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CLZ Comics reviews

December 31, 2012
Best comic book app
This app is by far the best and easiest way to catalogue a collection, took me minutes to catalogue a couple hundred in my collection, even subbed to share online and just because I love using it, good work and keep it up! — H4zz4rd on CLZ Comics
December 31, 2012
Great app
Over 1,000 comics added in an hour. The last app I used, it took me 4 days.
Love it so far! — Supermanonearth on CLZ Comics
December 30, 2012
A Great App
Much more helpful than the million lists I had to write every time I went to my LCS. — HeatherFeather09 on CLZ Comics
December 29, 2012
Love it :)
No more forgetting which comics I need at stores and conventions! Totally worth the price in my opinion. — AlyssaL5280 on CLZ Comics
December 29, 2012
Get this app if you have over 50 comics !
I have used comic collector for over a year and find it indispensable when it comes to collecting. I love the way they set up the covers and information.
Bonus it's a fun company to work with the tech support is lighting fast and very helpful. Get this app if you have over 50 comics ! Doesn't everyone ? — fffan67 on CLZ Comics
December 27, 2012
Best app in the App Store
I had seen the desktop software and didn't want to risk the £30 so I thought I would try the app first. Well it is the best thing I have ever bought. I use it nearly everyday. I can't recommend it enough. I am most certainly gonna buy the desktop software.
Buy it now. Scanning comics to catalogue them is super fast and super easy. — William Blake on CLZ Comics
December 22, 2012
A must have!
I've been an avid comic collector for years. It was usually managed with a spreadsheet and notes on napkins. CLZ Comics along with its parent program Comic Collector changed all that.
With ease of use and a very intuitive interface, collecting is fun again. I highly recommend this program. — orgelphil on CLZ Comics
December 17, 2012
Simply brilliant
This app on iPhone/iPad paired with the desktop software on Mac &/or PC (yep, I use it on all platforms) is as close to "collection management perfection" as possible. No product on the market beats this suite.
If you want to manage your collection, details of each item, your loans, your wish list & then share it online? Buy this app to scan your collection in via barcode (& review / edit on the go). Buy the desktop software to take it to the next level.
All up I've paid under $60 to go pro and every-single cent has been worth it.
Additionally, the best customer support I've experienced. Highly recommend the full suite. — Danno V on CLZ Comics
December 13, 2012
Hands down a must have for anyone interested in collecting comic books. — Jeremy Trimble on CLZ Comics
December 13, 2012
Bell's BookBin
Gotta love it.... Your collection at your finger tips!! — Bell's BookBin on CLZ Comics
December 12, 2012
Helt konge
Dette er en må ha app. Jeg har pc versjonen også og da er det genialt å kunne ha oversikt over hele samlingen i lomma. — Telemator on CLZ Comics
December 11, 2012
Best comic app
Love it. Easy to use — Daniel Di Russo on CLZ Comics
December 02, 2012
Good app
I'm happy with this app. Bought the PC version 1st for Comics. Then when I got an iPad, I bought that version which was not great until they upgraded and then was great.
Good company and seems to be on the ball. Would buy from again. — Batman9977 on CLZ Comics
November 27, 2012
Use this Ap every time I go to a convention. It beats the heck out of the old notepad and pen I used to use. No more buying duplicate issues for this guy.
Best collection software I've ever used! — Patrick Anderson on CLZ Comics
November 26, 2012
Hi it's eragman here really enjoy the app it's great to have n use as well love the fact it shows the variant covers as well only thing I just wish they would show the value of our comics that would be a great bonus to us collectors — Eragman666 on CLZ Comics
November 22, 2012
Great app
With an ever expanding collection it's amazing to be able to see my collection and easily keep track of it!! — Pandemodia23 on CLZ Comics
November 21, 2012
Best database software I've seen for my comic collection. Nice features and I've just begun using it. — Saintwaffles on CLZ Comics
November 19, 2012
Great app
Love it — shakeyboy3131 on CLZ Comics
November 17, 2012
Exactly what I've been looking for!
Simple, works great. — drinkdecaf on CLZ Comics
November 17, 2012
Fantastic App!
The title says it all. Fantastic app, really useful with lots of great features - it keeps getting better.
Amazing company who provide constant useful info and updates through Facebook - such a dedicated team! They put most other software companies to shame.
If you have a large comic collection, or it's starting to grow, this is THE only comic database app you should buy - I tried others and they were nowhere near as good! — Mark Crawley on CLZ Comics
November 17, 2012
Great app
Was slightly ponderous due to the price , the numerous lists I had to carry around swayed the purchase. Worth the money, takes some time to get your collection uploaded. — Osaii on CLZ Comics
November 16, 2012
Awesome App!
I love this app. It has helped me so much to keep track of my collection. Worth every penny!!! I think it is a must have for any collector! — Champetrnl on CLZ Comics
November 15, 2012
Great comic book inventory software!
I've been using this software for a couple years now - first on my laptop, and now on my phone. I couldn't be happier with the app. And the updates keep making it better and better. — Tpiz13 on CLZ Comics
November 14, 2012
Effing Awesome
This app has allowed me the convenience that I've been wishing for my entire twenty-five years of collecting comics. I'm jealous that something so cool has been made!
Praise this app! Worship it! Sacrifice to it! It's better than Jebus!! — Smoker Buddy on CLZ Comics
November 14, 2012
A must-buy
If you collect comics this a no-brainer purchase. The app itself works great and has a ton of excellent features for managing and viewing your books.
Plus the developers are quick with updates and very responsive. — ham sammy on CLZ Comics
November 14, 2012
Best app for cataloging your comics
Update 11/14/12: This app now lets you import and export to their cloud. Yay!

