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E-book Organizer Software - just scan your folders for e-book files

Organizes e-book files automaticallyJust let Book Collector scan your folders for e-book files.
Then retrieve full book details from our Core ... ... including plot summary, cover art, etc...
Over 40 million ISBNs recognizedGuaranteed 97% success rate on your ISBN searches!
For your phone
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • Sync data with the Movie Connect software
For your computer
  • For Windows, macOS, Linux, chromeOS, etc.
  • Use with the free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app
  • Sync data with the CLZ Movies mobile app

Or... use them both, as perfect companions!

Both CLZ Books and Book Connect can be used on their own, as a stand-alone solution. But these tools really come to life when used together, as they are great companions.
While away from your computer use CLZ Books on your phone, then use Book Connect at home, to work on your database on a big screen, with a real keyboard.
Of course, you can sync your database between them through our CLZ Cloud solution.

CLZ Books
1 year
Book Connect
1 year
USD $0.00
USD $0.00
save USD $0.00

Also still available: Book Collector for Windows

Book Collector is our legacy desktop software. Old-skool software that you install on your own computer, with your data stored locally.
Using Book Collector is only recommended for advanced Windows users, who know how to install/update software, manage folder and file permissions, configure firewall/security software, make their own backups, etc...

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Thanks for your kind email, so far so good, I was using before Book Label and I was looking for an app similar. I'm in a baseball-book-group in Facebook and one of our members suggested me your app and I'm trying it and so far I like it very much!!
I bumped into a couple of books from my collection which were not in your database and I found it handy to add them for other users which is a good thing. If there's any problem I'm sure I could count on you to solve it. In the meantime, take good care and keep up the good work!!
— Waldo E. (Belgium) on April 04, 2024

Reviews from customers

October 09, 2021
Excellent program
I realized today that I have been using your Book Collector software for nearly ten years now, since I switched from a physical book collection to ebooks. Simply put, I seriously doubt there is a better program available for managing my ever growing collection. The ease at which books can be added and managed, the efficient manner in which databases can be searched and reviewed, and the overall smoothness of the program in general is what makes it superior. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to another ten years of your excellent program! — Michael Wallen (USA) on Book Collector
June 02, 2021
Great application
Another great application to keep your collections organised and prevent duplication when shopping. Having a large eBook collection that I manage through Calibre its great to be able to import a Calibre export and so have a fully portable view of all of my books with minimum maintenance by myself. I also have the Music Collector software which gives me a similar experience with physical and digital music. — Jason Hilton on CLZ Books
May 27, 2021
A must for prolific readers
Having an awful lot of time for reading over the past year or so, this app helps me to keep track of what I’ve read-especially useful if you’re a kindle reader where you lose track of what you’ve read without a physical cover to refer to! The app works well and so far I have never lost all my data so it must be fairly idiot proof! — Emmabookworm on CLZ Books
May 24, 2021
I’ve been using the CLZ Apps for several years. I started out with the Music Collection but soon after, I got the Books app and the Movies app. I have over 500 books in my collection and most of them added easily with the Author’s name or title. I read almost exclusively nowadays from Kindle, but I added paperback books easily with the scan function. Recently, I have been reading newer works that unknown authors self-publish on Kindle because they are a heck of a lot cheaper than top sellers list books. If they are not in the database, they are fairly easy to add to the collection with book covers and an overview of the book. It’s a great app which I use all the time as I read a couple of books a week. — GoodTimes60 on CLZ Books
May 23, 2021
Great app to track my books
This is a great app for keeping track of your book collection, whatever you have. I have hundreds of books, paperback, hardcover, trade paperback, and hundreds of kindle books. The app is so customizable, and you can search your database in so many ways. By author, genre, publisher, type of book, read or unread. Customer service is great as well. These people really seem to care about you, and help to resolve any problems you may have. And you can keep your collection synced between your iPhone, and iPads. Works great, and it’s well worth the $15 a year they charge. — Thedeebert60 on CLZ Books
November 05, 2020
Keeps getting better
Great app for keeping track of books including ebooks., easy to use and keep track across all devices. This app keeps getting better, regular updates and improvments. — Richard Davies on CLZ Books
November 16, 2019
Awesome App
I been apart of their Facebook group awhile. Great colletors and great app. — p0t4t054ck on CLZ Books
November 05, 2019
CLZ Books
Having taken the time to evaluate this app I can honestly say it is a great way to keep track of your ebooks. Sure it is laborious entering the details if like myself you have thousands of books but believe me it is worth the effort. I love the fact that I can open the book details and see when I purchased it and when I last read it. The support you get is first class, any problems just email and you get a fast response. Highly recommend this app for all bookworms out there like myself. — Kerig Girl on CLZ Books
November 12, 2018
Love this program
I do love this program to keep track of my books. I love reading. This has helped me not buy duplicates (partly why I want kindle books added to my list). Been known to buy a book twice because forgot already purchased it. Lol. Now I can look it up on my phone so I don’t do that. — Sara J (USA) on Book Collector
November 05, 2018
I love this program
I've been using Book Collector for 2 years now and I've finally gotten my ebook inventory completely entered. I know I often contact you with questions, suggestions or bug reports, so I wanted to take the time and let you know how much I love this program. I looked for a long time for a catalog/database program that would let me enter the info I wanted to keep track of. Your software more than fits the bill wonderfully. The fact that I can customize so many fields to match my needs is fantastic. — Brenda Claussen (USA) on Book Collector
November 02, 2018
Awesome program
What can I say? I love my Book Collector. I've so many ebooks and physical books its overwhelming. Before I bought your software, I had double and sometimes triple copies of books I'd already purchased and now, with your software I can stay on target with my books and copies are of the past. I have no funny anecdotes to share but I am very happy with my Book Collector and thankful that you had the foresight to create such an awesome program to make not just mine but other people's collections, be it books, music, games, movies.... such an easy way to keep us organised that we no longer have headaches trying to find what we want to read, watch, listen to or play.
I also am very happy with the prompt responses to any questions I may have. I have you as a friend on Facebook and have not hesitated in asking questions. Your responses have been precise and fast. I like that. It shows you listen to the consumer and do your best to give us what need. Thank you for that.
I also love the app that works wonders when I'm in the bookstore. I can check my collection and add my purchase or just add to the wish list with the bar-code. That is just another part of your Collectorz software that I am happy to have in my devices.
The price for your software is a bonus, it's reasonable and affordable, which keeps me coming back to update. So, again I thank you and although I've done it many times now, I will keep recommending your software to all those I know need it for their own collections. — Angèle Young (Canada) on Book Collector
October 28, 2018
My love with books
What should I tell you about my love with books? It is a very long story.
I am now 62 years old. Born in the old German Democratic Republic as the first son of a teacher of Latin language. My father loved books, and so it was just normal, that I also loved them. In this time and in this country it was usually to read. Everybody read books. Books were cheap, books were all over, and there are libraries. It was easy to read. The GDR was a country of readers. However, it was not so easy to get the right books. That was the other side of the medal. If you like special books, you have to find a way to get it.

