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What's new in CLZ Music for iOS?

CLZ Music (Android)

v7.0: New features and lots of improvements

November 25th, 2021

A huge 7.0 update for your CLZ Music app is now available, with new features and lots of improvements to existing functionality. All in one go and all based on your feedback!

New in version 7 today:

  • Use barcode scanner to search your own database
  • New Collection Status: Sold
  • New Collection Status icons and colors
  • Improved Add Albums screen: enlarge thumbs, new beeps, num pad for barcode entry
  • New Favorites section in Manage Pick List screen
  • Other small tweaks

Use barcode scanner to search your own database

Up till now, the built-in camera barcode scanner was only ever used to add albums by barcode. But with v7, we have now also enabled it to:

  • Search your own collection from the main screen’s search box
  • Fill in the Barcode field in the Edit Album screen

New Collection Status: Sold

Many users use the app to not only keep track of your current collection and their wish list, but also to keep a list of the albums they sold. So it’s time to add a new Collection Status field for albums you’ve sold:

  • A new option for the Collection Status field, called “Sold”.

New Collection Status icons and colors

In the List View, an album’s collection status is now clearly visible from the colored bar on the right side. Also, we have introduced new collection status icons, with a colored background to make them stand out more.

Improved Add Albums screen

The Add Albums from Core screen is of course THE most important screen of the app. For version 7, we have implemented 2 improvements to this Add screen:

Tap cover thumbnail to view larger album covers

When adding by Artist/Title, you sometimes need to pick your edition from a long list of results. And the album thumbnails in the album list are too small to decide. Of course, you could preview the album and keep going back and forth between the album list and the preview page.
But now, previewing larger version of the covers is much easier and quicker, just tap the thumb to enlarge the image, tap again to go back:

Different beeps when scanning barcodes

A suggestion, sent to us by one of our users:

Why don’t you make the app do a different beep when a barcode is not recognized? That would be helpful when quickly scanning a stack of CDs.

That is a great idea actually, so we implemented it. After the initial “scan beep”, the app now gives a 2nd beep that differs depending on the number of results:

  • A short beep when ONE exact match is found (the most common situation)
  • Two short beeps when multiple results are found (in which case you need to select one)
  • A short low buzz when NO results are found

Num pad when typing a barcode

When scanning a barcode is not working you can tap the keyboard icon to type in your barcode manually. In the past this would open a regular keyboard. In V7 we’ve changed that into a num pad keyboard.

New Favorites section in Manage Pick List screen

In the Manage Pick List screen you can now use “favorites” to place your most commonly used lists at the top, or search for the pick list you’d like to modify.

Other small tweaks

  • The quantity field now shows in the list entries (when not “1”)
  • In the Statistics screen you can now use “Tap to show all” to show all recent additions

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