import it, as I wanted the time to review (and remember) what I have (many of my CDs go back to the 1980's as you will see!)
During the entry of some of my more obscure titles I used Discogs to get the actual artwork of my actual CD when CLZ did not return an image. I just love the versatile way CLZ works in this regard.
I am constantly singing the praises of CLZ to my friends.
As Bob Pearce said " Keep on Keepin' On!!!" — Chris Peel (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
October 24, 2023
Thank you!
I have been using Music Collector for many years and I love it! Keeping track of my 800+ CDs (& growing!) was nearly impossible before I discovered Music Collector.
Two weeks ago, my hard drive crashed. The technician who replaced my hard drive made a mess of my programs and data files.
The Music Collector support pages walked me through recovering my data files and cover images.
I am very happy with the instructions and the ability to recover all my information. I will continue to use and support the Music Collector program.
Thanks again! — Thad James (USA) on Music Collector
August 24, 2023
A great product. Just what I've been dreaming of! — Nate (Thailand) on Music Collector
May 10, 2023
Ik gebruik jullie programma al jaren met veel plezier voor mijn platenverzameling. ik ben nu weer bezig om mijn vinyl verzameling bij te werken. Ik moet nu nog 200 singles van de 1700 inbrengen. Het automatisch uit de CLZ Core halen is echt super. ik heb alles via het catalogusnummer laten zoeken en werkelijk alles zat erin zelfs alle hoesjes. Wat een data base moet dat zijn.
Mijn complimenten hiervoor. — PG (Netherlands) on Music Collector
May 02, 2023
Keep track of your collection
Collectorz is the best way to keep track of your Music Collection hands down. Been a fan for years. — Justin Harvey (USA) on Music Collector