In this time, the people in the GDR know the term "Bück-Dich-Ware" ("Stoop-For-Goods”). That means the bookseller had to stoop. Because he had only a few books of a special print, so he had hidden these books under the counter. That is why it was very important to have a good relationship with the seller in the bookshop or at the kiosk. In addition, it was necessary to go every week and visit the shop. May be he has news or (much better) new books. It was not possible to order or to pre-order. You had to be at the right time on the right location and (!) You had to know the right people. In this time I had three special areas, I liked. At first books about railways. These books were extremely rare, very difficult to get. Second was Science fiction or "fantastic" literature, how they named it in the GDR. These books you could get easier. In addition, the third was a difficult thing. A publishing company (that never exists anymore) created a book series named "Kompass". These books were small, very cheap and printed as paperbacks. The subjects were very different. You could find sci-fi, youth literature, world famous books, thrillers and much more. Ten to twelve times a year a new book appear. No one knows on which day. Moreover, what would we get? It was so exciting. These book series was part of my childhood, part of my youth.

The years passed. I got older, I studied, I found my beautiful wife (also loving books). We got two sons. Then came the year 1989. Everything was changing. Not only the big things. No dictatorship of a lonely party anymore. Many possibilities to go on vacation, wherever you want (and could pay). Huge offers of food, dresses, and cars. And now there are books without an end!!!!

Again time passed. I found a good job with a good income. My beloved wife the same, new job, good income. Therefore, we decided to buy a house.

It was not easy in these days, because often the real ownership structure was not clear. However, we did it. It needed a lot of money, mostly credit, and a lot of own manpower and the help of our families. My father in law often told that this house is much too big for us. He did not know our secret idea: We want to have our own library. Not only a shelf or two. No. An own library. An entire room only with books.

And that's what happened. We created our most beloved room, our library. Four walls with shelfs from floor to ceiling. It was one of my most beautiful moments of my life to put in the first books.

Now the shelf are full of books. We have more than 6.000 books all over the house. There is not a room without books. Our children are already grown up, but our books will life with us together until the end. And so I got a new problem. How to find a book? Which shelf? There are too much to remember. Searching Amazon, finding a new book creates the question: Do I own it? Standing in a bookshop, looking at a beautiful book, the same question. Have it or not?

