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CLZ Books reviews

December 29, 2017
A winner
Ease of use and cloud facility make this app a winner. — Steve Cranley on CLZ Books
December 27, 2017
La sto usando da pochi giorni ma sto maneggiando un grande data base dell'altra app che mi ha abbandonato, e, per il momento va bene. Sono prudente dato l'esperienza con l'altro, ma per adesso solo complimenti. Bella anche graficamente. — Rita kl on CLZ Books
December 11, 2017
Easy to use
A fine tool for a book-loving organizer. — Susan Fockler on CLZ Books
December 05, 2017
Sweet app
Cataloging my over 1000 books Time Life Library...Lifesaving! — Terry Breen on CLZ Books
December 03, 2017
Great app
Serves the purpose nicely. — Lloyd Butt on CLZ Books
November 30, 2017
CLZ app
Outstanding. — Peter Bronson on CLZ Books
November 26, 2017
Just loving this app. I'll know where every book is. There's just so many good things to say about. — Mark Burwell on CLZ Books
November 25, 2017
The best book db app
The best ipad app for creating your book database with a big difference. — oxidodenaveespacial on CLZ Books
November 20, 2017
I am enjoying it a lot. — Krystal Lambert on CLZ Books
November 19, 2017
Love this app...
The paid version has unlimited amounts of books with an area for notes. Had to change phones and was very easy to upload my books to new phone with no information lost. — David Watkins on CLZ Books
November 18, 2017
The best app
The best app for keeping a database of books. Bought it after Bibliophilia closed down. Imported data seamlessly. Synchs easily with the cloud. — Dermot Luddy on CLZ Books
November 16, 2017
Easy to use
I love it...and it's easy to use. — Jeff Bezdicek on CLZ Books
November 13, 2017
Wonderful App
This is a great app. I’ve used it for several years to keep track of books I’ve read. Since I’ve read over 900 books it’s important to me to be able to see which books I’ve already read. I’ve had absolutely no problem with this app. My list syncs perfectly between my iPad and android phone allowing me to review my books on either device. — GrandPuppy4 on CLZ Books
November 11, 2017
So simple
I cannot believe how simple yet so good this app is. — Ianaldrich on CLZ Books
November 09, 2017
Wonderful app that at last enables me to catalogue my many books, sort them into a sensible order and eliminate the duplicates. Recommended. — Iain Reid on CLZ Books
November 04, 2017
So professional
This is the first app for cataloging books that is so professional and easy to use I give it 5 stars. — Robin Shertzer on CLZ Books
November 02, 2017
Application très pratique pour gérer sa bibliothèque et éviter ainsi d’acheter les livres en double. — SLM89310 on CLZ Books
October 30, 2017
Great app
Your reporting and printing functions and features are beautifully designed. So utterly intuitive and written by someone with lots of experience technically and with practical user experience and knowledge too. Certainly a great combination!
I am looking forward to showing and getting others interested in your application.
Intelligent work! Thank you! — Stacy on CLZ Books
October 28, 2017
Easy to use
Works really well on my Nexus 6 and easy to use. — Ross Henderson on CLZ Books
October 28, 2017
CLZ Books
Meilleure appli pour bibliothèque. — Claudio Scubla on CLZ Books
October 27, 2017
Love it!
I have been using CLZ Books for several years now, and I love it! Thanks for all the work you have put into the product. — Steven Parker on CLZ Books
October 26, 2017
Handy and easy
A perfect tool to have oversight of my many books; especially while I have both printed, e- and audiobooks. — Vanudele on CLZ Books
October 24, 2017
A Very Good App!
An absolute 5 stars!!!!! Frankly this is a very good app for me because I’m a heavy reader and I use the app to put all my books info like price of the book, where I bought it and when did I read it etc....It’s very easy to use. It allows me to enter the info either manually or by scanning, it has a huge database of books (have to be online to get access). For those books I can't find it allows me to add to the database. If you are a book collector or if you are a reader just can't help writing down some notes for the book you've read (like me) then this is the app for you! I highly recommend it. Keep up the good works!! — Scherzo232 on CLZ Books
October 21, 2017
Fantastic . Very helpful support team. — Veena Kabra on CLZ Books
October 20, 2017
The best cloud database I’ve found!
