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CLZ Books reviews

December 23, 2022
Das Tool für meine Bücher! — Herbert Wernig on CLZ Books
December 22, 2022
This app is great! Love the fact that my books are sync to the cloud. — Cynthia on CLZ Books
December 22, 2022
No more doubles
Totally replaced my excel sheet and has saved me from double orders. — Aimee McLean on CLZ Books
December 22, 2022
Works like a charm
4500 books and growing my inventory. Works like a charm, easy to use. Almost 2 years later, still very satisfied with Book Collector. Now managing over 25,000 books via using both desktop and Android versions. Work well together, application is updated regularly. Support is great, have issues? They will respond pretty quickly and help you with the problem. Staff responds well to suggestions and questions and have helped me quite often.
Here it is 2022 now inventory over 50,000 books. Love it! — A Google user (USA) on CLZ Books
December 20, 2022
Very handy, not sure I need all the detail you can get into, with it, but it has so many layers it does not matter — Mark Richards on CLZ Books
November 23, 2022
Absolute must
For a book addict, an absolute must. — RKay Kitchens on CLZ Books
November 17, 2022
The best
Best Book collection App ever. — Quan Cheaves on CLZ Books
November 09, 2022
Useful app
Really useful when I'm in a book shop and need to recall if which books in the series I'm missing. — Tasneem Perry on CLZ Books
October 30, 2022
The Best
The best such app I’ve found and I’ve tried many. The customer service is top notch and responds quickly. The upgrades are regular and useful. The customizations are tremendously helpful. Love this suite of apps! — teknopasto (USA) on CLZ Books
October 26, 2022
Does the job
I’ve tried a few cataloguing apps and this combines the best of all of them. Very customisable with fast scanning via your phone’s camera.
When contacted the customer support is super fast and personal. — psmorrison (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
October 25, 2022
Great program and service
I was using this app to catalog the 4000 books in my collection. After about 1000 bucks I upgraded to an iPhone 14. It turns out that the camera on the iPhone 14 will not properly scan the barcode. I contacted the developer and they immediately got back to me. They kept me informed of the progress of the upgrade. They have subsequently fixed the problem and the app works fine now.
The app itself is particularly useful if you have books published after 1967 - you can just scan the ISBN code. You have to manually enter the name of pre-ISBN books, but usually the database that the app is connected to will have some of the information. You can then incorporate that information into your collection database. — collector of books (USA) on CLZ Books
October 14, 2022
This is a really cool app, love the statistics feature! — PL Jarious on CLZ Books
October 13, 2022
ISBN code scanning works nicely, very helpful. — 34zwecke (Germany) on CLZ Books
September 21, 2022
Very happy with this app
I love this app. I have a ton of books now at my fingertips. I don't have to spend hours looking to see if I have a certain book. It works everyone I go to use it. — Kim Goodwin on CLZ Books
September 18, 2022
You guys are the greatest...
I am able to go into any book store and insure I don't buy it a book twice. I am a collector only no resale so it makes my shopping easier.
You guys are the greatest... — Richard Huber (USA) on Book Collector
September 16, 2022
Excellent app
Incredible functionality. — Jackie Reeve on CLZ Books
September 13, 2022
By far the best
This is by far the best software out there. — peyton sanders on CLZ Books
September 11, 2022
Perfeito para organizar a biblioteca. — Ricardo Machado on CLZ Books
September 10, 2022
It is fun to catalogue your books. And CLZ is easy and convenient. — Luana Chilelli on CLZ Books
August 17, 2022
Great app, great team!
I have been using this app for at least four years. The use is intuitive, the acquisition system is quick and the database is extremely well-stocked. The cards have an incredible variety of data with high customization. Furthermore, the support in case of need has always been fast and decisive. I highly recommend it for those who want to keep their library in order. — MattiaLusetti8519 (Italy) on CLZ Books
August 11, 2022
I love the program
Actually I am not new to CLZ. Several years ago I had purchased your software for my desktop computer and listed over 700 books I had. I love the program. I since have had several newer computers moved a few times. Donated many books thru the moves and lost my original program on my desktops/laptops.