The fine folks at Collectorz are doing a bang-up job! Having a co-worker go into the office so that another worker can fix priority issues. Then communicating it out to their stakeholders. Now that's teamwork! This product is excellent now and I would highly recommend it.

My only wish right now is for them to update their cover image database quicker. I often find that they don't have the cover image on a new comic's release date.

Otherwise, awesome app! — Jefreestyles on CLZ Comics

November 13, 2012
Great App!!
Love this app! Get to keep all my comics on my pocket. — Playjon8 on CLZ Comics
November 13, 2012
Best collection software around. — Jesus Flores on CLZ Comics
November 09, 2012
A must have for any hardcore comic collector. Easy to use and fun to play with. 5 stars — Tom Lawn on CLZ Comics
November 09, 2012
Can't live without it!!
Best money spent. Use it everyday. — JaysongLSU on CLZ Comics
November 09, 2012
E' praticamente perfetta per chi ha questa magnifica passione. Si può consultar, aggiungere, togliere o modificare ogni singolo fumetto della propria collezione, inviarlo al cloud e poi si torna a casa e lo scarichi sulla versione desktop. Il massimo davvero.
Abbinato al lettore di codici a barre (Buddy for Barry) si ha uno strumento completo per gestire la propria collezione in ogni dove e non si rischia di acquistare doppioni.
Davvero fantastica!!! — Rescio on CLZ Comics
November 05, 2012
Great App
Great App, been waiting for this. As good as the comic software. — marc papi on CLZ Comics
November 04, 2012
Great app
I love this app! Very useful if you are a comic book collector ...price is a little high but worth it. — Wolfmarimba on CLZ Comics
October 30, 2012
Great App
This is a awesome app. Syncing my computer database to my iPhone, iPad and vice versa. Plus now I can scan bar codes with my iPhone, not just with a scanner on the computer. — Todd Holbrook on CLZ Comics
October 28, 2012
This app has proven to be my new favorite past time. As someone that runs a comic book store and is a collector, I have been waiting for an app or software like this.
Absolutely amazing!!! Just wish they had a current value so we didn't have to individually add it, and an option to add condition as you pick the issue. — Crslee212 on CLZ Comics
October 28, 2012
This program is the best yet! Makes cataloging my collection so easy. — JASON NEEDHAM on CLZ Comics
October 28, 2012
Super App!
Tolles App, wenn man Comics sammelt und diese schön übersichtlich verwalten möchte. In Verbindung mit der Mac-Version das Beste, was es im Moment gibt!!! — s.din on CLZ Comics
October 27, 2012
Finally stand alone!!
Even though it's stand alone i recommend the software, it makes it much easier to add big collections. Its great to be able to finally update on the go.
A much needed change. — joanna ruiz on CLZ Comics
October 12, 2012
Most useful App out there!
Love this App! Use it daily. This App is as important to my collecting as the money I spend!
Much appreciation to its creators. Thank you. — Bane3303 on CLZ Comics
October 11, 2012
I like this app
This, accompanied with collector on my Mac and my connect account, really makes managing my collection a breeze. I'm loving the barcode scan feature. — arachnoman666 on CLZ Comics
October 09, 2012
For any comic collector. — erikftaylor on CLZ Comics
October 08, 2012
Great App
With all my comics going straight into storage after reading I often accidentally by doubles, never again. Looks great, has all the covers so far, and very easy to use. — Dan Lipscombe on CLZ Comics
October 08, 2012
This is everything I ever wanted in a comic database app. The ability to easily synchronize my collection across devices is priceless.
Beautiful interface. Love it! — Jason37547 on CLZ Comics
October 08, 2012
So Handy!
Add and edit last update is great. This company continues to upgrade the product to match device enhancements.
Already saved me from duplicate buys. Thanks! — mobius1953 on CLZ Comics
October 08, 2012
Outstanding App
I have been looking for a good collecting app.
I got a great one. Thank you. — Zoltan81 on CLZ Comics
October 06, 2012
sync was easy
I'm in, sold my android tablet and got a new iPad with the comic app. Works great and sync with the desktop was easy! — Josh Hollar on CLZ Comics
October 06, 2012
Best collecting app ever!
I didn't think I'd ever see a decent comic collecting app out there. I checked the others and they barely could even function as an app. When I learned of this app (along with the computer program) not only did it blow away all expectations of what kind of app a comic collecting app would look like it became an invaluable tool as I build my own collection, wherever I may be!! — Stephen Nicholls on CLZ Comics
October 06, 2012
Best comic database software around
Works great on iPad 3, syncs perfect with the windows database! Only thing that would give it 5 stars is to include current value of comics. Great app, keep up the good work!! — Comicfanatic28 on CLZ Comics
October 06, 2012
Best for serious collectors.
This app is a must have for serious comic book collectors. — Frederick Harris on CLZ Comics
October 05, 2012
works really well!
Really like the new iPhone app for Comics - adding comics by barcode and then synching back to my Mac works really well! — Chris House on CLZ Comics
October 03, 2012
Awesome app!
Brilliant app. Very handy. Makes keeping track of my collection a piece of cake.
I've had it about 24 hours and already have detailed information saved on over 1,000 comics in my collection. — Jeff Slaughter on CLZ Comics
October 03, 2012
Le top
Super app! — Hoberon on CLZ Comics
October 02, 2012
Exactly what I was looking for and it works perfectly. — Richard Dressler on CLZ Comics
October 02, 2012
Boy, you guys are good!
I just sent a message in last night (my time) about a problem I was having with CLZ Collector for Comics. All of my purchased comics were not showing up in my phone app.

About an hour later, I notice there's a download waiting for CLZ Collector, so I installed it. And just for the fun of it, I refreshed my phone's database.

Lo and behold! All of my purchased comics are back!

