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Reviews from customers

December 31, 2023
Exactly what we needed. Easy to use, 10 out of 10, would recommend. — Alex Lauritzen on CLZ Movies
December 29, 2023
Thanks CLZ!
I enjoyed using another product free until I surpassed their limit of 500 items. It had similar, but more limited features and would have been outrageously expensive after 500 items. CLZ Movies does exactly what it is advertised to do and does a very good job at it for a really reasonable price. This is exactly what I have been looking for. — Glenn Ransom on CLZ Movies
December 28, 2023
Fantastic app
A fantastic physical media collection app to keep track of your blu-ray's. — Russell Green on CLZ Movies
December 26, 2023
My favorite database
CLZ Movies has been my favorite database for many years. it syncs well with Movie collector on PC. There are options to play movies directly and select them by various categories. I customize movie meta data by making my own Tags and Genres. Time Travel for instance doesn't exist as genre, so I make my own. — Ralph Hurtig on CLZ Movies
December 25, 2023
One of the best programs
This has been one of the best programs. I’m so appreciative someone put a software together for tracking movies, you guys, no doubt nailed.
I proudly tell people about this app when showing them my collection and how simple and fast collectorz allow me to access my movies. I tell them, you name the movie and if I have it, I can have it playing in less than 2 minutes. — Barry T. (USA) on Movie Collector
December 23, 2023
The app all collectorz should have!!
CLZ has mastered the application of effective database functionality. The apps are beautifully formatted and easy to use. Now with physical media going away, I’m hoping that enough support from true collectors CLZ can carry on. — Shye 84 (USA) on CLZ Movies
December 21, 2023
This app is seriously amazing!!!
We logged 825 physical dvds and having this app will seriously help in preventing us from buying duplicates again. Knowing what we have in our collection just became easier to keep track of. No more guessing when we're out and buying dvds all we gotta do is search our collection to check. We been needing this app big time. — Nicole Scurlock (USA) on CLZ Movies
December 21, 2023
The best app
The best app to keep track of your movie collection, very functional with lots of criteria to choose from and regularly updated ! — jacques gouallou on CLZ Movies
December 19, 2023
My DVD Blu-ray collection
Great for tracking my DVD Blu-ray steel book 4k collection! — Lord Adam Corfee on CLZ Movies
December 14, 2023
Great start
Great app for tracking your physical collection, great support. — seemslikesalvation (USA) on CLZ Movies
December 12, 2023
Good app
Love this app. — Brett on CLZ Movies
December 07, 2023
I wish all software companies were run like Collectorz
I've been a long time user of your PC and Android apps and am grandfathered in to the lifetime license for most of it. But, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the subscription to help support your dev costs.

Though your movie app is primarily designed for physical media, I have found a great use to help me track the many sources for streaming shows. I just use the Format field for the streaming source and it keeps the sanity when trying to remember what show or movie is streaming where.
Although JustWatch and reelGood kinda do this, they don't keep track what I have on my internal media server, or have recorded from YouTube TV or even smaller streaming sites you can find on devices such as Roku. I find CLZ Movies and the companion PC app are perfect for keeping everything in one place. Only thing, I wish the PC User fields would transfer to the Clz app. ;-)

I have enjoyed your apps a lot and you guys are always very prompt when support is needed. I wish all software companies were run like Collectorz. — Stuart Burke (USA) on CLZ Movies

December 01, 2023
Great app for tracking your movie collection
Multiple ways to sort the lists into categories such as IMDB rating, date added, run time, genre, whether you've seen it, etc. Everyone with a movie collection should use this app. — Sean Finley on CLZ Movies
November 27, 2023
This is the best
I have been using CLZ Movies app for several years now. I use it in conjunction with the Movie Collector PC version. It helps me when purchasing movies. My memory is not as good as it used to be. I also subscribe to the Music Collector program for the PC.
You and you're team keep up the good work. — Kenneth Brown (USA) on Movie Collector
November 27, 2023
Love it!