That was the reason why I begun to search a program for managing my books. Since this time, I am using Book Collector. It took a long time to fill the app with my entire book and to scan all covers. But now I not only love my books, I know which books I love. Thank You, Book Collector.

That is my story of books. But please do not misunderstand: I am part of the modern world. We have e-books; we are also using reading flat rates. However, a printed book is a special thing. You can feel it and smell it. Very special. Like magic.

One day I am going to die. I hope I can take a book with me. — Oskar Schoenherr (Germany) on Book Collector

June 26, 2017
Easy to use, syncing works well
An easy to use database for a book collection, which extends to eBooks as well as printed books. Syncing between devices is efficient, and looking up information about books - even old books before the days of ISBN - is fast. The interface is attractive. Where available, the app adds cover images automatically - but this is not always possible with older books. Books can also be added manually. — Michael Cayley on CLZ Books
June 13, 2017
The best catalog app
I have had the desktop version for many years and now the mobile app and I love both. I don't know what I would do without them as I own thousands of books. This to be the best way to catalog them including ebooks. — L.M. W. on CLZ Books
February 24, 2017
Love it
Great app for keeping track of books including ebooks., easy to use and keep track across all devices — Richard Davies on CLZ Books
January 16, 2017
A real time saver
I love your programs (I also have the Music Collector). I have an extensive library of English and German language books. A substantial part of my library is reference material and Book Collector and its search features are a real time saver. I currently employ an IT student for data entry and proof his work on my iPad. The next step for myself will be entering all my eBooks. I use the iPad for my own data entry. Works great! — Irene Hahn (USA) on Book Collector
October 31, 2016
Amazingly easy
After spending all weekend shelving & organizing my hardcover & softcover fiction, Spanish books, & poetry a Facebook friend recommended I check out this app. WOW! It will allow me to catalog my thousands of books. Once it is set up it's as easy as scanning the bar code & tapping a couple buttons. Then it sinks with site in the cloud. LOVE IT! — booksbooks on CLZ Books
October 21, 2016
Book collector
A very good tool to keep a list of books plus e-books. — Alan Hamblin on CLZ Books
May 29, 2016
Great Set of Apps
Easy to track books, and in my case, avoid buying books previously read. By selecting 'Not in Collection', I can track books/ebooks borrowed from different libraries. Easy search function and same touch and feel as other CLZ apps which reduces learning curve though this app is pretty intuitive. Support is timely and spot on. I volunteer at my local library and recommend this app on a regular basis. Well worth the cost. — Bob in Poway on CLZ Books
May 09, 2016
Eindelijk overzicht van mijn boekverzameling
Prima app waarmee je supersnel via scannen van het ISBN nummer overzicht hebt over je boeken. Heb ook mijn ebooks erin gezet. Is heel fijn dat ik daardoor van die boeken ook een korte beschrijving van het verhaal heb. — F. Raesen on CLZ Books
April 05, 2016
Great app for keeping track of books including ebooks. — Richard Davies on CLZ Books
April 01, 2016
Easy to use and syncs well
Keep a handle on endlessly multiplying ebooks. — John McNamara on CLZ Books
March 31, 2016
Saved the day
My wife and I are Seniors and use your Book Collector all the time. We read e-books and have over 800 in our library.
As Seniors, we had a hard time remembering which books we have read and many times we would download a book and get half way through it and then realize we had already read that book.
Then we FOUND BOOK COLLECTOR and it sure saved the day, week and year... We have it on our tablets and desktop computers so everything always stays up to date.
Thank you very much. — Bob and Nancy (USA) on Book Collector
February 18, 2016
I use this all of the time
I currently only use this for books that I have or read. For a while I keep track with paper and digital notes. But still a lot of typing. This app allows you to scan or enter ISBN number and save all the information quickly. Now when looking at books (hard cover or ebooks) I quickly know if I have it or already have read it. I am sure this app could be used for any collection.???? — the great Nerd on CLZ Books
February 12, 2016
Very useful
I use this app as an adjunct to the Mac version. It does everything promised, and does it quickly and well. Having my library database with me helps with buying (avoiding duplicate purchases). I also keep track of my ebooks; with Kindle, iBooks, and books I've scanned and have on my home server, it can be hard to remember where a particular ebook is...the Location field in CLZ Books takes care of that. I do wish there was a one-click way to get to the ebook, as there is in the desktop version. I would also like to see some of the other features of the desktop version here: user-defined fields and contents, to be specific. — Meerkatdon on CLZ Books
January 15, 2014
CLZ Books
The mobile app accesory to Collectorz excellent book organizing database system. Tracks your Ebooks, too. Collectorz offers a complete suite of custom databases to help you organize your life. They are constantly improving their product and offer customer service and support that many other companies can only dream of. You may be able to find cheaper or even free aps that claim to do much of what Collectorz offers, but you won't find better value anywhere. — Brian J Munro on CLZ Books
August 19, 2013
Ik vond Book Collector via een forum topic op het internet. Iemand postte dat hij het programma gevonden had en de probeerversie ging uitproberen. Ik deed dit ook en snel daarna kocht ik het programma. Het is erg goed! Het biedt uitgebreide mogelijkheden en details van alle boeken. De database kent er een hoop! Ik lees vooral in het Engels, maar ook mijn Nederlandse boeken staan er meestal in. Zo niet, dan kun je veel informatie toch zelf invullen en het eventueel uploaden naar de database. Je kunt je eigen voorkant kiezen n.a.v. een zoektocht op het internet. Dit doet het programma voor je, en meestal staat die van mij er bij (als het in het begin al niet goed was, meestal is het al prima). Het programma kan zelfs je ebooks scannen en deze er op die manier in zetten. Ik gebruik een Kindle (naast mijn 'echte' boeken) en het vindt deze bestanden op de computer.