For years I’ve tried several systems to manage my book collection database. I’ve created Excel & Access spreadsheets & databases nothing seem to fit the bill. Spreadsheets although functional lack of visual component that is important to manage your collection. Collectorz is the best app which allows me to store my database in the cloud and access it from all my devices! — applenicolo on CLZ Books
October 18, 2017
Finally, a decent book logging app. Fast barcode reader. — Peter Mavromates on CLZ Books
October 11, 2017
Wonderful!!! All my books are now in my CLZ app!!! Alwin, I cannot thank you enough. I am so grateful for all your help, all your patience. I could not have done this correctly without you. You made it so easy. You are a book angel! You and CLZ gave me the tools and the aid to accomplish that rescue mission. I am so happy. I will sing praises of CLZ to all my bookish friends!
It is poetry in motion! All my titles are tumbling down into my app! Marvelous! It took me weeks to enter all these books last year. I LOVE CLZ! — Mary Erler on CLZ Books
October 10, 2017
CLZ Books
Superb software, easy to set up and ISBN scanning via camera makes it so easy to enter my books. Wish I had found it ealier. — sgur alisdair on CLZ Books
September 27, 2017
The barcode scanner is excellent
The perfect companion to the main PC version. The ability to add books direct from the app using the barcode scanner is excellent. I've been using the Collectorz apps for years and will continue to do so. — Andy Turner on CLZ Books
September 27, 2017
Keep track of my books
This app let's me keep track of books better than any other app or software that I know of. — Wyatt Kiefling on CLZ Books
September 24, 2017
Love it
So far I love it but I have only been using it for a few hours. — Rachel Adams on CLZ Books
September 18, 2017
No more duplicates
Actually saved me money by letting me know what I already have. — James Sparkman on CLZ Books
September 15, 2017
Definitely The Best
I've used for a number of years, both the iOS and Windows versions. I can't imagine using or needing any other. I use Clz Books daily. Movies, Music and Games less frequently. Rarely do I come across a book not in their database. Then, only older and usually only in a specialized subject. — Garyv40 on CLZ Books
September 13, 2017
Like it
I really like this app a lot. — Daniel Dowdle on CLZ Books
September 11, 2017
Best app of its kind
Very nice app, one of the best in the field. Like the syncing option, so I can use it on several devices, even cross OS! — A Google user on CLZ Books
September 09, 2017
Great app
The works Buy it. — Drklaasen on CLZ Books
September 08, 2017
Great database lookup
Great database lookup and super entering when bar codes are read. — Gregory Rowe on CLZ Books
September 06, 2017
Very helpful
So far this application very helpful for my personal library, hope I can use for my church library. — Darius Mangamba on CLZ Books
September 06, 2017
I Can't Imagine Better
This app is a robust, easy to use, companion to the desktop version of this book cataloging database. The support is excellent. Moreover, the communications with the firm's leadership are friendly, evidencing that the entire team likes what they are doing. — Bernie of Ohio on CLZ Books
September 05, 2017
Lots of Books
I am an avid reader (A ok a week)?and this app really helps me keep a record of what I have already read and add to be read to my wish list. — Rethgualsthefirst on CLZ Books
September 02, 2017
Great system
One of the best cataloguing system. — Vicente Jorge Arboleya Comas on CLZ Books
September 01, 2017
Prático e eficiente
Ótima forma de acessar seu acervo de livros. Busca em bases on-line e leitura de código de barras facilita muito o cadastro. — Silvio.de.Paula on CLZ Books
August 28, 2017
Thanks For Adding AutoCorrect Options In The New Update
This app just gets better and better. Thanks so much for adding the new auto correct options that were added in the latest update. This is a game changer for me because I keep so many book notes. Now it is so much faster to type notes and to add more plot summaries and etc. to my entries. Hopefully you will add this update to other CLZ apps such as comic CLZ and Movie CLZ because I keep many notes in those programs too.