I was so excited to see you offer an app I can use on my iPhone and reorganize the books I have left which are packed away in boxes currently. So to answer your question I love your app and am excited to get organized once again. — Norma (USA) on CLZ Books
August 03, 2022
Muito contente
Estou muito contente com a aplicação. — Palmira Gonçalves on CLZ Books
August 01, 2022
Really useful product for the price. — Sarah Snoddy on CLZ Books
July 30, 2022
Your library in your pocket
User friendly app to keep track of books, music, and more. Know what's in your media library and avoid duplicate purchases. You can even create a wish list for items to add to your library. Works on a desktop computer as well as a smart phone. — CB Youngblood on CLZ Books
July 21, 2022
Loving it!
New user but so far loving it! — Paul on CLZ Books
July 18, 2022
Handy app
Works as described. Handy for someone who owns many books, — tom baron on CLZ Books
July 17, 2022
Keep track of my books
I use this app to keep track of books I own and read. It is fantastic. — Angela castleberry on CLZ Books
July 17, 2022
Fantastic App!
The app has been fantastic! As my collection grows it’s hard to remember exactly what titles are in it sometimes, your app fixes that issue for me! — sjruss86 (Canada) on CLZ Books
July 17, 2022
Brilliant app!
I've tried several alternatives, but none of them compare to the CLZ Books app. I also use the CLZ DVD catalogue app, which is equally brilliant. They're easy to use, intuitive and have a cloud backup system that's very reassure. Thank you. — Somayeh Moballeghi on CLZ Books
July 14, 2022
Fantastic app!!!
Finally my books are organized. — geoff smith on CLZ Books
July 13, 2022
Love it!
4500 books and growing my inventory. Works like a charm, easy to use. Almost 2 yeard later, still very satiafied with Book Collector. Now managing over 25,000 books via using both desktop and Android versions. Work well together, application is updated regularly. Support is great, have issues? They will respond pretty quickly and help you with the problem. Staff responds well to suggestions and questions and have helped me quite often. Here it is 2022 now inventory over 50,000 books. — A Google user on CLZ Books
July 09, 2022
Keep track of our extensive library
Best app we have found to keep track of our extensive library. Love that you can make personal notes as well. — Marie Culp on CLZ Books
June 17, 2022
Keeps me sane
I have had this app since 2018. This is the one app that has kept me sane. It does everything I need around books. All the memory is stored on the app so I do not have to worry about memory space. I have almost 800 books and this app has made it easier for me to know what I have, keep track of where the book is ( I am able to include notes on a book if I have to lend it out to friends or family) and adding new books is easy. I highly recommend this app to anyone who has or is planning to build their home library. — Quaydiquay (Canada) on CLZ Books
June 10, 2022
Love the CLZ series of apps
I use this one for my books and the CLZ Games for my modern & retro games. I am happy to pay for premium of both just because the price is so reasonable and the apps are so good. Being able to add items by scanning the barcode with the camera on your phone is just awesome. Love it. — Shane Hurley (Ireland) on CLZ Books
June 01, 2022
My book collection
This is a great app for keeping track of my book collection. — Michael Ryan on CLZ Books
May 24, 2022
Couldn’t Live Without
I’ve used CLZ for years and totally depend on it to maintain my over 2,200 book list. Originally I imported my, considerably smaller list, from another book collector app and found that CLZ far surpassed the other app. The many available fields make it easy to track whatever is important to you. Anytime I’ve had a question support has replied to my query quickly. Support is absolutely awesome. — GrandPuppy4 (USA) on CLZ Books
May 23, 2022
Great organizer
Great app. Easy to use. Great organizer for all of your books. Excellent customer service. — Jose Murillo on CLZ Books
May 22, 2022
Perfect to keep track of everything
Downloaded the trial and started adding books, upgraded to yearly subscription within 1/2 hour! Most of my library is packed away for a bigger house so this app is perfect to keep track of everything I have and don't have as I keep going with my collection. The book Nerd and organiser in me LOVES this app! — Lozzerella (USA) on CLZ Books
May 18, 2022
Love it
So easy to use! So great to finally be able to catalog our library..and find when we have more than one copy of something! — Mary Priestley-Fine on CLZ Books
May 18, 2022
Easy to use
Great way to keep track of my books. — Ari Fisher on CLZ Books
May 15, 2022
Convenient, easy to use, effective, displays entries in an easy-to-find manner, looks good, well supported. What more can you want — David South on CLZ Books
May 11, 2022
This App is amazing!!! Finally an easy way to list my scores of books! — Ria&ily (USA) on CLZ Books
May 10, 2022
The best book app
Best book catalogue ap ever So easy to keep track of my books. — jewel port on CLZ Books
May 06, 2022
Keep up the good work guys!