Thank you! It's no wonder I love all your products. — David Bocian on CLZ Comics

October 02, 2012
Been using this app for years
A must have for any serious comic collector. Now it's even better with the ability to make changes directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. — Anibu410 on CLZ Comics
October 01, 2012
I love the app and comic collector software. User friendly. I didn't even need a manual to figure it out. — Jlightwa on CLZ Comics
September 30, 2012
Perfect Product
Could not have asked for a better program to organize and keep track of my comics. Simple and smart. Must have for any collector. — AmericanFolkloreComics on CLZ Comics
September 29, 2012
I love this product!
I love this product! Always wanted to have the ability to scan barcodes and now I do. — ClyfTom on CLZ Comics
September 29, 2012
Awesome App
Perfect to categorize my collection. Be Able to see in collection & want list. Can scan in multiple bar codes! Can add personal notes. If you collect comics this app is for you. — Cyke94 on CLZ Comics
September 28, 2012
Being able to edit is a great addition
To start off I want to congratulate the Collectorz team in working as hard as they do. I know it can't be easy but you guys/gals are doing a great job.
I like the new version of CLZ Comics. Being able to edit is a great addition. The edit screens look great and I am happy to see the extra pricing and store information make it into the app. This is really helpful when looking at what I have and how much I spent on specific books.
Again congrats to Collectorz for their hard work. Thanks all! — sniderw on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2012
Comic fan
Love the app — Thunderstrike on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2012
This is a great app, never have to worry about buying a comic I already have ever again :) I've always got my collection in my pocket and now I can update my collection on the go! Nothing compares to collectorz — Chris Herren on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2012
So much easier
Just downloaded Comics 2.0 iPhone app. That is going to make things so much easier on the go. — Josh Lawrence on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2012
The best
Great product — James Moe on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2012
Best Comic Collector App
I have used CLZ's Comic app and their desktop software for over a year, and I can say without hesitation that this is the best and most affordable software for keeping track of your Comic Collection out there. More importantly, Alvin and the rest of his team are dedicated to improving on current features and adding new ones constantly.

For apps I really like, I enjoy watching what the developers are up to and communicating with them about feature requests, bugs, etc. The CLZ devs are by far the best I've encountered when it comes to communicating about updates, bug fixes, etc. You can tell they really care about making this the best solution out there for collection management. It's not just a side project or one of countless apps by a large company - these guys focus solely on software to manage collections.

Until now, you had to enter new comics and revise existing database entries using the desktop software. Even then, syncing your database with the mobile app was painless and I still gave the app 5 stars. Now, with the ability to add and edit entries on the go, this is a fully functional, standalone collection manager. Personally, I still prefer to add comics at home using the barcode scanner I purchased from their web store to quickly add new comics. But it's nice to know that I can add comics on the go if I wish.

The Connect web service offered for viewing and managing your collection on the web rounds out this company's software offerings nicely. The Pro desktop software for managing your collection at home, the mobile apps for viewing and managing your collection on the go, and Connect for showing off your collection on the web and backing up and syncing your collection in the cloud. It also bears mentioning that CLZ's comic database is excellent. It's a huge undertaking for them to keep up with all the latest titles and enter all of the details for new comics into their database, but they do an excellent job of staying current while fixing old entries that may have mistakes based on customer feedback.

My only suggestion is to offer some kind of "Deluxe" package for newcomers including everything (the Pro desktop software, CLZ mobile software, free version of Connect subscription, and Barry barcode scanner) at a discount. I would even like to see a package that includes their other Pro desktop software for movies and books. — James LePage on CLZ Comics