I highly recommend this app to anyone who is a big collector. It is probably the best out there. It's definitely the best one that I have seen so far and I've tried a few. The staff in customer support is also very friendly and always working to improve services. — RonP1979 on CLZ Books
August 21, 2017
Love it
The best program for those with big book collections. — Andrea Hoo Chempinski on CLZ Books
August 20, 2017
Really handy
Best cataloging app I've used so far. — Matthew Baker on CLZ Books
August 19, 2017
Great app
Great app for keeping track of my book collection. — David Rose on CLZ Books
August 19, 2017
Been using it for 4 years and is lovely
Like some people here I had problems with the 100 limit. Please do a little work before you start putting down this app. I went to the developer website and email them. Because of the many changes things like connectivities to my App has gone a bit south. You don't have to buy it again!! Just email them and they will take care of you. I had to do a screen shot of my purchase and send it to them. My APP was working within minutes. I bought my APP 4 years ago and I had never have to buy it again. They will help you. Try them. : ) — Makora One on CLZ Books
August 16, 2017
It does exactly what I need with no fuss! — A Google user on CLZ Books
August 13, 2017
Great app
Good so far. — A Google user on CLZ Books
August 12, 2017
CLZ Books
Beats doing dewey decimal by hand. — Ted Swanson on CLZ Books
August 05, 2017
I am having fun using the scan feature. It took a little practice but after about 10 books I feel like a pro. My book sale purchases will be loaded in no time. Except for those pre-ISBN books of course. Although they are pretty easy too. — A Google user on CLZ Books
August 04, 2017
What I have and want all in one
I'm a preschool teacher and I love having a way to see what I have in stock and what I might need to purchase at my finger tips! — Kevin Dorsey on CLZ Books
August 03, 2017
Worth it
I got this app...Love it l don't know if you have a lot of books but assuming....its a great way to log homeschool books and search later and just all around good app. 14 bucks but worth it I think. — Pati Sigman on CLZ Books
August 02, 2017
So far this app is great. Enjoying it. — A Google user on CLZ Books
July 23, 2017
Good app
Good App for books arrangement. — Ganapathi Subramanian on CLZ Books
July 18, 2017
Love it
Best app of this kind I could find. — Debora Haws on CLZ Books
July 18, 2017
Neat little app!
I wish the app had one function of allowing you to check a book in and out to a person. My nieces love books but forget to return them. But over all the app is great for keeping your books in one place especially for insurance purposes. — Brandon Queen on CLZ Books
July 17, 2017
Easy to use, worth the upgrade. — Nayroska on CLZ Books
July 06, 2017
Love this app
Great for keeping track of have/need list for fav authors. — Zepo132 on CLZ Books
July 06, 2017
Very good
Very impressed with the ease of use. — Deb Lentz on CLZ Books
July 06, 2017
Love it
Very good indeed. — Paul Bridle on CLZ Books
July 03, 2017
The best
I have been using CLZ since before it was CLZ. Anyone remember KIC? I will continue to use CLZ as long as I collect books, movies, comics, and music. Not a gamer so I don't need that app. — Ron Weekes on CLZ Books
July 02, 2017
CLZ Books
Really handy. — Bernie Hughes on CLZ Books
July 01, 2017
Easy to use
Very easy to add books to your collection. — Fred Baxstrome on CLZ Books
July 01, 2017
This was wonderful when I first got in on a computer over 12 years ago. Just keeps getting better. — Maxim Dowd on CLZ Books
June 27, 2017
My books organized
I really like this app for my huge collection of historicsl romance paperbacks. It helps to organize my books very quickly. — A Google user on CLZ Books
June 26, 2017
Easy to use, syncing works well
An easy to use database for a book collection, which extends to eBooks as well as printed books. Syncing between devices is efficient, and looking up information about books - even old books before the days of ISBN - is fast. The interface is attractive. Where available, the app adds cover images automatically - but this is not always possible with older books. Books can also be added manually. — Michael Cayley on CLZ Books
June 25, 2017
Just what I needed
I probably have close to 500 books in my library and felt the need to catalogue them. This app is what the doctor ordered. — Sonny Barber on CLZ Books
June 20, 2017
Easy to use
Finally there's a quick and easy way for me to catalog all of my books. It's so easy to use. My books are organized and easy to access. So now when I go to bookstore, there's no chance of buying repeats. I really needed this. — Tanya Perry on CLZ Books
June 19, 2017
I love this app
Before CLZ, many times I did not know what I had when I went out to buy books, comics, etc. Now I have the option of checking my collection instantly to prevent any purchasing mistakes. That is invaluable to me as a serious collector. — A Google user on CLZ Books
June 18, 2017
Absolutely love this app
Really simple to use. Just scan the bar code and it's in my collection. Syncs between devices, so now I can see my collection in the bookshop. Can also create a wish list in the shop! — Anna Martin on CLZ Books
June 15, 2017
I use the CLZ apps for my book, movie, and game collections and they are PHENOMENAL. I can't praise them highly enough! It has rescued me so many times from almost accidentally buying a book I already own. It's so easy to just scan the UPC to add to your collection (and you can scan a whole stack without stopping to hit "add" every time), or you can manually create an entry in the rare instance that it isn't in the database already, filling in as many or as few details as you care to.