This app takes a bit if getting used to at first, but the catalogue is extensive, and most bar codes and isbn numbers can be used to autofill a good chuck of a collection. — JazzTripp on CLZ Books
May 01, 2022
Was hesistant due to cost, totally worth it
Very impressive database. It's been able to recognize various pre barcode books with no problem based on isbn. — TheWillypedersen on CLZ Books
April 28, 2022
Adding books is a breeze
Great app! Easy to use, clearly and cleanly laid out. Adding books is a breeze - just scan the barcode. I really like that my collection information syncs with and is backed up in the cloud. Customer service, on the rare occasions it is needed, is just excellent - I had a question to which the response was (1) polite, (2) really fast, and (3) really well and clearly explained. I am very, very pleased with this app and company. — Sean Alexander on CLZ Books
April 18, 2022
Excellent App
We have a large collection of books. This app allows us to catalogue our collection and in doing so provides a real time view of books on hand. It also serves as a valuable resource to provide guidance for insurance coverage and the family with what is available to be borrowed. — greenwom02 (Australia) on CLZ Books
April 17, 2022
Simple and easy
I had another app that I was using to store my collections of books that I own to help me remember but it never added titles and that app disappeared from the App Store. I like this app because I get to just scan my books into it and it sorts it out in order for me and I don’t have to put any guesses whether I own a book or not when I’m out or online shopping I just check this app. Also way cheaper then other organizations apps. — Hhggttddkkffttbh (New Zealand) on CLZ Books
April 17, 2022
Great app
Great software for organizing your books! — A Google user on CLZ Books
April 10, 2022
I'm so glad I found CLZ Books!
This is a brand new app for me and I am loving it! Tech support is amazing. I'm not very tech savvy so I did need their help. — Grace Flynn on CLZ Books
April 04, 2022
Good app
Just started using it. So far so good. — kim beydoun on CLZ Books
March 31, 2022
Lo recomiendo
Aplicación muy buena. Además puedo añadir ahora que su servicio de ayuda es muy rápido, muy amable y muy eficaz. — José Ignacio Bulnes on CLZ Books
March 29, 2022
Excelente aplicación para catalogar tu colección de libros
Excelente aplicación para catalogar tu colección de libros. Valoro el hecho de que permita exportar e importar los datos (otras aplicaciones similares no lo permiten) y de esta manera poder utilizarlos a tu conveniencia. Excelente servicio de atención al cliente que supongo debe funcionar las 24 horas del día, pues me contestaron una duda por correo al poco rato y era en domingo. La búsqueda de los libros mediante escaneo de código de barras funciona muy bien. El único inconveniente, hasta ahora, es el precio. Funciona por suscripción mensual o anual y yo preferiría un pago único, aunque habrá que ver si las actualizaciones periódicas que prometen justifican ese sistema de negocio.
De momento, muy satisfecho. — David Laskowitz (Spain) on CLZ Books
March 23, 2022
CLZ book app
This app lets you do it all, great organizational tool. So simple to add books and put in custom terms for your own reference. As important the service is great, any questions they are right back to you with a solution. — Books II (USA) on CLZ Books
March 19, 2022
Keep track the books I've read
Since I read a lot, I really wanted a way to keep track the books I've read, author, plot, etc. After trying a few apps out, I stumbled upon CLZ Books and I love this app. It does just what I was looking for and more. When I ran into a small glitch, the creators were very responsive and worked with me until it was fixed. — Jill Hafliger on CLZ Books
March 19, 2022
100% Worth the money
A great app! I had been looking for a book cataloging app and the ones I had seen were fine. I was hesitant to purchase this app when I came across it, thinking that maybe paying $20+ wouldn't be necessary just to have a list of books on my phone, but as I played around with the free version, it really was what I was looking for. I bought this one and the CLZ Movies and I never regretted it! It was 100% worth the money. The customer service is also excellent. They're very courteous and helpful. — A Google user on CLZ Books
March 16, 2022
Excellent tool
An excellent tool to keep track of, and categorize my large collection. — Josh Koehn on CLZ Books
March 15, 2022
Brilliant app
Your app really is brilliant. Responsive, super-quick, SO well designed and satisfying to use. Thank you and all your team for designing and maintaining something so outstandingly good. — Lyn (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
March 15, 2022
Love this app
No more buying a book only to find I already have a copy. I can keep my series together, and fill in missing books. — Tonya Zackus on CLZ Books
March 13, 2022
Great tool
I just downloaded it today and I already love it. Best book cataloguing app I've found. Gives you lots of customization abilities. — JD Hendricks on CLZ Books
February 25, 2022
Will never let you down
Perfect fulfilment of all the promised services. Indispensabile for medium to large libraries. — Paolo Volpara on CLZ Books
February 25, 2022
This is an excellent way to organize, store and access info about your books. Really recommend it. — Ydoom1234 (USA) on CLZ Books
February 21, 2022
CLZ Books
This app is simply brilliant! Very easy to use, intuitive and exceptionally well-designed. Surpasses all my expectations and is excellent value for money. Any queries I have had have been responded to within hours with comprehensive, simple and concise answers or solutions. — 39.+++.me (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
February 20, 2022
Top Notch App!
