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CLZ Comics reviews

December 30, 2011
A must have!
I use this app everytime I walk into a comic book store.
A must have for any comic book collector! — Ralbensi on CLZ Comics
December 30, 2011
If you are a collector, you need this app and the other services provided from this company. Absolutely fantastic software! — Mike P. in Chicago on CLZ Comics
December 17, 2011
Very cool app!
Great app. Works perfect. Very cool. Very fun. Thanks. — Dominic Tullio on CLZ Comics
December 14, 2011
Must have!
An excellent companion to the desktop version. — Mr. Pineapple on CLZ Comics
November 28, 2011
Great comic collection app
Awesome review. Love having my collection with me all the time.
Means I can buy those comics I'm missing, without fear of doubling up. Just a simple tap and I can check if I have the issue already LOVE IT! — The Big L Redux on CLZ Comics
November 26, 2011
Love this app
Must have for comic nuts everywhere. — Dougvondoom on CLZ Comics
November 26, 2011
Must have
For travel; I must recommend this app as a companion to the desktop program.
I have been using the desktop pogram going on five years and desperately needed an easy way to travel with my info.

I got an iPad today I immediately got this. I don't regret. — Todd Patterson on CLZ Comics

November 18, 2011
Great Addition to Desktop Application
I have a collection of over 10,000 comics. This APP allows me to take that detail list with me when I travel.
I have reviewed many other comic book collection software packages. And this is the only one that offers such a modern and portable solution. The other applications in the market are very behind the curve. — Jcoop16 on CLZ Comics
November 12, 2011
Awesome app, extremely helpful when at the comic shop ;-) A++ — Oracle on CLZ Comics
November 09, 2011
Great app!
Organizes comics really well. Worth the money. — Michael on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2011
Great for tracking wish lists
Having the "want" listing at the top was an unexpected bonus on this update.
Makes the trip to the comic shop much easier, and faster too. — Kevin on CLZ Comics
October 21, 2011
Great app works well and easy to use!!
Used this app for a few years now. It has saved me numerous amounts of money and helped me complete collections very quickly.
Worth every penny!

I use it at comic cons, comic stores, flea markets, online shopping to check which issues I am missing, and to see the cover image of the individual variants I already own. Keeps duplication to a minimum and allows me to see what I am missing at a quick glance.
I currently have around 8,000 issues loaded into this app with another 8,000 - 9,000 to go. Handles them with ease on the phone.

This app is a great addition to using comic collector on a PC!! — Comicfreaks on CLZ Comics

October 18, 2011
5 stars!***** Super fun and easy to use.
I love it! — Kirkois on CLZ Comics
October 15, 2011
Awesome app
This app works exactly as described. The search feature is great!
Since the app updates over Wi-Fi, from my PC, makes it a great tool for filling the holes in my collection while at the comic shop or comic-con.

Keep up the good work. — KEITH NOBLE on CLZ Comics

October 08, 2011
Great for not buying extras. — Felix on CLZ Comics
October 04, 2011
Great for conventions
I've taken this app to a number of conventions and it has saved me from buying books I don't need.
Great app and great company. — WESLEY J SNIDER on CLZ Comics
September 10, 2011
Perfect software!
This app and the software that goes with it is the IDEAL software for comic collectors.
It's so incredibly easy to use, it's accurate, quick and gives me fantastic details about each issue.

I highly recommend that any comic collector pick this up for their collections. You won't be sorry. — Kal_el47 on CLZ Comics

September 07, 2011
CLZ Makes awesome programs
I've been using Comic Collector for YEARS, long before the iPad, and it is still the best on the market. Regular updates, flawless interface, reliable performance. You can't go wrong, even with tens of thousands of comics properly cataloged.
It has been well worth it as I travel and stumble across those hard to find 'hole fillers' in my collection. Amazing online database to save all the manual entry, easy to work with, it's simply the best software of it's kind.

The iPad and iTouch apps are both awesome passive catalogs to have a travel list of your collection on hand at all times. Searchable, quick, and the 'Wish list' feature makes it uber-easy to find the books you are looking for.

Can't recommend it enough. I also use the Book Collector product, and have even given it to friends and family as a gift - it's THAT good!

(and no, I'm in no way affiliated with CLZ other than being a very satisfied customer for years now) — MyBabooshka on CLZ Comics

August 27, 2011
Major collector
Great app for me.
I am an avid comic collector and this helps me when I get behind in organizing all my issues. Easy access to what currently have in my collection and what I don't. — Jeremy Finfrock on CLZ Comics
August 10, 2011
Must have
Have both the iPhone and iPad versions. iPad is great for checking collection at home and for knowing where to find a comic in my collection.
Really good that you can set your own tags and search parameters — Karl Greensides on CLZ Comics
July 21, 2011
Tha best app for those who collect comics.
You can keep your collection all the time by yourself. If you missed an issue, just check your app and see which one you are missing.

A fantastic app for collectors. Perfect and great!!! — georgy247 on CLZ Comics

April 12, 2011
Great add-on
It's a great companion app to the desktop piece. Love having the portability. — Morphling on CLZ Comics
March 28, 2011
Very useful!
This app is very useful in keeping your collection in order when you're at comic shows and conventions. It has a well-done interface and with the IPad's wireless you can make sure that the cover you're looking for is the right one.

The moment I bought the IPad I got this app! — EarthwormGim on CLZ Comics

March 03, 2011
Great way to keep track
Great way to keep track of what you got at the touch of your hand. — John on CLZ Comics
February 15, 2011
Great app
Does what it says it does, easy to use interface.
Must have for Comic Collector Pro and Android users. — Jon on CLZ Comics