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CLZ Music reviews

November 01, 2015
Just great
A really amazing toy. You can enter all the cd as easily as you ever hoped to do it. The scan works perfectly well. — DMarcel on CLZ Music
October 09, 2015
Love it
I love both this app and the movie app. They keep me from buying duplicate discs. — Patrick Burns on CLZ Music
October 05, 2015
I am going to enjoy this. And thanks for fixing the sync so quickly. Tou deserve a 6****** — Ndlalambi Sibeko on CLZ Music
September 11, 2015
Nice to have
I have used various desktop editions of this program for 10+ years. While the iOS version doesn't have all of the functionality of the desktop version, it does allow me to check the information on the go. It syncs efficiently with my desktop version. — Jonathan Oz on CLZ Music
August 17, 2015
Great App
Beyond what I was looking for.. thank you — bryan simmons on CLZ Music
August 04, 2015
The best music catalogue app by far..love it. — Paul Dobson on CLZ Music
June 23, 2015
The best!!!!
You guys are the best!!!! A gem of an app. To bad I could only give it 5 stars! — Brian Mc Laine on CLZ Music
June 19, 2015
inally 3.0
After some initial problems, it works like a charm now. As a long-time user, this is exactly what I was hoping this app would eventually turn into. — Bjørn Scharloo on CLZ Music
June 15, 2015
Good stuff!
Really love the new version of the app hence the 5 star rating ! The only thing I wish was added is the capability to sort by band name and then the original year the cd was released !! — FRANK LANGILLE on CLZ Music
June 12, 2015
I am going to enjoy this. And thanks for fixing the sync so quickly. You deserve a 6****** — Ndlalambi Sibeko on CLZ Music
June 12, 2015
What I was looking for
This is what I wanted years ago when Collectorz first announced mobile apps. It took a while, but they came through. — Tom Brincefield on CLZ Music
June 11, 2015
Thanks for bring CLZ Cloud functionality to the Music app. — Chris Brown on CLZ Music
May 27, 2015
Excellent Cloud-base Database
Admittedly this is not a cheap App it does however work extremely well and of course some of the few (a one off by the way) goes to maintain the cloud storage.
There are a few perfections but the developer is improving the App all the time. I would like editing power over the track titles but otherwise it is first rate.
The scanner function works well in most cases and where it doesn't. The manual search finds what you need (I only have one disc I cannot find listed from over 1500 CDs and vinyl records, so I am happy with that. — Uncle Drewford on CLZ Music
May 08, 2015
Finally, a decent and good-looking music database! Love it! Now, the thing that would make it a masterpiece would be to integrate music listening apps to it. For example, I search for a piece of music that I have in my collection at home while im on the road, and there's a button that allows me to search for that same song on Spotify or Beats so i can have my music collection available online. — Pepetalk on CLZ Music
March 05, 2015
Very useful addition....
.... to the desktop version which I use to keep track of my vinyl collection when I'm out and about. Easily syncs my collection over a Wi-Fi connection. Occasional glitch when it fails to connect loses it a star but apart from that minor issue I'm very pleased with the app. — Kevin Cross on CLZ Music
March 01, 2015
One of the most used app on my phone
5 stars for the app as it is perfect to keep my album collection up to date. 99% of the albums I scanned were directly found and the manual search found the remaining 1%. Only few bugs and slowness that will be fixed in the future releases I am sure. However, 2 stars for the support team. — Rostopofolokolovich on CLZ Music
February 21, 2015
It works fine now! The best in genre.
The title says it all... — Home_Phone_Et on CLZ Music