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New Comic Book Day, week 51: 547 new releases!

December 20th, 2023

Phew, finally a “slower week”, with “only” 547 new releases. For a total of 273 actual new issues.

All of them have just been added to our Core online comic database by the CLZ Content Team (Rowdy, Justin and Taco). They have made the entries as complete as possible, with the actual cover art, variant descriptions, creator information (with correct Cover Artists listed for all variants), etc.. etc…

Highlights for NCBD week 51

New issues for big titles:

These are the new issues for the most popular titles:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 6 #40
  • Spawn #348
  • Batman / Santa Claus: Silent Knight #3
  • Wolverine, Vol. 7 #40
  • Catwoman, Vol. 5 #60
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #79

Most variants

And this week, the prize for the most variants goes to:

Vampirella vs. The Superpowers #6 with 13 variants, listed in Core from A through M

New series:

Again, lots of new series this week! All with multiple variants:

  • The Original X-Men #1 with 6 Variants
  • Titans: Beast World Tour – Central City #1 with 2 Variants
  • Animal Pound #1 with 6 Variants
  • Star Wars: Revelations, Vol. 2 #1 with 3 Variants
  • Shift (Image Comics) #1 with 2 Variants
  • The Joker / Harley Quinn: Uncovered #1 with 5 Variants
  • Rom & The X-Men: Marvel Tales #1 with 1 Variant
  • Borealis #1
  • The Agent #1 with 9 Variants
  • Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon #1 with 2 Variants
  • Total Party Killer #1 with 1 Variant
  • My Little Pony Best Of Fluttershy #1
  • Spellweaver #1 with 5 Variants

Cool new exclusives:

Our picks of some cool new exclusive variants:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 6 #40K: John Giang Exclusive Variant (Ltd. 3000)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 5 #146F: Acky Bright Exclusive Variant
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 2023 (Image) #302D: Mike Mayhew Exclusive Variant

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