September 27, 2012
Great app, exactly what I was looking for! — ChoctawT on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2012
Best app to have and the up date has made it even better — iPodboff123 on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2012
Pro is the way to go
A comic geeks dream — Binh Phan on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Barcode functionality
Love the 2.0 App for the iphone. Already scanned in my first comics with the barcode functionality. — Clyf Tom on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Thank you this is an amazing update. — Heather Sielke on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
I can now upload from my app
I love it work real nice now the update are great It does what I wanted it to do the first time I got it I can now upload from my app — G Massey on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Ver 2.01 is Amazing!!!
I just downloaded about an hour ago and I already have half my collection in!! This app is stunningly easy and powerful!!!
I had the pc trial version when I heard about this app and I have to say it EXCEEDS all my expectations!!!
This app is EPIC!!!! If you are a hard vore or casual collector, YOU MUST HAVE THIS APP!!! Barcode or adding by name this thinkg didn't miss a beat! — Michael Karr on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Cette application est très utile pour le boulot. Bref, vachement bien! J'apprécie vraiment énormément. — Sarena Parker on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Great Product
Can't imagine what I was doing without this app. The software is amazing too! — BRYAN TYLER on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Un outil formidable pour tout collectionneur — Dlaranjeira on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Great update
Best update to any app I have ever used. Smooth integration with the rest with the syncing service. No issues or complains thus far. — Erick Nunez on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Casi perfecto
Ahora si esta muy bien curado, ya no dependes del programa para añadir cómic. Para los amantes de colecciónes de cómic ese es el vuestro — Humberto LB on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
I've had the app for close to a year now and everyond demanded this update. Now we can do it all from our phone!!!!!!! — Johnny Moore on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Muito bom
Muito bom para catalogar coleção de revistas em quadrinhos...Fazia tempo que procurava um programa ou app como esse... Se tiver uma coleção de comics americanos não precisa pensar duas vezes....Vale cada centavo.... — Marcos29guaru on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
The new CLZ comics 2.0 is SICK, SICK, SICK!! (And believe me, this is a GOOD THING!!)
It was pretty cool to be able to view my collection from anywhere on my iOS device...but now to be able to EDIT from anywhere!?! You've gotta be kidding me!!
This is AWESOME!! But now I'm dying to know when the OTHER CLZ apps will be upgraded!!
Great work, Alwin & the team!!
September 26, 2012
Great Comic Book Management
Only app worth it's salt to just manage print collections! — Rob1282 on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Best comic collection app I've found
Bar code scanner work great, cover art is 99% right. Issues are up to date.
Extremely happy — The Great Rob on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Love this app
Today I got the app ver 2.0 and transferred all my comics with no problem.
The only thing I would like is a field for how many of each comic you have and for it to show in the total comics. Because if you want to sell them all it shows you having is one of each not the actual quantity. With computer program version you can put the actual quantity of each comic. — Witcher63 on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Cette application est très utile pour le boulot. Bref, vachement bien! J'apprécie vraiment énormément. — Sarena Parke on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
I just downloaded about an hour ago and I already have half my collection in!!
