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What's new in CLZ Comics for iOS?

Version 8.3 is here, a big update that is all about slabbed comics!

More and more CLZ Comics users are using the app to catalog slabbed comics (CGC, CBCS, PGX, etc..). So let’s take our slab support to the next level!
Here’s what’s new in CLZ Comics 8.3:

  • A cool new look for your slabs in Card View and the comic details page.
  • Three new slab-related fields: Label Type, Page Quality and Custom Label.
  • Four new options for the Grade field: NG, PG, CVR and ART.
  • A new setting “For raw comics, show Grade as letters”

A cool new look for your slabs in Card View and the comic details page

The main improvement of this app update is how slabbed comics will appear in your Card View and on the comic details page. For slabs, we now generate a nice looking artificial slab case around the cover and a slab label at the top.
The slab label will show:

  • Your Grade at the top left
  • Your selected Custom Label image on the right (a new field, see below)
  • The color of your selected Label Type: Universal = blue, Signature = yellow, Qualified = green, etc.. (a new field, see below)

Slabbed comics in Card View and Details View

Slabbed comics in List View

In List View, the slab label color is now used as the background for the Grade box:

New setting “Show generated slab labels”

We are aware that some users upload their own images of their slabs to the app. Of course, if you do that, you don’t want the app to do the generated slab labels. So we created a new setting to switch that OFF.
In the Settings screen, there is now a new toggle for “Show generated slab labels”.

Three new slab-related fields: Label Type, Page Quality and Custom Label

Based on requests from our users (and, I admit, based on my own needs for my slab collection), we added 3 special fields for slabbed comics.
You can find the new fields on the Value tab of the Edit Comic screen:

Label Type

Select the CGC/CBCS label type of your slab, from the following options:

  • Universal Grade
  • Signature Series
  • Qualified Grade
  • Restored Grade
  • Pedigree Grade
  • Conserved Grade
  • Signature Series Qualified
  • Signature Series Restored
  • CBCS Certified
  • CBCS Authentic Signature
  • CBCS Verified Signature
  • CBCS Restored Grade
  • CBCS Verified Red Label (legacy)

Custom Label

Indicate the custom label you may have on your slab, like the Hobgoblin one, the Spider-Man NY skyline, or the recent Todd McFarlane signature label.
The app comes with 67 built-in known Custom Labels, with their images. And that list updates from our server automatically on a daily basis.

Do you have a slab with a Custom Label that is not listed yet? Let us know and we will add it!

Page Quality

This is for making a note of the Page Quality indicated by GCG, like “White”, “Off-White”, “Cream”, “Tan”, etc..

Four new options for the Grade field: NG, PG, CVR and ART

Also by popular demand, we now finally support NG, PG, CVR and ART labels. These are now available as 4 extra options in the Grade field.

  • NG – No Grade
  • PG – Page
  • CVR – Cover
  • ART – Original Art (CBCS)

A new setting “For raw comics, show Grade as letters”

Finally, we introduced a new grade display setting for raw comics:
For raw comics, show Grade as letters

Many users like to indicate the condition of their raw comics using the abbreviations NM, NM+, VF, VG, etc.. So you can now make the grades for your raw comics show up like that.
Slabbed comics will still always show up with the numerical indication, like 9.8, 8.5 etc…

Recent changes

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