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Reviews from customers

December 20, 2005
I was impressed
I am currently playing with the trial version, and you have done a great job. We have over 300 movies and thus far I have created an Access DB to catalogue them. Frankly what a waste of time, so when a friend told me to check out your site is was impressed and have passed on the site a a number of others. — Lance Smith on Movie Collector
December 09, 2005
Well written and intuitive
This software is perhaps one of the most useful tools to come along since VisiCalc! The marriage of internet information from various sources with a database coupled to one's PC -- is not only productive, but fun to use too!

Movie Collector software is well written and intuitive - it flows as if the authors/programmers actually used the product as an end-user. Just a thought I would pass along a note of appreciation for the fine job indeed. — Bob Hall on Movie Collector

October 25, 2005
Magnificent job
Once again you guys showed what a great customer service is CollectorZ.Com, and an awesome program that there's no words to describe it, just GREAT!!! In all my computing experience, I never been so satisfied with a program that is so little in price and so big in features (Movie and Music Collector).

Thank you guys for the magnificent job you all are doing. — Armando Torres on Movie Collector

October 21, 2005
Your product is the best
Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I have been using Movie Collector with the Flic barcode reader for about a week. I now have my collection completed with 589 entries! It was very easy to get everything set up and enter all the movies into the database. More importantly, your product is the best I have found at getting the information OUT.

The filtering and use of thumbnails is excellent! Also, I have printed out my collection using a number of filters. I have a wonderfully grouped catalog that I can show to my guests to help them select a movie from my collection.

Thanks and keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what you come out with next! — Jonathan Schmidt on Movie Collector

October 03, 2005
Full credit where it is due
This is one of the best value programmes I have ever bought. The design is so well matched to the purpose of the programme that its come to feel like an extension of my own way of thinking about movies.

It is extremely easy to use; does what its meant to in a no-fuss way; has a very clever data structure that allows databases to be created of emormous size, whilst giving easy and effective methods of ordering and finding records you need to look at and excluding those you don't.

Full credit where it is due. You deserve to win a lot of awards for what you have done. — Josiah Hincks on Movie Collector

August 30, 2005
Thanks for the great products
I've used both your Movie and Music programs for a few years or so now, and they are just the absolute best! And your quick and personal customer support is beyond compare. Many thanks for the great products, and the great service! — Don Hess on Movie Collector
August 18, 2005
Just so damn sexy
Just thought I'd add my name to your list of happy customers. I recently bought your Movie Collector software, and I feel to compelled to let you know just how amazing I think it is.

For years now I've been laboriously cataloguing my DVDs (current count about 580) using Microsoft Access, for insurance purposes if nothing else.

Your software has turned what had become a chore into an obsession! It's just such a comprehensive and powerful tool, and the end result is just so damn sexy! Being able to export to the web with a click of the mouse is just fantastic, and makes the database so much more secure and accessible.

The program is so well designed that I've barely even glanced at the help files - everything is just so easy to work out. How you guys read my mental wishlist I don't know, but please keep up the great work! — Iain Faulkner on Movie Collector

August 05, 2005
Does a very good job
I have Movie Collector. I think the barcode scanner support is brilliant. I really like the software. It's easy to use, pretty customizeable and does a very good job.

I don't write my own code. The measure I apply to assesing software is whether I would write it differently if I DID write code. I can't think how I would make Movie Collector better.

Thank you for a great product. — Mike Blevins on Movie Collector

July 05, 2005
Extremely pleased
We have been using the pro version of the movie collector for a few years now and are extremely pleased with how it works.
One of the greatest features is the ability to export the movie list so that we can put it on our palm pilot to be able to reference all of the movies that we have when in the stores. — Peter Sheldon on Movie Collector
June 29, 2005
Excellent to use
This a long overdue note to pass on my thanks for producing a great product. I have been using Movie Collector Pro for some months and have found it excellent to use. I have certainly researched other products but none compare to this.

The ease of use, appearance and and auto updates make this a superb tool for any serious collector. Keep up the good work. — Andrew Marks on Movie Collector

May 28, 2005
This package has everything
I'm a software developer that has written many programs for personal use because there are always certain features I want that aren't available in the commercial software available. This package has everything I could think of and a few things I would have never thought of.

One of my best software purchases ever. Well done. — Greg Taylor on Movie Collector

May 23, 2005
Very impressed
I've just purchased your Movie Collector software (pro version). Very impressed (which is unlike me) - congratulations on a very fine piece of software! So far I can't find anything it won't do for me but I'll keep trying.
I'm using the filter and export to html facility to provide a custom web site for the kids. In this way I can control what films I'm happy for them to watch and they only see movies suitable for them - easy to control as they grow older.

Keep up the good work! — Andrew Stamp on Movie Collector

April 28, 2005
Extremely flexible
I must say I am truly impressed with this product. It has made my life so much easier.

I was in the process of designing my own database when I decided to do a web search just in case something like this existed. Thank goodness your page came back in my Google search. After downloading the trial version, I decided to purchase your product within 10 minutes. (I can't wait to start loading my books and cd's. Yes, I bought the combo package.)

The product is easy to use, user friendly, and extremely flexible. If I could offer one piece of advice, you might consider expanding your source documentation a little. I had to add a movie manually. When it came around to loading the cover, it took me a little time to figure it out. Screen shots in the source documentation would have been a time saver.

Thanks developing such a wonderful package. Keep up the good work! — James Gibson on Movie Collector

March 18, 2005
I am very,very impressed
I have just finished inputting our DVD collection in to Movie Collector. Congratulations; everything you could want in a data base. You have certainly done your homework in putting it all together and the loan section takes the guesswork out of tracking down who borrowed what.

I am very,very impressed. I will now look at the cd version as we have a vast collection of cds. — Rob Jacobs on Movie Collector

March 12, 2005
Highly commended
After 3 years of using Movie collector I have to say just one word : great!
It works well, regular updates to stay on top of developments, error and crash free program. Highly commended. — Paul Spaas on Movie Collector
February 21, 2005
A job well done
This is the most thought out and user friendly software I have ever used. A job well done. I will certainly recommend to everyone I know. — Mark P. on Movie Collector
February 11, 2005
I'd catalog my collections all day long!
I subscribed to both Movie and Music Collector a few years ago and loved it then, but got sidetracked with other things. Now that I'm back (updated and also subscribed to Book Collector), I love your programs more than ever! If I had more time, I'd catalog my collections all day long!

Thanks for your great products. Your prices are incredibly fair, and your software is quite useful to me, an avid collector. Please keep up the good work! — Cindy Castelli on Movie Collector

January 26, 2005
A wonderful product
I've dreaded putting my DVD collection into a database: I've put it off for years. With about 12 hours of work, I've cataloged 385 DVD's! This would have taken me MONTHS to manually install all the information. In addition, I've found duplicates and sorted the DVD's into categories.

THANK YOU for a wonderful product ! — Rob Mages on Movie Collector

January 18, 2005
How I ever lived without it
Just wanted to compliment you on a wonderful product, I've used it for about a month and don't know how I ever lived without it, nice job to everyone involved with Movie Collector. — Mike on Movie Collector