This app is stunningly easy and powerful!!! I had the pc trial version when I heard about this app and I have to say it EXCEEDS all my expectations!!!
This app is EPIC!!!! If you are a hard vore or casual collector, YOU MUST HAVE THIS APP!!!
Barcode or adding by name this thinkg didn't miss a beat! — Michael Karr on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Comic Collector 5.2 Pro
I love it work real nice now the update are great It does what I wanted it to do the first time I got it I can now upload from my app — G Massey on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
Pretty effin' sweet!!!
App is great, perfect to track my collection of over 3,000 titles. — Bersquack on CLZ Comics
September 26, 2012
New Features
Making this at a standalone product without the desktop features has made this a must have on my iPhone and I must have for all comic book collectors. — Botiste on CLZ Comics
September 25, 2012
CLZ Comic 2.0 app
Just upgraded to the CLZ Comic 2.0 app. everything seems to be working smoothly! Keep up the great work! — Logan Jacobs on CLZ Comics
September 25, 2012
Like it a lot
Today I got the comics app 2.0. I like it a lot, awesome job guys and gals. — Lou Herson on CLZ Comics
September 22, 2012
Great app
I just love the ability to have this collection in phone and computer. A bit on the expensive side but worth it for what you get — William Johnson on CLZ Comics
September 19, 2012
Does what I want
Makes my database mobile. — Elarles on CLZ Comics
September 17, 2012
Great App!
Comic freaks this app is essential for cataloging any collection you value. With over 10,000 comics this app makes a tedious task fun and easy. Well worth the money! — Scott Farren on CLZ Comics
September 14, 2012
Mon appli favorite
Rien a redire…elle fonctionne bien, elle est belle.
Elle me permet de balader ma collection partout avec moi et de ne pas me tromper quand je recherche des numéros manquants. — Poyo75 on CLZ Comics
September 11, 2012
Best comic collecting app I have found
I love this app.. I also have the desktop application and buddy the barcode scanner.... They work beautifully in conjunction together and combined offer all the functionality you could ever want to maintain and view your collection. Excellent — James Reilly on CLZ Comics
September 11, 2012
Love the app and comic collector software. Very cool! — Jlightwa on CLZ Comics
September 09, 2012
Wonderful way to show your collection!
Using the comic ollectorz Mac app and this viewer is a wonderful and professional manner to show your comic collection. Scan a bar code for the Mac app and press a button to sync to iPhone and iPad. It looks like I've spent hours making my comics look good, but I didn't. Just scanned and synced. It shows all involved in the comic and the characters featured.
A MUST HAVE FOR CON GOERS who get autographs and buy at conventions! — Justin Hardy on CLZ Comics
September 09, 2012
Really Handy
Really handy for when you can't remember which comics that you're missing in your collection. — Thommo_99 on CLZ Comics
September 08, 2012
Must have for any comic book collector
Since I have this app i can manage my collection with so much ease. — Tk-1235 on CLZ Comics
September 01, 2012
Great Comic Database App
Get the software, get the app and get the Berry scanner app. Outstanding way to keep track or your collection. — Wieners & Cheese on CLZ Comics
August 29, 2012
Great app!
Love it!! — Calytigg on CLZ Comics
August 21, 2012
Fantastic app
A must for any comic book collector — Gambit006 on CLZ Comics
August 17, 2012
Super Useful
Great way to carry around your collection and wants lists. Super easy to use. — TxCPA on CLZ Comics
August 16, 2012
This app is awesome for trips to the shop and conventions. — Nicholas on CLZ Comics
August 04, 2012
Outstanding app
Got it based on the recommendation of a friend. Well worth it! — evansj1983 on CLZ Comics
July 30, 2012
Great app!
Love it! You need the application for the computer but this is a great companion for it! If you use Comic Collector then you need this app! — nrb727 on CLZ Comics
July 14, 2012
Perfect comic app
Does exactly what I wanted. For an app to catalogue all of your comics so that you don't buy doubles this is it. — Alan Quevy jr on CLZ Comics