I love it so far! Easy to add movies. — Sue Flaming on CLZ Movies
November 21, 2023
Keep track of all the movies
I love this app...great way to keep track of all movies. — Donald Lackie on CLZ Movies
November 20, 2023
The best app I've ever purchased
This is the best app I've ever purchased. I've tried many apps to catalogue my extensive DVD collection, and all of them fall short of my needs. This app works with all my needs fulfilled. In particular, in arranging collections in a way that suits me, that no other app can do. I would definitely recommend this app to all. From the simple user to a user with more complex needs. This is the app to use. Well worth the £12.99 a year for the full version. — David Lawson (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
November 19, 2023
Where have you been all my life? — Tony Vrolyk on CLZ Movies
November 17, 2023
Great app
This is a great app. I have a large collection and it is by far the best one. — Blu-ray Addict on CLZ Movies
November 13, 2023
Easy to use
Love this app easy to use finally found a app that is fast and easy to use. — Nelson Keatts on CLZ Movies
November 10, 2023
Love this app
Love it for keeping track on my collection. — William Mellin on CLZ Movies
November 09, 2023
Easy to use and great to index my movies
This is a great way to keep track of your movies. It keeps me from buying doubles. — Sonia Williams on CLZ Movies
November 08, 2023
CLZ apps are the best
CLZ apps are the best. Bottom line. Easy to use. They are not gonna break your bank. Their app tech support is top-notch. Cannot say enough good things about this app. I have 3 different clz apps and they're all awesome. — Matt Hotz on CLZ Movies
November 07, 2023
Cool app
This (and the PC web app) are fantastic for archiving and keeping track of your movie collection. Support is also great and very responsive. Best app around for what it does. — Brett Williams on CLZ Movies
November 07, 2023
The CLZ Movies app is one of my favorite apps, of the many I own. I also use CLZ software on my book collection. It is another favorite of mine. I have used these two collection apps for several years. I have nothing to complain about. I get updates on the programs regularly. I find the apps user-friendly. — Richard Menard on CLZ Movies
November 01, 2023
It recognizes 99% of scanned movies. Has tons of filters from actors to movie score editors, seasonal or genres...whatever you like. Shares and updates easily between users and devices. Nice! — J Schierer on CLZ Movies
October 30, 2023
Easy to use
Hell yes just what needed. — tony marvin on CLZ Movies
October 26, 2023
Thank Team CollectorZ
Just wanted to take a moment to "Thank Team CollectorZ".
For a long time I have been adding my own photo's for my movie collection, to include the back cover. Recently I have noticed that any new purchases that I have made already "have both photo's" I know that "The Team" had to work pretty hard to make this happen.
I for one am "One Happy Camper".
Thank You All for continuing to make it better. — Larry Nuese (USA) on Movie Collector
October 26, 2023
Great app
This is the best, and well worth the price. — slimdude2011 on CLZ Movies
October 20, 2023
Joy to use
This app is a joy to use and creates a complete and concise database of DVD, VHS and homemade movies. Just two evenings and I've entered over 100 DVDs. I can even catalog which room/ cabinet/ shelf each unit is located on. And it's cloud-based, which is wonderful !! — Les Allison on CLZ Movies
October 16, 2023
DVD catalogue
I love this app as it enables me to keep my DVD catalogue up to date. — Paul Taylor on CLZ Movies
October 10, 2023
It's the best
This one's the best. Just pay and get it. Quit being a baby and do it.
It's the best. It's not my opinion. It's a fact! — Jacob Howenstein on CLZ Movies
October 09, 2023
Very good
Replaced my old Dvdprofiler with ease. — brucethen on CLZ Movies
October 08, 2023
Die einzige App die es kann! — cabelking on CLZ Movies
October 08, 2023
Love it
So far the app is everything I was hoping for very good and would recommend to anyone. — Batoutofhell2001 on CLZ Movies
October 08, 2023
Definitely recommend for anyone keeping track of DVDs or VHS
So Easy to Use Definitely recommend for anyone keeping track of DVDs or VHS. Most movies already in the database, interface to add ones not in the database is easy to use. Easy bulk scanning and alerts you if title has already been scanned, in case of duplicates. You can add multiples in case of different formats. — Sarah Jowett on CLZ Movies
October 07, 2023
Great app for collectors!
