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Music Database Software - Catalog your CDs and vinyl records

Keep track of your music collection and wish listMobile app, web-app or downloadable? Your choice!
Automatic album details, track lists & cover artJust search our online music database by barcode or title
Over 4 million CD / vinyl barcodes recognizedGuaranteed 94% success rate on your barcode searches!
For your phone
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • Sync data with the Movie Connect software
For your computer
  • For Windows, macOS, Linux, chromeOS, etc.
  • Use with the free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app
  • Sync data with the CLZ Movies mobile app

Or... use them both, as perfect companions!

Both CLZ Music and Music Connect can be used on their own, as a stand-alone solution. But these tools really come to life when used together, as they are great companions.
While away from your computer use CLZ Music on your phone, then use Music Connect at home, to work on your database on a big screen, with a real keyboard.
Of course, you can sync your database between them through our CLZ Cloud solution.

CLZ Music
1 year
Music Connect
1 year
USD $0.00
USD $0.00
save USD $0.00

Also still available: Music Collector for Windows

Music Collector is our legacy desktop software. Old-skool software that you install on your own computer, with your data stored locally.
Using Music Collector is only recommended for advanced Windows users, who know how to install/update software, manage folder and file permissions, configure firewall/security software, make their own backups, etc...

Learn more about Music Collector

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Three little letters can describe this app...WOW! Finally an app that not only looks great, but works beyond expectations. Easy to use, and has made cataloguing my music collection fun.
Not only that, I had a couple of questions and reached out to support and I was helped out super fast! So combining all of that it was a no-brainer giving this app a 5.
If you have a music collection of any size that you want to catalogue...this is 100% the app for you!!!
— Zane Sampson (Canada) on September 07, 2023