I love that you can mark when you've read the book, give it a rating, add a little note/review for yourself, and so many other things. The features are really thorough. You can even mark things "not in collection" (for example, a book you read but no longer own or had borrowed from someone else), or add them to a wishlist. You can backup your entries to the cloud for easy transfer if you get a new phone or whatever.
The only downside is that you are limited to 100 items unless you pay to expand to unlimited storage, but I thought it was worth the price to compensate these developers for their great work. — Kelly Gorga on CLZ Books
June 15, 2017
Love the app
Love the app! Also great and quick support if needed. — Sandra Poortman Spanjaart on CLZ Books
June 13, 2017
The best catalog app
I have had the desktop version for many years and now the mobile app and I love both. I don't know what I would do without them as I own thousands of books. This to be the best way to catalog them including ebooks. — L.M. W. on CLZ Books
June 12, 2017
Very happy with it
I really like this app. It's very helpful. I'm a teacher and this app is an easy way to keep track of the books in my classroom library. — SFM 2010 on CLZ Books
June 11, 2017
Easy to use
GREAT app easy to use. — A Google user on CLZ Books
June 10, 2017
CLZ Books
Simply the best. Period. — Jeffrey Ryntz on CLZ Books
June 09, 2017
Terrific Product!!
I use their apps for books and movies as well as their cloud platform. Keeps my books in order from my iphone, desktop and ipad. Especially like the quick scan feature - allows uploading books quickly with photos and written blurbs - then you can edit if you wish. Also like the ability to sort by genre or subject. Great product! — Gardenhat on CLZ Books
June 07, 2017
Very simple
I just scan the book barcode and it's in my list, in alphabetical order by title. It doesn't have older versions of some books whose isbns have changed since the initial publishing but you can still find the book by author and title. — Adia Grigsby on CLZ Books
June 06, 2017
Great product
Very happy with it. — Catherine Bell on CLZ Books
June 06, 2017
The best
I have the pc version and it is the most versatile, detailed and easy to use app on the planet. — Barbara Meijer on CLZ Books
June 03, 2017
Very nice, works perfectly well. — Peter Wirth on CLZ Books
June 03, 2017
Wonderfully easy
I wanted something to keep track of my personal library. This is it! Beautiful too. — Reworded on CLZ Books
May 26, 2017
Amazing app!!
Been using it for years. Very user friendly and easy to use. I have desktop app and synch to my phone and tablet. So I can see my books wherever I go. — Ray Harrison on CLZ Books
May 25, 2017
Love it to bits
Books enter the house and the phone comes out so they can be scanned and uploaded. — Andy Wright on CLZ Books
May 23, 2017
Didn't know I had so many books
Amazing way to keep track of the ones you have,loaned and wish to buy. Especially helpful when your out shopping and come across a book all you have to do is check it on the phone and its great to snap a photo with your phone to locate it elsewhere. Love the system. — Joan Pringle-Canning on CLZ Books
May 23, 2017
Good app does what it says
Keeps my library around 600 books perfectly well the iOS app is great I now know the book I have at any point of time. — Vijaystweets on CLZ Books
May 22, 2017
Been using for years
Just keeps getting better. Highly recommended. — Christopher Dean on CLZ Books
May 15, 2017
Love this company
I love clz books and collectorz, I wish they would add an app/database for sewing patterns. — Rachel Cramer on CLZ Books
May 14, 2017
Great app
Keeps my collection in great order. — Alan Seddon on CLZ Books
May 13, 2017
Like the Barcode entry (manual available) - speedy to catalogue. — Barry Griffiths on CLZ Books
May 13, 2017
CLZ Book Collector
Love, love, love the new format. So clear! Thank you :) — Bionicblue on CLZ Books
May 11, 2017
Good app
I have many book it helps me keep track of the books that I have. — Alexandria Hampton on CLZ Books
May 11, 2017
Saved me $$$
CLZ Books has saved me $$$ by preventing me from buying books I already have. If I see a book I want to buy, I check the desktop or mobile version to see if I already have it. When I first cataloged my 1400 or so books, I found I had 63 duplicates! I can't say enough good things about this program. — Ira Wexler on CLZ Books