The scan barode bit gave me some trouble but otherwise it does exactly as I need it to. Gives me a potable catalog I can reference when I'm out bluray hunting and I come across something I wasn't sure if I had already. When you get to more than 3000 in your library one can become occasionally forgetful. — Tyler Long on CLZ Movies
October 07, 2023
My collection organized
It works well to organize my collection. The scanning to add function works well. — Jonathan Lofgren on CLZ Movies
October 02, 2023
Absolutely blown away
I lost my whole excel spreadsheet yesterday morning and couldn't believe it ... then I discovered your website and I was absolutely blown away ... I catalogued my entire collection of 700 films in a few hours ... I'm very very impressed indeed it looks like you've thought of everything! — Mike Thie (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
October 02, 2023
Excellent app 10/10
Easy to use but full of info on your dvds/Blu-rays. — Graham Judge on CLZ Movies
October 02, 2023
So helpful
Absolutely love the service its so convenient and helpful. — Roy Rivet on CLZ Movies
September 30, 2023
I'm in
Payed money for another DVD library app and knew I'd set that money on fire after 30 minutes. This one works beautifully. Not a big fan of subscription based apps, but if you got the goods, you got the money. I'm in. Done looking. — Lee Gunter on CLZ Movies
September 30, 2023
The best apps for any collectors!
I have CLZ Movies, CLZ Books and Movie Collectorz. They are all so easy to use and are perfect for my extensive collections. I tried the other apps out there before and I find these to be the best by far. Way worth the small subscription cost for me to keep everything organized. — Pamela860 (Canada) on CLZ Movies
September 28, 2023
Great for keeping our DVD collection in order
This app is great for keeping our DVD collection in order and stopping us buying duplicates. We pay the £1 something a month to be able to use the barcode scanner an unlimited amount of times which is absolutely worth money if you're buying a lot of DVDs at a time like we do and don't want to type all the titles in. I tried some other apps and they weren't very good, I love this one. — Jasmine Beckett on CLZ Movies
September 26, 2023
Worth the subscription fee
The subscription fee is $15/year, worth it for how well the app works imo, — Kevin Cabezuela on CLZ Movies
September 16, 2023
Great app and easy to use. — Stuart Freeman on CLZ Movies
September 15, 2023
LOVE this app
I love this app! Have had it for years now! Definitely helps keep track of and organize my DVDs! — Jayjay Wogan on CLZ Movies
September 14, 2023
My most favorite app EVER
This is my most favorite app EVER. I added the app back in February 2023. Just finished adding my collection in September 2023. I still have a 4t hard drive to add. I just had to take a break.
For a serious collector, this is the only app to use. You not only can save your collection but track ones on order, for sale, & ones you wish to add. — Kelly Carroll (USA) on CLZ Movies
September 07, 2023
I like the number of sorting features and IMDb integration. Highly recommend. — Benjamin Bradtke on CLZ Movies
September 04, 2023
Easy to use
It really works as promised. It's even finding some relatively obscure stuff easily. — Monty on CLZ Movies
August 31, 2023
Great tool
No frills video cataloguing app. Can search with every category you could imagine. Small subscription fee but worth it for the tool you receive. — Adam Robson on CLZ Movies
August 30, 2023
Inventory of DVDs
Decent app for cataloging and maintaining an inventory of your dvds. — Michael Dean on CLZ Movies
August 20, 2023
Lots of information
Way better then I expected. Good way to catalog movies you own and has a lot of information. — Eric Hansen on CLZ Movies
August 18, 2023
Just scan the barcode and add
This is the best site I have used for my collection & so easy to use you just scan the barcode & it's added to your collection & if you have any doubles the site recognises it & gives you the option to either add or delete saving you loads of time going through everything & once added you can create a library which is easy to view a bit like going into a video shop but on your device .....still exploring this app but the only small niggle is it sometimes reads the code wrong otherwise great .. — Chris H on CLZ Movies
August 17, 2023
Easy 2 use
Perfect tool to inventory my collection. — Michael Apfel on CLZ Movies
August 15, 2023
Easy to use
Great way to catelogue your media collection. — James Willis on CLZ Movies
August 14, 2023
The best
This is the best app I have used for my collection. — William Woolhead on CLZ Movies
August 12, 2023
Keep my collection organized
Great way to organize my collection! Easy to scan by barcode, and keep my collection organized. — Erv Lenzy on CLZ Movies
August 10, 2023
Absolutely love this app!
