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Reviews from customers

November 20, 2002
Very pleased
My mom likes to buy DVDs for us kids as gifts during the holidays. She mentioned one day that she was surprised I hadn't created some sort of software for managing our collections of DVDs. Something that we could easily print, or an online database. That way she would know what movies we have so she wouldn't buy us duplicates.

So, I set out on a quest to find such software. And with the aid of my trusty Google searchbar, I found the site collectorz.com. I had previously found a movie database software from a different company. I tried it out, and was very disappointed. So, the search continued. I thought it would be cool if you could just enter in the title of the movie and the software would fill in the rest. Well, that's when I found your software, and I was very pleased with it. So, I purchased the software for my mom.

I especially like the check-out feature. People are always borrowing movies from them, now they can keep track of who had them. — Tim Larson on Movie Collector

September 18, 2002
Simple, no fuss package
Just a quick email, loved Movie Collector! I hadnt even finished entering my first record before I decided to purchase it! Simple, no fuss package that offers everything I could want from a catalogue program. Very good value and easy to upgrade....I`ll be back for mp3 collector on payday!

Best of luck....I never thought much of shareware until today! — Tim Wilson on Movie Collector

September 16, 2002
Yours was the best
I was looking for a movie database program to catalog all my movies.
I went to download.com and looked under the "Home Inventory" catagory. I downloaded a number of different movie cataloging programs, and tried them all and yours was the best. — Patrick Fenton on Movie Collector
August 14, 2002
I am happy with my Puchase
I found out about this movie collector program from a friend who lives in Adelaide. Because we are both Major movie collectors of DivX movies and Tv Series. After hearing about movie collector, I type the name of the software in to google.com I was amazed how good this software is. It downloads all the information about the movie and also downloads the covers.

I was going try to use it without buying the program, but because I found the program was so good. I decided that I might as well buy it. This is the second thing I have ever puchased over the internet.

I am happy with my Puchase. Thanks — Pradip Marek on Movie Collector

August 02, 2002
There really is nothing else
I've been searching for a program like this for years. Even though VCRs don't use them anymore, all other programs I've found only allowed a 4-digit starting position. I was looking for a program that allowed me to enter a time counter kind of starting position. I found it in Movie Collector. That was enough to make me want to purchase it, but then I found all the other features and fields I could enter.

I think anyone who writes a program for cataloguing movies should just give up now. After using Movie Collector, there really is nothing else.

I like Movie Collector so much, I wrote to WebAttack and suggested that they add it to their website. I've even bought Music Collector and it's also great. — Rob Warenda on Movie Collector

July 23, 2002
Exactly what I wanted
I downloaded the evaluation copy from ZDNet and instantly knew this was the product that I was looking for! I've tried quite a few others, but Movie Collector was exactly what I wanted! — Steve McDonald on Movie Collector
July 01, 2002
Excellent job
I have a rather large DVD collection of over 400 movies and I've wanted to sort them in a database for a very long time.

I then found your Movie Collector program which I played around with for a few minutes before I decided to use it for my movie collection. As soon as I hit the trial limit of 25 movies I went online and bought a license for the program.

Excellent job! — Johnny Berggren on Movie Collector

May 31, 2002
Has made my life a lot easier
I had been using Deluxe Organizors from PrimaSoft Inc. for years for my Movie collection and Music collection and my wife is using Recipe collection for her recipes. I am a lazy person and hate to type or cut and paste all the time so I got on the web and found your products.

It was so much easier than the Deluxe Organizer that I just changed over to you. Don't get me wrong, PrimaSoft makes a very good product, but I needed something that took less time to input a larger amount of info in a lot less time. I still work for a living. Your product has made my life a lot easier. — John Moran on Movie Collector

May 18, 2002
I love the new version
I just wanted to take the time in a more public forum to let you know that I love your software... and I love the new version. I really apperciate all the hard work that you guys do.

I needed this software because I was buying duplicate movies too much. Now I use it for way more than that. From having the collection online so my friends can use me as a video store to being able to select a Romantic Comedy Adventure (thank you for Ver2!!!). — Kevin on Movie Collector

April 15, 2002
Good work
The program is awesome. I have over 300 dvds and i was using a Microsoft access database i made. I saw yours on download.com and i had to have it.
It really is one of the best programs i have ever used. Please keep up the good work and know that the work you do is appreciated and used a lot.

I do some PC programming so i know this stuff is hard and you did an excellent job. Thanks. — Ron Norris on Movie Collector