May 10, 2017
Great app
Great program to keep track of all my books. — B Kelley on CLZ Books
May 10, 2017
App is wonderful
It is a great way to catalogue books and to manage them. I like to fact you can have your entire library right on your cell phone. — w5nio on CLZ Books
May 09, 2017
No more duplicates
I use the collectorz products to prevent myself from buying multiple copies of the same items. — Treat HR on CLZ Books
May 07, 2017
Sehr gut
Gefällt mir sehr gut, hatte etwas gesucht, das ich sowohl auf Tablet als auch auf dem heimischen PC verwenden kann. — Rolf Guttkorn on CLZ Books
May 07, 2017
CLZ Books
Fabulous!! — A Google user on CLZ Books
May 05, 2017
Great program to keep track of books you have. — Charles Spain on CLZ Books
May 03, 2017
Love it
Easily one of the best apps I've ever spent money on. I'm an avid book collector, and this makes tracking my collection so easy and customizable. — Josh Monteith on CLZ Books
May 01, 2017
The best and by far
I’ve tried many apps to catalog my books and Collectorz.com is the best, and by far. Specially for someone like me who has a large collection and a large wish list. The same apply for their movie app. It’s really great. — Daniel D on CLZ Books
April 30, 2017
Excellent product, does exactly what you want it to. — Simon Chapman on CLZ Books
April 29, 2017
Background fixed!!!
The new white background is excellent! Nothing getting in the way of the information, which is truly what this app is all about. (Said the graphic designer :) — Cydfer on CLZ Books
April 28, 2017
Not buying a duplicate
I've scanned in 1000 books since last weekend and still have more to go! I can't say enough good things about this app. it is so easy now for me to go book shopping and know that i'm not buying a duplicate. love it:) — Debra Kristensen on CLZ Books
April 27, 2017
My list is always with me
It makes it a lot easier to keep track of books & audiobooks I have. — A Google user on CLZ Books
April 22, 2017
This is a decent program. It's awesome to be able to have my books listed wherever I am. on CLZ Books
April 21, 2017
Easy to use app
Excellent searchable data base. I was impressed with data on books from the golden age. — jprema on CLZ Books
April 18, 2017
You need this app!
Have a book collection? You need this app! I've been a user since 2009, and it is an essential program. The app's functionality is a welcome addition to an awesome program. — Bill Sawyer on CLZ Books
April 17, 2017
Great app
Excellent organizatIon, entry style. — John Brackett on CLZ Books
April 14, 2017
Exeptionel software!
By the way, i LOVE the update, and i hope that book collector and clz books are avalible and updated for many years to come. You guys are geniouses for making such exeptionel software! — Tine Sandvold on CLZ Books
April 14, 2017
No more duplicates
I didn't know there was a profiler for books like the one for dvds. No more accidentally buying the same book twice! — Glenn Foldy on CLZ Books
April 13, 2017
Very freaking cool
Hi guys ..... checking out the new update for Collectorz Bok iOS app...... very freaking cool.... very impressed with the new layout/design..... can't wait til the other apps update.... Great Job !!!!!! — Rob Small on CLZ Books
April 13, 2017
New and improved
The new version is cleaner and much more attractive than previous editions. You need to know that collectors have the very best customer support. No limbo with a failed app for those guys and gals. — Hugh2204 on CLZ Books
April 13, 2017
Great tool gets better
Like all CLZ apps, this is a great catalogue app. Regularly updated and the new versions style is very nice. Well worth the money. — Ged_UK on CLZ Books
April 13, 2017
CLZ collector
Excellent app to track my books. Stores loads of info on each book along with book covers. I can tell quickly which are in collection and or sold/donated, etc. love it! — Perelandra45 on CLZ Books
April 13, 2017
This app is what the DoD had in mind when they invented the internet. — Denkbaar on CLZ Books
April 13, 2017
Well worth the money!
This is an excellent app! It makes physically organizing your book collection on shelves a breeze. Plus, no longer will you have to get up and search through your collection to find if you have a title by a certain author. You can scan your collection in a matter of seconds in order to find out.