It has transformed the way I can view my collection, make queries on specific genres, directors, actors, etc. The app is rock solid and very rarely do you experience any kind of lag or crash. The app is also very dependable, and you don't have to worry about glitches or losing any data. Absolutely recommended! — David Alan on CLZ Movies
August 07, 2023
Absolute perfection. 11/10 — Curig Jervis on CLZ Movies
August 06, 2023
Cataloguing my DVDs
Excellent app, really useful way of cataloguing my dvds. — Rob O'Keefe on CLZ Movies
August 06, 2023
Must have for the serious collector
I have been a Collectorz user for many years and the CLZ app has come a long way. This was an app that worked along with the Movies Collectorz desktop software in the past. With all the upgrades they done to the app it's so good that now it works independently. Keep all your movies organized, and you have the ability to edit the info within the app. It's so easy to add movies by just scanning the barcode. Definitely a must have if you're a serious movie collector. — José Marte (USA) on CLZ Movies
August 04, 2023
The best app
I have been using this app for 2 years, almost 3, to keep my collection of movies well organized and it is the best app, for you to keep your collection up to date and organized, I recommend it, — Alfredo Rivera-Rosa on CLZ Movies
August 03, 2023
Easy app
Great app to store my DVDS. Easy to look up and find by the search and sort. — Shar Owens on CLZ Movies
August 02, 2023
Some of the best software available
They constantly find ways to improve their software, creating an ever evolving environment. The owner and his wife are also very attentive to end users, providing a world class service experience. I use this and the desktop version of the program. — David Ferguson on CLZ Movies
August 01, 2023
Special Customer Service should be recognized!
Thank you for your help. The new Movie Collectorz works great. I was able to open all of my movie files.
I appreciate the excellent Customer Service. — John Dean (USA) on Movie Collector
August 01, 2023
Love it
I have been using CLZ for years now and love it. It cover grabs about 95% of my movies catalogs them great. My only wish is that there was an android app for android tv's. I digitized the majority of my collection and have the hard drive hooked up to my tv so this would be very beneficial to me and I am sure others as well. — Ed Bagrowski on CLZ Movies
July 29, 2023
Love it
We have 1600 movies . This is awesome . Scrolling through to find a movie to watch, so easy. No longer need to stand at the closet. — marc brandon on CLZ Movies
July 29, 2023
Excellent aop for keeping your movies organjzed. — Graham Goetschius on CLZ Movies
July 29, 2023
Elegant way to organize movie collection
I have been an on again, off again user of this product. Previously, I had owned the stand alone version of this software for my Mac. CLZ discontinued support for that software and moved everything to a cloud based software. I quit using it and relied on other products to organize my movie collection. However, none of them had the functionality that I required. So I decided to give CLZ another chance.
I am very impressed with the elegance of this user friendly program. Being able to add movies with the phone app and make changes through the app or online with my laptop has been a game changer. Not only that, but the owner/developer is conscientious and quick to respond to issues.
Highly recommended. — codiferous (USA) on CLZ Movies
July 27, 2023
It's very user friendly, I love it
Great app. Quick and easy to use. If problems occur tech is quick, responsive and very helpful. — Adam Arnold on CLZ Movies
July 24, 2023
Easy to navigate
I already use CLZ Comics, so I find it easy to navigate and utilise this app. Great for keeping track of your collection and value if you intend to sell in the future. Some manual intervention is required for less known or limited edition titles, albeit these issues could be resolved as the database continues to grow. — Johnathon Moss on CLZ Movies
July 21, 2023
Great program!
I use this companies Book Collector and have over 54,000 books listed there. With the ease of use, reliability, great support (if you ever need it, the Company is quick to respond), flexibility and ease of customization for what you need it was only a natural thing that I use Movie Collector. Scanner works well, and I can not say much more, try it you will like it. — T M on CLZ Movies
July 16, 2023
Database management
GREAT program Very good service. — Peter Hansen on CLZ Movies
July 15, 2023
Top notch
Been using your comic app and realized my movie app was horrible! Added clz movies and absolutely love it! Thank you for an absolutely quick and robust app! Top notch for collection's!!!!!! — Thomas Kanyo on CLZ Movies
July 10, 2023
I love the movie collector!
I love your software! The best collection software anywhere.