The CLZ Book app is the best app available for keeping track of your book collection. I use this app a lot when I go to Barnes & Noble. I can’t always remember if I have already purchased a book, so I open the CLZ Book app and check my collection. It has saved me several times from making duplicate purchases.
I look through my collection a lot and it is just a great source of reference! — LGCTR (USA) on CLZ Books
February 18, 2022
Pleased with this program
I'm very pleased with this program. A few more fields than I need but operates smoothly. Customer response was fast and helpful when I encountered a transition problem in moving to a new tablet.
Highly recommend this app if you have lots of books. — Eric Singleton on CLZ Books
February 15, 2022
Love this app
Our books had been stored for eleven years until we bought our home and have recently been put in our library downstairs. This really helped us to record which books and series we owned. It saved me from buying double books, as I've done in the past. — Bernadene Whitten on CLZ Books
February 08, 2022
Awesome app
This app is awesome, love being able to have all my books listed in one place. Adding them in is super easy to do and there are a lot of nice additional features (cloud syncing, multiple "shelves," etc). I think this is well worth the cost! Support also responds very quickly! — Erica McCready on CLZ Books
February 05, 2022
The best
I've been using this app for years and it is the best app for its purpose. — Rafael Denaldi on CLZ Books
January 31, 2022
Been using CLZ for years
Been using CLZ for years, and like the way it has continued to evolve. Excellent quick timely and usefulresponsive service when I've had a user issue. Tons of communication re: upcoming developments. Most of all, a great way of tracking, sharing and working with a personal book collection. What not to like? — Anthony Kasozi on CLZ Books
January 30, 2022
Easy to use
Very easy to use. No problems at all. — Michael Desjardins on CLZ Books
January 27, 2022
Great App Organizer
I am an avid reader and collector. I never thought to have a catalog system for my books. After using this app to get an idea of my library, I found that I purchased several books twice. Donated those to the local library. — Sherlocked61 (USA) on CLZ Books
January 27, 2022
I love this app. Every update is a huge improvement. The admin team are incredible responsive and frequently ask what extras you would like. This latest one (configurable pre-filled list) is brilliant. — Mortimermousemax (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
January 23, 2022
Fast and easy
Fast and easy, I'll have my books done fast! — Wendy Clough on CLZ Books
January 18, 2022
This is your sign
If you're reading reviews to help you decide if you should splurge on the subscription - this is your sign - you absolutely should. Estimate how much time it would take you to manually catalogue your books & subtract the time it takes to just scan the barcodes of all your books. Multiple the remaining time by minimum wage (or your actual hourly rate). Is it more than $1.49/month in time saved? Do it. — Claire B on CLZ Books
January 17, 2022
Good app
Nerding out at home. Having some trouble with my older books not matching up with anything in the database, but it's good. I love having things stored in my phone. So much better than my book of lists. — Shannon Peacor on CLZ Books
January 12, 2022
New user happy
Just started using this app and the mixture of simplicity and complexity raises it above the competition. Now got to scan about 1000 more books! — DG_London (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
January 08, 2022
Great range of features and tools
I've been using this app (and its Windows version) for a number of years and have found it excellent with a great range of features and tools. Adding books to the database is very easy either by manual entry or by scanning the barcode. Updates and improvements come through regularly at no additional cost. Customer service and help are also very good and very prompt. I highly recommend it. — Geoff Norridge (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
January 04, 2022
Easy to use
Does what it says it will do and does it very well, a rare thing these days. — gac 2483 on CLZ Books
January 03, 2022
Great tool for your library
Just started with the app. Very user friendly and gives you clear overview of your book library in various views, along with some other characteristics of each of your books. — Ad Kolsters on CLZ Books