July 13, 2012
Pour tous les vrai collectionneurs, s'améliore à chaque maj — Perrin 06 on CLZ Comics
July 10, 2012
A collectors dream come true.
By far my favorite app. Easy to add new comics and sync with your computer. — heffreyalan on CLZ Comics
July 08, 2012
This app has been brilliant for storing my collection. After several doubles I can now access my wish list anytime. Fantastic. — CaptainPeg on CLZ Comics
June 28, 2012
Very good
This app works well with the program. It syncs very simple & it makes keeping track of my comics extremely easy. — Iggoo on CLZ Comics
June 27, 2012
Fantastic app
This app is fantastic. It shows all the comics you have in your collection once you have downloaded the original software on your computer because like it says in the description this is not a standalone app. It's $9.99 for the phone app and 29.95 for the computer software.
But once you get past the fact you had to pay 35-40 bucks for the computer software and the phone app. The software and phone app works like a dream. It is easy to use and organize your comics. It gives you so many different options styles how to display the comics. The developers did a amazing job with this but you do have the rare but occurring where two comics of different numbers have the same picture but the software is still great and the best $9.99 phone app I have purchased.
But remember it is not a stand alone app and the software developers are extremely handy and friendly and more than willing to help you with any type of software problems you have. Just make sure you buy the computer software first and try it out!!! — Fox1776 on CLZ Comics
June 24, 2012
Deze app heeft alles om comics op een goede manier te verzamelen. — Marvel fan99 on CLZ Comics
June 17, 2012
Good app
Easy to use. Works well with comic collector. — Nicholas Kreiner on CLZ Comics
June 13, 2012
Great job guys!!
I only have about half my collection in the Pro version, but couldn't wait any longer...treated myself to an early Father's Day present and got the Android app.
Looks fantastic on my Galaxy tablet...doing my HTC Evo phone now...
Great job guys!! — Roy McClanahan on CLZ Comics
June 13, 2012
A great App indeed, my collection is now with me always. — nenon on CLZ Comics
June 11, 2012
Loving this app!
I use this app all the time to review my comics that I own. This app is a must for any comic book lover! — GL Nick on CLZ Comics
June 10, 2012
Great app!!
Great app. Keeps me from buying duplicates. — greg cecil on CLZ Comics
June 10, 2012
So far it's been a sweet app. I'm rediscovering comics I haven't seen in years! Totally digging it — Gerard Albert on CLZ Comics
May 11, 2012
Excellent addition to the Desktop edition
It is so great to be able to take my collection with (in a virtual manner) and be able to verify what books in my collection I am missing. It is especially nice to have cover images available when running into variant covers.
One difference between this app and the desktop version is that all issues in a Comicbook run that are in your collection, are listed at the top of the entry you are looking at so you have a very simple way to what issues you are missing in that series. Would like to see that in the desktop edition.
Btw, my collection is over 25,000 books large and this app handles it quite quickly! — Comicbook Cur8r on CLZ Comics
May 09, 2012
Great job
This app is great! Went through just over a short box of my spiderman collection in no time at all. Very user friendly and have had no issues locating titles.
Syncing up pc with iPad has helped me out tremendously.
Keep up the great work. — DRT2345 on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2012
Collectors Dream!
This along with suite of apps for collecting are by far the best on the planet!
I love this app and have saved a bunch of money not buying doubles of my collection. Keep up the great work! — atlbrafal on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2012
Title says it all
-Mr K. — Ketchupkyle on CLZ Comics
May 04, 2012
Best app ever!!!
Quick and easy to do, I uploaded over 1000 of my comics in just 5 hours. — Clarkfromkent on CLZ Comics
April 30, 2012
Money well spent