Your company does a fantastic job creating, updating and supporting the customer — Todd Johnson (USA) on Movie Collector
July 05, 2023
This is the best app i have ever purchased from the App Store It does everything that I want it to do and much much more. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves their movies as much as I do. The occasional support I have has been great and very very fast. I really appreciate this app. I have now had it for more that a decade and it keeps getting better and better. — Hawkeye77 (Australia) on CLZ Movies
July 03, 2023
My DVD collection
I love this app. It helps me organize my digital movie library and my personal DVD collection. — Elisa McCreary on CLZ Movies
July 02, 2023
Absolutely fantastic
I don't usually rate aps but this app is fantastic and I've only used it for half an hour and it's absolutely fantastic. — Jordan Graves on CLZ Movies
June 30, 2023
I like it
Very good movie database ! — Harald Rossmann on CLZ Movies
June 29, 2023
Easy to use
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you install and utilize THIS APP... to catalog your DVD collection. It is a MUST-HAVE for any serious movie collector. — Lazarus Banks on CLZ Movies
June 24, 2023
Perfect app easy to use helps me know what I have when shopping for movies. — brandon myers on CLZ Movies
June 21, 2023
Great for collecting. — Ken Chis on CLZ Movies
June 19, 2023
Love the scan feature
Really been enjoying all the future I seen so far love you can scan most in by barcode. — Jeremy Hughes on CLZ Movies
June 10, 2023
Accurate app
Quick scans. Accurate. Easy to add titles with no/damaged barcodes. — John Hall on CLZ Movies
June 07, 2023
Love it!!
It's everything I was looking for for my collection. — Beth Wallan on CLZ Movies
June 07, 2023
Highly recommended
Absolutely brilliant. Have looked at the alternatives and they're weren't even close. Getting even better as time passes. Excellent support and very reliable software. — Rick Aust on CLZ Movies
June 06, 2023
Friendly and efficient
The main reason for me emailing you is to give you some feedback about one of your team. I bought the Mac version of your Movie Collectorz software in the early 2000’s for my mid-2011 iMac. I have now repatriated the 450 DVDs I left in Sweden when I moved to the US and wanted to start adding to my collection with all of the US purchases I’ve made (on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital) since then.
I wrote to your support team and since then have been helped by Sytske. My commendation is for the efficiency and friendliness in which Sytske has helped me to get my collection into your online product, despite the fact that the servers for my iMac version were undoubtedly switched off a long time ago. I know (as a technical support specialist) that there is undoubtedly a tool to help with the import of my old collection, but it’s the interaction I’ve had with Sytske that I’m praising here.
I can only assume that the rest of your support team are as friendly and efficient at their jobs and it’s to your credit your support operation leaves this kind of impression on me as (almost) a new customer.
Please, continue what you’re doing, and I can tell you that I will continue subscribing! I have a movie habit that I need you to support. Again, please pass on my thanks to Sytske, and again, thank you for enabling the organization of my guilty pleasure!! — Sean P. (USA) on Movie Collector
June 06, 2023
The best
Quite simply the best movie catalog app I have ever used. — Daniel Swan on CLZ Movies
June 05, 2023
Well done with the folders from your last update, this really helps if you have a lot of different Categories like genre, format, year, country. You have fine tuned your Apps to a profession level beyond expectations. — Anthony A. (USA) on CLZ Movies
June 04, 2023
Great job organizing
Amazing solving, and I don't have to worry about how to sort my collection because this app will do great job organizing, and it will give you statistics as well. I highly recommend it. — Salman Shawqi on CLZ Movies
June 02, 2023
Easy to use
Excellent App easy to use. — The Mighty Goose on CLZ Movies
June 01, 2023
Nothing but praise
I just wanted to say how much I love your product and really admire all the work you all put into the apps. The new series folders on the mobile app is awesome! — Ryan (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 31, 2023
Affective, clear communication and thoughtful design choices. — Jillian Cornish on CLZ Movies
May 31, 2023
Great product
Love the ability to add by barcode, title or IMDB. Had a few issues but reached out to support which usually I find with other apps take forever to respond and never any help to fix...but not this group...they were FANTASTIC! Quick and responsive and seemed genuinely interested to help. Thanks for developing and maintaining a great product!!! — Kimberly D on CLZ Movies
May 29, 2023
Great product!
