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Reviews from customers

April 05, 2024
So easy!
Bought! you guys are awesome. thank you so much for your help...
Now begins the fun of adding my books to the collection. This app and pc version has seriously made my life so much easier! — Karen S. (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
April 04, 2024
I like it very much
Thanks for your kind email, so far so good, I was using before Book Label and I was looking for an app similar. I'm in a baseball-book-group in Facebook and one of our members suggested me your app and I'm trying it and so far I like it very much!!
I bumped into a couple of books from my collection which were not in your database and I found it handy to add them for other users which is a good thing. If there's any problem I'm sure I could count on you to solve it. In the meantime, take good care and keep up the good work!! — Waldo E. (Belgium) on CLZ Books
March 30, 2024
Don't know what I would do with out it
Been using this app for over 10 years. Don't know what I would do with out it. Great app very customizable keeps alot of info. — Mike Mandell on CLZ Books
March 28, 2024
I like this app. It’s simple, but it gets the job done. I love that it allows you to download your list of owned books (in multiple formats) so they can me uploaded to other apps that track reading statistics. There is a subscription option for those who want backup cloud storage too. I had an issue with my cloud account, but when I emailed for support, I was helped immediately. The agent was extremely, kind, helpful, and quick in helping me. — DaniJenkins (USA) on CLZ Books
March 27, 2024
CLZ book app-smart choice
Like hot chocolate on a rainy night. — neuro-mate (USA) on CLZ Books
March 16, 2024
The best cataloguing application
This is the best cataloguing application and the mobile version is a god send with the ability to scan ISBN bar code. — Michael Bartlett (USA) on CLZ Books
March 16, 2024
Incredible app!! I love all CLZ apps. — Jen Simmonds on CLZ Books
March 08, 2024
I love CLZ Books!!!
It’s the best way for me to keep track of all my books. — SAB Eselgroth on CLZ Books
February 26, 2024
Scanning my books
I love this scanning option. I went through 300 books and less than half an hour. — Julio Jimenez on CLZ Books
February 17, 2024
Fantastic app as always by clz team! — Tim Smith on CLZ Books
February 14, 2024
Highly recommended
I'm been using this app for a few years now. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I've been with both it's performance and completeness. If you have books, movies, and music to keep track of I highly recommend this app. — Longhorn on CLZ Books
February 13, 2024
Great at organizing my books! — Ladena Koch on CLZ Books
February 09, 2024
If you collect books, you need this app
It is easy to use, personalise and to tailor to one's requirements. All interactions with the software are simple, efficient and at super-quick speed. Any queries are answered in detail within minutes or hours by the friendly and helpful (human) support team.
This app has been designed by people who know clearly what they are doing, are experts in their field, and who care about how the app responds and delivers. — 39me (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
January 31, 2024
Works awesome! — Geoff King on CLZ Books
January 31, 2024
Very useful
Very useful to have my list with me when browsing in a book store. — Richard King on CLZ Books
January 18, 2024
It's good
Best for what it is. Could use a little more organization/refining for vintage books and different editions of the same book. But I have to update a whole lot less than comparable apps. — Fuz Umthin on CLZ Books
January 12, 2024
As advertised
Thank you for allowing me to spin the pie chart at the bottom of the statistics page - 10/10 app, does as advertised, my only suggestion would be to add a more satisfying beep sound when you scan an isbn:) — Repulsive__ (Australia) on CLZ Books