Je kunt boeken ook een 'rating' meegeven, een cijfer van 0 tot 10, gebaseerd op hoe leuk je het boek vond. Je kunt invullen waar en wanneer je het gekocht hebt en voor hoeveel. Er zijn een heleboel dingen die je kunt invullen. Je kunt je boeken ook sorteren op deze dingen, zoals bijvoorbeeld per jaartal of alle boeken laten zien die je in een bepaalde winkel gekocht hebt (je kunt de getallen hiervan zien bij de statistieken). Je kan je boeken synchroniseren met het internet, en zo dus ook op een andere computer je boeken zien (mits het programma geïnstalleerd is).

Ik gebruik ook CLZ Barry voor het scannen van barcodes van boeken (die het programma daarna importeert) en ook CLZ books, zodat ik mijn boeken op mijn telefoon kan zien, wanneer ik bijvoorbeeld in een boekenwinkel ben en ik wil kijken of ik een bepaald boek al heb of niet. Erg leuk vind ik de statistieken die Book Collector biedt, bijvoorbeeld over welk land de auteurs van mijn boeken vandaan komen (dit moet dan wel ingevuld zijn, uiteraard), hoeveel van welk genre ik heb, welk jaartal, enzovoort.
Het programma is geweldig en ik raad het iedereen aan die van boeken houd en zijn/haar collectie wil bijhouden! Overigens gebruik ik ook andere programma's van Collectorz en ook deze zou ik aanraden. Ik gebruik Book Collector echter het meest (want ik houd het meest van lezen). — Gaia Steinbuch (Netherlands) on Book Collector

August 17, 2013
De mogelijkheden zijn legio
Ik heb via de Appstore Collectorz.music, books en movie aangeschaft op mijn ipad. Ik gebruik ook al jaren Collectorz.music op mijn vaste computer. De muziek heb ik gesynchroniseerd met de ipad versie. Ik ben er zeer tevreden over. Het is volgens mij de meest professionele en visueel meest aantrekkelijke manier om muziek, boeken, films etc. te archiveren. Het ziet er werkelijk fantastisch uit en de mogelijkheden zijn legio.
Ik heb enkele duizenden cd's, boeken en films ingevoerd en bewerkt. Je kunt zoeken op artiest, auteur, genre, jaartal, wel of niet gelezen/gezien etc. Vooral handig als je naast boeken ook ebooks hebt. Ik liep laatst met mijn ipad in de aanslag over een boekenbeurs in Maastricht. Ik kon in mijn Collectorz.books meteen opzoeken welke ik nog wilde aanschaffen, welke ik alleen als ebook had enz. Ik kon zelfs mijn ingevoerde recensies uit de VN thrillergids en Crimezone er op naslaan!
Nogmaals veel lof. — Hub Urlings (Netherlands) on Book Collector
February 08, 2013
A great app for keeping track of books!
I love how the app works. I am using it for regular books, audiobooks, and ebooks.
It's easy to add new books to your collection simply by scanning the barcode on the book or entering it's ISBN number. There is a ton of data that the app gets for the books you add, so you don't have to put the info in. — VesperDEM on CLZ Books
January 28, 2013
Tickeled Pink
I bought my wife Book Collector Pro, since she was becoming 'very' interested in the eBooks. From the beginning, she had no way of keeping track the hundreds of e-books she had collected. The problem only got worse as her collection increased in size.
So, being the shiny knight in armor, I introduced her to Book Collector.

I have to say, for the relatively low cost of Book Collector Pro, I have scored a 'lot' of points with my wife. As you probably already figured out, I'm scoring 'more' points every time she uses Book Collector Pro.;) — Bob Sintzel (Canada) on Book Collector

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