I love this app. My wife is a dvd nut, and has quite a collection. I have been trying to organize and list what we have. So as we acquire more, we avoid duplication, while also having a method to remember what movies we are hunting still.
Hand writing, typing out titles wasn't going to be efficient. I looked at many apps but they didn't meet the need and it's tedious to type in each name, much less any details whatsoever, ratings or shorting.
I found CLZ and thought I'd give it a test. Scanning barcodes? Are you serious? It was so fun, and fast. Plus each scanned DVD includes all the details and links. We can sort by multiple criteria and with it being cloud connected, my wife could also us it on her phone.
We literally scanned and organized 600 titles. Now when we are hunting, one quick scan and we can see if it's a movie we already have, or one we need. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with CLZ. It does everything we could want. — rmk (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 27, 2023
Accurate and Easy to Manage. — DONALD DAVIS on CLZ Movies
May 25, 2023
A must have
Incredible and powerful app, helps me keep my collection in order, and can quickly reference, update, customize, and use the app to pick movies I need to see. A must have for anyone with a large collection of movies. Barcode scanning makes this much easier. Support for the app is quick and helpful, with techs solving even the most obscure issues with the app. A very personal experience which is pretty hard to find with companies these days. I cannot recommend this delightful app enough! — Daniel Powell on CLZ Movies
May 23, 2023
Just scan
Easy to use. Just scan and it's in your library. — Mark Evans on CLZ Movies
May 21, 2023
So far the best movie collection app
Great app. I use the comic book version all the time. The one thing I wish I had is a section that will allow you to classify it depending on the collection. For example, I am a big steel book collector. I also have others that are not steel book. I wish it allowed me to classify them under just steel book. Other than that highly recommended. — RobertMota (USA) on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2023
No more buying doubles
Had this app in the past and it is even better now that I have it on my phone. Now I can put a stop to buying doubles LOL. — William Mitchell on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2023
You can add many movies and sort them out. — Jennifer John on CLZ Movies
May 13, 2023
Great app with good customer service! — Alex Nordstrom on CLZ Movies
May 12, 2023
Your program is invaluable to me
(about the new collection tab-bar)
Boy have I been needing this update. About 1/3 of my collection are collections. All I can say is you guys ROCK!
Thanks for everything including your world-class support. — BobB (USA) on Movie Collector
May 10, 2023
Using the software for years
I've been using the Movie and Music product for years, though I'm way behind in my inputs. I searched for a long time for a DB program for my CDs and DVDs and yours fit my needs exactly. — Doc (USA) on Movie Collector
May 08, 2023
More than happy
Does exactly what you want it to do with lots of optional extras. Just what I needed. I generally don't pay for apps but I'm more than happy that I subscribed to this. If you find that you need support then these guys have you covered with quick helpful responses. — Peter Treleaven on CLZ Movies
May 06, 2023
Catalog movies
The best app I've found to catalog movies! — chad garish on CLZ Movies
May 02, 2023
Movie Collector
I use my Movie Collector as a media center, I love the play button!!! — Robbi Jennings (USA) on Movie Collector
May 02, 2023
No more spreadsheets!
Have been looking for something like this for years and this one works great! — TheCoolscooby on CLZ Movies
April 29, 2023
Superb app, superb customer service, and regular updates! — raykal (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
April 14, 2023
Love this app!!