Reviews from customers

September 27, 2023
Ottima applicazione
Perfetta per catalogare vinili o musica in generale (ho catalogato anche i files FLAC). Ottima user interface con continui aggiornamenti. Il supporto è rapido ed estremamente efficiente. La consiglio vivamente per tutti i collezionisti per avere in ordine tutta la loro musica e per evitare di acquistare doppioni. — beardg (Italy) on CLZ Music
September 22, 2023
Wonderful app
Your app is well working. Very easy to use and wonderful for searching a title, an album or artists. I use your app from beginning. So far no real problems.
Thanks for this app — Pierre (France) on CLZ Music
September 12, 2023
Love this
Building a nice collection which is easy to view as is the wish list.
Supper great too. — Andy Maisey (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
September 07, 2023
Three little letters can describe this app...WOW! Finally an app that not only looks great, but works beyond expectations. Easy to use, and has made cataloguing my music collection fun.
Not only that, I had a couple of questions and reached out to support and I was helped out super fast! So combining all of that it was a no-brainer giving this app a 5.
If you have a music collection of any size that you want to catalogue...this is 100% the app for you!!! — Zane Sampson (Canada) on CLZ Music
August 30, 2023
Saved my life
I really love this app ! It saved my life as a big collectioner. — RubyLia on CLZ Music
August 24, 2023
A great product. Just what I've been dreaming of! — Nate (Thailand) on Music Collector
August 18, 2023
Excelente base de datos para actualizar colección de vinilos. — Juan Tapia on CLZ Music
August 16, 2023
Very happy
So far so good! I have built my wishlist so far and added about 50 of my collection. Most of them had info available. Some local I had to manually enter which is a good smooth process. Very happy!
Update: Still very happy. My entire collection is catalogued, some 2800 titles. Massive help in avoiding buying doubles, and also I just enjoy being able to browse all the discs on my phone. I keep my use pretty basic, but there are a ton of features. — Dylan Uprichard (USA) on CLZ Music
August 09, 2023
Facile e veloce da usare
La mia app per l'archiviazione dei CD da diversi anni. Affidabile ma con qualche feature da raffinare, come la ricerca multi words nella lista dei CD e non solo in fase di ricerca. — Federico on CLZ Music
July 30, 2023
Great app
Could not do without it for records and cds. — Malcolm De Souza on CLZ Music
July 27, 2023
Geweldige overzichtelijke app
CLZ Music is een fantastische gebruiksvriendelijk en stabiele app. Inmiddels bestaat mijn muziekcollectie uit 700+ vinyl platen en 800+ cd’s. Met deze app kan ik overzichtelijk bijhouden wat ik heb. Groot pluspunt van deze app is dat je meerdere collecties aan kan maken, zodat ik m’n cd en vinyl collectie gescheiden bij kan houden in 1 app. Daarnaast heb ik ook Music Connect, de cloudservice van Collectorz. Erg leuk om naar te linken vanaf m’n eigen website om m’n collectie eenvoudig aan anderen te laten zien. Support vanuit Collectorz is zeer snel en goed, al heb ik in een jaar tijd maar 1 keer support nodig gehad voor een technisch synchronisatie probleem, wat snel werd opgelost. — DiRemyH (Netherlands) on CLZ Music
July 24, 2023
I started using clz music app 2 days ago on my phone. I am very impressed thus far. I have hundres of cd's and have no plans to quit collecting. The phone app is very intuitive and fast. I plan to add the desktop app as my collection grows. Thank you. — Marc C. on CLZ Music
July 23, 2023
Great app. I also have the desktop version. — Alyssia Nixon on CLZ Music
July 17, 2023
Great database
Great app to manage my music. Great database of titles to easily add new records. — Mark Thomas on CLZ Music
July 16, 2023
Super App
Die App wird immer besser! — Horst-Peter Carl on CLZ Music
July 05, 2023
An excellent app
Thanks so much for producing a great app. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. — Dave Henley (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
July 03, 2023
My CDs are finally organized
Great app, my CDs are finally organized and easy to find. I also have the CLZ Movies and totally recommend it also. — Carlos Fraticelli on CLZ Music
June 29, 2023
Everything I had hoped for
I have a huge CD collection, in the 1,000's. Finally a way to catalog and locate them! For such a small fee, such a big help! Seems to work nearly perfect. Everything I had hoped for. Have options to catalog LP and cassette too along with CD's. Very flexible. Finally I can search for an artist fast and easy!
Just really liking this! — Tim H on CLZ Music
June 24, 2023
Fan for a long time
I've been a fan of this app for a long time. Its ease of use, feature packed offerings and frequent updates to add well thought out additions make this a no-brainer.
(Update:) This app continues to keep me straight in my music collection. It's saved me buying duplicates and is so easy to use. Always highly recommended. — Phil Spressart (USA) on CLZ Music
June 18, 2023
Great database
If you collect vinyl, CDs this is a great database Still Loving the app and database. — Jon on CLZ Music
June 12, 2023
Loyal customer and supporter for years to come
I first started using Collectorz "Music Collector" back in September 2015. I am 70 years old and I have been buying music CD's since they have been produced. I have tried other music database software and I found that "Music Collector" was by far superior and the best fit for me. Your software has always been "5 Star". A solid product from the "get go".
If I ran into a problem, customer support has always helped me to solve it. I can't think of a single thing to complain about. I hope your software updates are always solid. I have recommended your product to many of my friends. — David Geary (USA) on Music Collector
June 11, 2023
La meilleure
Fais tous ce qu'on lui demande. — Cyrille Halte on CLZ Music
June 07, 2023
Love this app
Love this app been using for years now. — Andrew Akerman on CLZ Music
June 01, 2023
Multiple Folder Levels
I don't have a question. I just wanted to give a big thanks for the addition of multiple folder levels to the CLZ Music app. It makes a huge difference. You and your team's hard work is genuinely appreciated. — Darren (Australia) on CLZ Music
June 01, 2023
Multi-level folders
Just wanted to let you know what a great update multi-level folders is. It's one of the best features of the desktop software, and to have it in the mobile apps is very handy indeed. — Anthony B. (USA) on CLZ Music
May 31, 2023
Your record collection at your fintertips
Great to have your record collection readily available on your phone when out and about...ensures no duplicate purchases. — Ian Brock (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
May 26, 2023
Cataloging your music collection
All you could want for cataloguing your music collection. — Bob Marshall on CLZ Music
May 20, 2023
The best
Best database for All my Musica. — Clemens schich on CLZ Music
May 10, 2023
Ik gebruik jullie programma al jaren met veel plezier voor mijn platenverzameling. ik ben nu weer bezig om mijn vinyl verzameling bij te werken. Ik moet nu nog 200 singles van de 1700 inbrengen. Het automatisch uit de CLZ Core halen is echt super. ik heb alles via het catalogusnummer laten zoeken en werkelijk alles zat erin zelfs alle hoesjes. Wat een data base moet dat zijn.
Mijn complimenten hiervoor. — PG (Netherlands) on Music Collector
May 03, 2023
Love it so far... import and export is awesome. — sherman scientific on CLZ Music

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