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Reviews from customers

April 21, 2006
Some quality programs
Just a quick reply. This is the third program I've purchased from you and again you have really put out some quality programs.

Each one has been the kind of program I would have written for myself. Thanks. — Drew Headley (USA) on Game Collector

January 10, 2006
SO easy to use
Thanks for coming to the rescue again! I love your product and was so sad to be without it when the computer repair shop said the motherboard of my new laptop had caught on fire, and a chip had melted right through the board, filling their shop with smoke.

This was in the middle of restoring my hard drive. It was bad enough to be without my computer--but to find out that Game Collector had not been backed up wast he final straw. Now Game Collector is working again, thanks to you.

And it is SO easy to use. I tried other software, but the interfaces were awkward and just not very attractive. Populating my game database is a breeze. I love the resizable images of the box covers; I don't have room to keep all the game boxes, but I love the art.

Keep up the good work and terrific service! — Diana Diehl (USA) on Game Collector