Easy to scan or manually enter information. Love the resolution of the covers. I'm transitioning from DVD profiler and this is best replacement I've found. — Byron Balfour on CLZ Movies
April 10, 2023
God send
Great app for cataloguing my huge movie collection. My collection is so big, I was buying a movie I already had, and at the time, I didn't have a movie collection app on my phone. All previous apps I used were rubbish, so this CLZ Movies was a god send. Worth the subscription, usually I don't do subscriptions, but this app is worth it. I highly recommend that everyone stop wasting time on these rubbish apps and start using CLZ Movies. — DARREN KING on CLZ Movies
April 07, 2023
Far superior
I use 3 apps in both Android & Windows, CLZ Books, Movies, and Music for many years. They are greatly versatile and user friends. Tried other applications and previously used an Excel Spreadsheet to manage my collection. This application is far superior to anything I used in the past. My Movie Titles are close to 2800 and I can't imagine using anything else to manage this collection. Great Apps from a great company. — Kevin Schubert (USA) on CLZ Movies
March 26, 2023
Support is excellent
Come across a bug with the app. Got in touch with support and they were already aware of it and next update would get it fixed. In the meantime they told me a great workaround. Support is excellent got back to me within a day. I do like using the app glad this was sorted!! — Philip N on CLZ Movies
March 22, 2023
Excellent app and suite of applications
This app has surely saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in duplicate purchases. It is also highly customizable and the phone app is the perfect compliment to their desktop app for those of us that want our collections recorded "just so." If you have a budding collection of a few hundred titles, or if you're like me have a well-established and budding collection of over 10,000 titles, this app will fully support your movie nerdness. — Nikita Skribner on CLZ Movies
March 19, 2023
Just getting started, but love it so far! — Mark Chase on CLZ Movies
March 19, 2023
I love it
Terrific software. Nothing like it! — Tom Keister on CLZ Movies
March 18, 2023
Must have
Amazing app, a must have for movie collectors. — Daniel Powell on CLZ Movies
March 18, 2023
Nice shuffle feature!
Exactly what I was looking for, needed a library for my movie/tv collection. The "shuffle" feature is handy when you can't decide what to watch. — Ethan Cruickshank on CLZ Movies
March 16, 2023
Works well, Nice to use overall excellent. — Clifford Braham on CLZ Movies
March 15, 2023
I love this app!
I keep track of my movies and when I watched them. If an actor is missing I just tell them and they add it right to the core. Highly recommend. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
March 14, 2023
Worth the price! — Nick Lucas on CLZ Movies
March 11, 2023
I scanned my 500+ titles in no time
I needed a system of cataloging my Blu Ray and 4K UHD movies and CLZ was the app for me. So easy to use and navigate, I scanned my 500+ titles in no time. Would recommend to anyone! — Gary Peach on CLZ Movies
March 08, 2023
10 stars out of 5
I can't live without this. I have so many TV shows and Movies it's hard to keep track of them all. All I do is purchase a new DVD or blu ray and scan the barcode and it's added to my collection. It has saved me from buying something I already had. On the flip side, several times I thought I had season 5 but I didn't. Then I can just scroll my collection on my phone. They are great with updates or adding titles that are not already there. — gerald on CLZ Movies
March 07, 2023
The best of its kind
This is the best app of its kind. Pay the $15, seriously. Support this. — Tyler Nethers on CLZ Movies
February 28, 2023
CLZ app
Just started using it but so far so good! — Terry Bland on CLZ Movies
February 26, 2023
Excellent tool to keep track of your film collection. — Andy Holloway on CLZ Movies
February 23, 2023
Great app for cataloging my movie collection, I also use their other apps for books and games. Excellent features, reliability, and affordability. 10/10 for my usage. — Ahren Rhoden on CLZ Movies
February 23, 2023
Excellent value
Great tool. Fast input, excellent value. — Ron Pereira on CLZ Movies
February 22, 2023
Fantastic Movie Database
Managed to catalog all my movies, over 1000 including DVD, Blu-ray , 3D , UHD and my Laserdiscs! Very easy to use finds 95% of the stuff from the barcode. What would have taken days/weeks took only couple days.
Support is great had old database which team converted and also very quick answering Q&A.
Will be keeping my subscription! — Teddy-59UK (United Kingdom) on CLZ Movies
February 19, 2023
Best way to keep track of what you own and still want
Love this product. Scanning bar codes with 100% accuracy and all IMDB data automatically added. This is well worth the price! — Abazaba (USA) on CLZ Movies
February 18, 2023
Great to use and easy
Best program on market 10/10 Been with these guys from beginning great. — kenneth driver on CLZ Movies
February 16, 2023
The best
Best app for cataloging our movie collection. — Henry Smith on CLZ Movies
February 13, 2023
Parfait pour gérer facilement et avec classe sa vidéothèque. — Fabian Lebrun on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2023
You are an absolute life saver
You have no idea how much trouble you have saved me from. I built a media room and cataloging and double checking will be nothing short of a miracle from the heavens above. How can I say thanks there are no words to express my gratitude to you and you can bet your fortunes that this email will be saved in at least 3 or more files so I don't have to bug you guys.