I can take my comic everywhere I go with me now! This app is brilliant.
Thanks alot guys at CLZ! — Mbsheikh on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2012
Great companion app
I love Comics Collector for tracking my collection, and this app allows me to take my comics with me. Especially useful when shopping for comics to fill gaps in your collection. — Kevin Bradley on CLZ Comics
April 18, 2012
I have the desktop version, and this by far is the best software for my comics on the go. — Dpool beast on CLZ Comics
April 07, 2012
New to collecting comics. Great app for keeping track with what I have.. — LudaCris1982 on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2012
Great App
Great functionality, easy to use, followed up with exceptional support. Can't recommend more! — saweez on CLZ Comics
April 01, 2012
Greatest Collection App!!!
I downloaded this app and was blown away. By far one of the best collection tracking apps. Make sure you get the CLZ Barry scanner. — Mexwell75 on CLZ Comics
March 28, 2012
Game Changer
I've been collecting comics for +20 years and currently have > 5,000 in my collection (including 47 years of Batman). This app along with the CollectorZ software is a top highlight of my lifelong hobby!! — Bct21 on CLZ Comics
March 25, 2012
Excellent App!
Easy over-the-air synchronization. Helps avoid purchasing duplicate comics.
Conveniently take your entire collection with you to your favorite comic shop. — SGTech on CLZ Comics
March 24, 2012
Comic collector
Excellent piece of software. I have been collecting comics for over 40 years and currently have over 1,300 in the collection. They have never been collated before I got Comic Collector from CLZ.
Now they are all displayed in their glory with thumbnails of every cover and information on each comic with the ability to control the displayed content. Would give this software a high 5 to all collectors.
I am planning to try out the record collector version as well! — Arboria1 on CLZ Comics
March 22, 2012
Great APP
Awesome app. Very nice to have a record of all my comics on my phone.
Well worth the money spent. — Superbrose 10 on CLZ Comics
March 14, 2012
Great app
I am using this app for my Suske en Wiske collection. Works great when you are on the way. — Gunnercujo on CLZ Comics
March 12, 2012
Great app to help with the desktop program. Paired with "buddy" to use my iPhone to scan in my comics and it's just about perfect. Gets better with each update. — DFNiii on CLZ Comics
March 05, 2012
Handy companion for the desktop app. — Bob Maguire on CLZ Comics
March 03, 2012
Great app!
Makes it really easy when searching for back issues I am missing at stores and conventions. — Daishi00 on CLZ Comics
March 02, 2012
Love this app. — Dan on CLZ Comics
February 29, 2012
Prima app
Stripboek verzameling altijd bij de hand. Meer dan 1,000 stripboeken inclusief kaft in de database staan. Even snel kijken of ik dat specifieke deel al heb, of dat het in mijn wish-list staat. — Wielertaal on CLZ Comics
February 28, 2012
Hi all, I just downloaded Comic Collector for my Android phone. Um...WOW.
I read the info page on your site and it sounded good there, but after I started flipping thru it on the phone...oh MAN.
I am going to a con this weekend and I am more prepared than ever! I could spend hours just looking at the covers...and the ease of reviewing wish list items - nice!
Thanks for a great app! — Glenn Anderson on CLZ Comics
February 10, 2012
Great App
This is a great app and works perfectly. Syncing my computer database to my iPhone so I can take my collection with me is awesome. — Todd Holbrook on CLZ Comics
February 09, 2012
Works exactly as I hoped. No problems even with a large collection! — Gregory White on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2012
Collect comics buy this app Nuff said !! — Xgraham1 on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2012
Tut genau das, was es soll - und sieht super aus!
Nach Jahrzehnten der Suche nach einem richtig guten Comic-Verwaltungsprogramm bin ich vor ca. 6 Jahren bei der PC-Version des Comic Collector hängen geblieben. Seitdem wird die Software stetig weiter entwickelt und ich bin sehr zufrieden.

