Here’s how to install and unlock your software:

Installing the software

(if you are already running the trial edition, you can skip these steps)

  1. Download the full installer from your account at
    After downloading, run the installer to install the program on your computer.
  2. Start the program:
    On Windows: Choose Start / Programs /, then select the program icon.
    On macOS: Open your Applications folder and click the program icon.

Unlocking the software

Here’s how to unlock the trial edition into the full software:

  1. Start your program.
  2. A ‘Trial Edition’ screen will appear.
  3. At the bottom of this screen, click the Unlock Software button.
    Alternatively, if you have already clicked Continue, choose Unlock Software from the Buy menu.
  4. The My CLZ Account screen will open.
    At the top of the screen, enter your CLZ Username (or email address) and your CLZ Password, then click the Login button. Note: you do not need to enter your license key!
  5. The program will now connect to the server to validate your License and Subscription.
  6. That’s it. Your software has now been unlocked for use and you’re all set!

Can’t find the Unlock option?

If you don’t get the Trial Edition screen or don’t see a Buy menu, that probably means your software is already unlocked. To verify this, click on menu “Tools > My CLZ Account”.

Does this mean that I always need to be online to use the software?

No, you can still use the software without being online. The program only needs to be online once, to let it validate your License and the expiry date of your Subscription.

When that’s done and you restart the program later, it will try to get the latest License info, Expiry Date and Latest Version from our server. This way it can automatically detect changes, e.g. if your Subscription was renewed/extended. This is also used to notify you of a newer version being available.

If at startup, your computer is not online, the program will stick to the License, Expiry Date and Latest Version Number that was downloaded last time it was able to do an online check. So if you’re not online after the initial check, your program will behave as normal.

What data is being sent when the program connects to CLZ servers?

When the program connects to get the License, Expiry Date and Latest Version Number, it only sends the information the server needs to return the correct data:

  • Product (which program you’re using)
  • Platform (Windows or macOS)
  • your CLZ Username and Password (both encrypted)
  • your current version number.

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