Love the updates and I have to thank my wife, this program is the best birthday present she has ever given me since we got married 32 years ago. — Bob Britt (USA) on Movie Collector
February 12, 2023
Very reliable
We have used this for years and LOVE IT! — Jessica Baamonde on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2023
Vital app
As a movie collector this app is vital my collection. — Lord of Chikins on CLZ Movies
February 12, 2023
Great app
Great app to keep track of all movies & series watched. — George Quartell on CLZ Movies
February 08, 2023
The best app around for collecting
The best app around for collecting and remembering what movies, series, etc I have watched. It has something for everyone loving television and then set a rating. I also like the features of which actors and producers and so on I have mostly watched. It's a very reasonable cost per year because I use it almost daily and the support is top-notch. I have it installed on both my tablet and mobile and it syncs auto. I highly recommend this app to everyone that loves cinema and film or television. — Jarek Tylenda on CLZ Movies
February 05, 2023
Works well
Easy to scan everything in Works well and the cloud is great for sharing lists of movies for ppl to borrow. — Justin White on CLZ Movies
February 03, 2023
Overall, great app
Love this App works every time. Never had an issue. I use it for movies and Comics. — Martin Arnaud on CLZ Movies
January 31, 2023
Love the scanning feature
Great way to keep your movies in order. Love the scanning feature. Easy as 1,2,3. Great app so far. Love keeping track of what I have so I don't buy extras. — Mateusz Damian on CLZ Movies
January 30, 2023
A must
I've been buying movies on DVDs since 2001 when they first appeared on the market. Through the years I've bought so many that in the end I didn't remember what I had or which shelf I had put it on. Fortunately, I came across the Movie Collector archiving program and the problem was solved. Now I am up-to-date on my DVD collection. I think this program is a must to anyone who owns a DVD movie collection. — Ioannis T. (Greece) on Movie Collector
January 29, 2023
No more duplicates
Very useful for checking whether I already have a movie before I'm tempted to buy one in a charity store. — Steve Kulka on CLZ Movies
January 27, 2023
Keep track of your collection
So easy to use and keep track of your collection. Plenty of extras to use too. — 3PM GOD on CLZ Movies
January 22, 2023
It is a very easy and useful app. — K. Logan Spangler on CLZ Movies
January 20, 2023
Exceptionally easy to use
Definitely worth the small amount you pay to use this app. — Barbara Clement on CLZ Movies
January 18, 2023
De betere verzamelaars app voor je films!
Je kan snel je hele film collectie catalogeren (barcode scanner) en opvragen wanneer je info nodig hebt. Het is een ordelijke en overzichtelijke app en bij mogelijke vragen is de support ook niet slecht. Een aanrader en ik gebruik deze ook voor mijn games (andere app zelfde maker). — StrikerXL (Belgium) on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2023
Honestly best app to catalogue movies! — Brad Sales on CLZ Movies
January 17, 2023
Keeps getting better and better
Have to say that CLX just keeps getting better and better. Love this database. — Celtic Peasant on CLZ Movies
January 13, 2023
Great way to organize movie collection!
I just started getting back into collecting physical media and was looking for an app to help and found this one. Works great, love that you can just scan the barcode and all the metadata auto populates. Saves a ton of time of typing/writing a list to keep track of my movies. I also like that it differentiates between the types of media: DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K; big help it knowing what needs upgrading. — Jtzielinski (USA) on CLZ Movies
January 12, 2023
Very Helpful!
This is great if you collect movies and want a way to organize and see what you want to watch in a moment. — shelley newcomb on CLZ Movies
January 08, 2023
Fantastic service in every way
I sincerely hope you and yours are well and that your amazing service is doing extremely well. I'm a walking advertisement for it. I'm happy to report that my movie collection is fast approaching 6000 titles. Only about 45 more and I will be there.
Thanks for answering my questions and for the fantastic service you provide for the world. I would never be without them for the rest of my life. — Scott Smith (USA) on Movie Collector
January 04, 2023
Extreme fast & friendly Support
I had some issue´s with the Data of a series! So I requested for some help to solve this issue, the support send quick an answer and solve the issue. Fast & Friendly. — IceAgeVillage Gamer (Germany) on CLZ Movies
January 03, 2023
Great program
The program is great and the customer service responds quickly to solve a problem. I especially like the option to view cards instead of covers! — Douwe Drijfhout on CLZ Movies