Doch wäre es nicht cool, auf eine Comic-Börse zu gehen, sein iPad auszupacken und seine Sammlungen direkt einsehen zu können? Ich habe schon mehrfach aus Versehen Doppel eingekauft, weil ich mir nicht sicher war, ob ich das oder jenes Heft schon habe oder nicht. Die Zeiten sind nun mit dieser Software vorbei.

Nun habe ich einen Viewer meiner Sammlung, die ich unproblematisch vom PC via Wifi in ca. 15 Minuten (immerhin 4647 Stück) inkl. Coverbildern und zusätzlichen Informationen zu allen einzelnen Heften auf mein iPad 1 übertragen habe. — Lobo-lives on CLZ Comics

January 30, 2012
Perfect, a list of my comics in my pocket
It's a perfect companion for the desktop app. I am using the app and the windows desktop app for over a year now, and installed the mac version since two days.
Love it! — Johan Vanstraelen on CLZ Comics
January 27, 2012
Great App
This is a terrific app. It syncs beautifully with my laptop and allows me to see my collection when I'm at shows or comic book stores. — ChefChic1 on CLZ Comics
January 26, 2012
Great companion app to my desktop program. — Ernest McDuell on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2012
Indispensable pour les sorties dans les comic shops. — asphyx on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2012
Perfect app for the comic collector. Keep tabs on your collection and never purchase a duplicate by accident.
Perfect team with the software. — Me on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2012
This app is amazing. Once you sync it with the software on your pc you'll never need anything else to keep track of your comics. — Noone69 on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2012
Love it
For so long I used memory on what issues I had or pen and paper.
3 years now of owning and still best app I have. — pacman83 on CLZ Comics
January 14, 2012
After three minutes of using this app with desktop application. Worth it.
Now I can finally easily keep track of my 10,000 comics. Makes my life less hell of making tracking. — blindfotografer on CLZ Comics
January 11, 2012
Love this so when at a comic shop or convention, I check what comics I already have! A++++ — Darkknight on CLZ Comics
January 09, 2012
Awesome program!! On Mac.
Nice app!! On iPhone — Kenwrth on CLZ Comics
January 08, 2012
Worth every penny
Simply the best way to keep your collection and wish list with you, so accessible and easy to use, clear and compact. — twisty2k7 on CLZ Comics
January 01, 2012
Fantastic software. — Sofynou on CLZ Comics