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What's new in CLZ Comics for iOS?

CLZ Comics (Android)

v8.10: Improvements for Search box and Hide Variants mode

November 2nd, 2023

Yes another nice update for CLZ Comics app, version 8.10 already (time to start thinking about calling it version 9!).

In this update:

  • Add Comics / Series : better “In Collection” indicators when using Hide Variants mode
  • Two improvements to the Search box in main screen
  • Lots of fixes for big and small problems that were reported by users

Add Comics : better “In Collection” indicators when using Hide Variants mode

First up: here’s one brought to our attention by one member in the CLZ Comics Facebook group (our friend Xander Frydek):

In the Series tab of the Add Comics screen, I like having my issue list in “Hide Variants” mode. But the problem is, then I cannot see if I already own a variant different from the A variant.
In other words: It only highlights the issue #7 number in blue if I actually own #7A, but NOT if I own #7F for instance.
In this case, can you maybe highlight the issue number in a different way, to indicate you do own that issue?

So we thought it over, and Xander does have a point here.
And it turned out that implementing this was pretty easy, so here it is!

From now on, in Hide Variants mode:

  • when you actually own variant A, the issue number highlights with a filled blue circle (just like before)
  • when you own a variant other than A (e.g. variant F), the issue number highlight with a blue outline only

(The same holds for wishlist entries: filled orange circle when you have variant A on your wishlist, orange outline when a different variant is on your wishlist)

Two improvements to the Search box in main screen

Two improvements for the search box top right, both about the “search-as-you-type” suggestions. That is the box of of 5 series suggestions that appears while you enter your search:

  • Series suggestions that show while typing are now sorted with your biggest series at the top. This was suggested in the CLZ Comics FB group too.
  • When selecting one of the suggested series, the app now stays in your current folder mode (previously it always switched back to series folders)

Bug fixes

Plus, this build comes packed with fixes for bugs reported by you. Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs!

Fixed on iOS:

  • Unreliable search results after editing or merging pick list items
  • Edit Multiple: Some fields were turning orange once typed in
  • Merge mode in pick lists would not remember selection when using the search in the list
  • Typing a comma in price/value fields wasn’t always working
  • Editing a pick list item could give a wrong “Already in List” error
  • Multi-level folders: when filtering inside a folder the search text would clear after typing a space
  • Editing an item could send you to a different folder than you were in
  • Multi-level folders: When you searched an item and picked one from the suggestions dropdown, it would bring you inside the folder, instead of directly to the item.
  • Pre-fill screen: Grade field didn’t have orange text when it was filled in
  • Editing a comic in “All Comics” folder could send you to the Series folder of the comic you just edited
  • Missing Comics screen had troubles with comics marked as “For Sale”

Fixed on Android:

  • Unreliable search results after editing or merging pick list items
  • Now remembers scroll position better when hitting “back” from an item
  • Adding a new pick list item with an apostrophe, would wrongly trigger an “Already exists” warning
  • Edit screen: Picking a pick list item after tapping next/previous could crash the app
  • Edit screen: For some fields the selected pick list item would be added twice
  • Various fixes for displaying series in the missing comics screen
  • Manage Pick Lists: Automatic generating of Series sort names wasn’t working correctly

Recent changes

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