Here’s how images work in our software:

Images are not stored inside the database. The image files are stored separate from your database, in a folder on your computer (most likely in the Data/Images folder under the program’s folder in Documents). The entries in your database refer to those image file using a full file path.

If your cover images are not shown in the program anymore, there’s only four possible causes:

Find out which of the four possible causes made your images disappear.

To get your images visible in the program again, it is important to find out which of the 4 causes we are dealing with it.

Here’s how:

  1. Find an entry in your database that misses its’ cover image.
  2. Now open that entry in the Edit screen and switch to the Covers tab.
  3. Now, on the Front Cover tab, do you see the cover image? If so, you are probably looking at cause #4.
  4. If you do NOT see the cover image there, then look at the File Path listed.
  5. Now use your Windows Explorer to browse to that file path and check if the image file referred to is actually there.
  6. If it IS there, then we must be looking at cause #3.
  7. If it is NOT there, we’re dealing with either cause #1 or #2, most likely #2.

Solutions to all four possible causes:

Cause 1: The image file paths in the database have gotten corrupted.

This is very unlikely. If this did somehow happen, please contact us.

Cause 2: The images are not in their original location anymore.

Which could be the case if the user has inadvertently moved them, or deleted them.
In any case, this is not something that can be ever caused by the software itself, or even by installing an update.

If this is your problem, find the solution in our manual.

Cause 3: The program is not permitted to access your images anymore.

The paths in the database are still correct and the files are still there, but somehow the program does not have sufficient Windows permissions to access them anymore. This can sometimes happen in the first session after updating the software, especially if the images are on a network drive. Closing and restarting the program will fix that.

Other reasons can cause this too, e.g. running the program under a Windows user different from the one it was installed under.


  1. Download your program again from your My CLZ Account page.
  2. Click the download button for your platform and download the version you’re entitled to, save it to your computer (do not run the installer).
  3. Right click on the downloaded installer, and select ‘Run as Administrator’.
  4. This will install the program with Administrative rights.
  5. Now launch the program with admin rights (right click > run as administrator).

Cause 4: There are no problems at all, but somehow you lost the generated mini-thumbnail versions of your cover images.

In that situation cover images do still show up in the Details Panel, but not in the Images View.


  1. Click menu Tools / Maintenance / Repair Thumbnails

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