Since I have it on my phone as well as my iPads, I can use it in the bookstore, too. No more buying an older title only to find out I had purchased it years before. Support is excellent as well. I have the CLZ Movies app, too. I love them both! — Zircon_215 on CLZ Books
April 09, 2017
I love it
I find Book Collector an amazing app. The barcode scan work pretty well. — Dupapier on CLZ Books
April 07, 2017
Love it
Everything is great! I paid for the upgrade already. This is a wonderful way to store my library and help me organize it as well. — Doug U on CLZ Books
April 06, 2017
Ottima applicazione
Ottima applicazione per catalogare i libri. — Bernardino Maria on CLZ Books
April 06, 2017
The best
This app is the best way to keep track of all the books in your collection. I have use it and two others from CLZ. I don't know what I would do without them. — Dick Vogel on CLZ Books
April 05, 2017
Love it
Love being able to sync my Commodore book collection to my computer. — James Maddox on CLZ Books
April 04, 2017
Like it!
So far, I really like this app! It's so convenient to be able to scan and keep track of my books! — april bagwell on CLZ Books
April 02, 2017
Love this!
It's great to have the contents of my library at hand whenever & wherever I need it!! — Michelle Goewey on CLZ Books
April 01, 2017
The best app
I love how easy it is to keep track of my books so that I don't buy duplicates now. Best app for organizing your collection. — Amy Smith on CLZ Books
April 01, 2017
No more duplicates
Excellent way to ensure I know what books I already own when out shopping. — Ian Hurd on CLZ Books
April 01, 2017
Nice app
I love this app to be able to check which books I have... I still have about 1000 more to add... — Wendy Elphinstone on CLZ Books
March 31, 2017
Al een flinke tijd mijn nummer 1 app voor mijn gehele boeken collectie. Werkt gemakkelijk, en de support is ook top. — Paul_N on CLZ Books
March 30, 2017
Love it!
Great way to keep track of collectibles and with saving in the cloud a computer crash is not a problem. — A Google user on CLZ Books
March 24, 2017
Great App
Love this app! I looked at many apps for storing my collection of books. This one is great. I also use their movie collector app for storing my movie collection. — Destiny2011 on CLZ Books
March 20, 2017
Works great!
Awesome app! — Carolyn Peters on CLZ Books
March 16, 2017
Wonderful app!
This app is one of the VERY BEST apps that I've used in the 7 years that I've been using iPhones. After using it for approximately 6 months, I continue to be amazed by its power and capabilities. This app is well supported by the developer, who continually issues updates with improvements, refinements, bug-fixes, and additional features. The ability to sync changes in the database across multiple devices works flawlessly. — Vacumaticus on CLZ Books
March 14, 2017
CLZ app
Ottima App Professionale. — Marco Tassi on CLZ Books
March 14, 2017
Love it!!
Works Great!! — Carol Ross on CLZ Books
March 14, 2017
CLZ Books en CLZ Movies
Thumbs up! — Miaora on CLZ Books
March 13, 2017
This app is fantastic! Not only can I enter books at the book fairs on my mobile but as soon as I sign onto wifi I can download to my computer file. I can adjust my database to my needs as well. Thank You! — Les x 5 on CLZ Books
March 13, 2017
CLZ Books
L'ho appena installata e le impressioni sono buone. Il loro ottimo servizio di assistenza mi ha suggerito un metodo efficace per importare a costo zero oltre 3800 record da un file .cvs! — Enea Cavallo on CLZ Books
March 10, 2017
Better than ever
I've happily used Book Collector for years. The old HD app had read-only access and upgrading to this version gives full editing on the move. The scanning function is really good. It's not backward-compatible with the old handheld scanner but with the iPad/iPhone function you don't really need that The desktop/mobile interface works well and the support is great if you need help. — Dwyster on CLZ Books
March 10, 2017
This is a great APP!
Easy to use. Great for cataloging your personal library. — Starguardian2000 on CLZ Books
March 08, 2017
Simply the Best
I've tried a number of collection inventory apps. CLZ has the easiest to use and best looking of them all. — PAJAMAdog on CLZ Books
March 06, 2017
Great app
Not the prettiest app, but the scan function is way superior to every other book cataloging apps I've tried. — Browniecheng007 on CLZ Books
March 06, 2017
Me va a ayudar mucho a ordenar mi biblioteca. Muy agradecida. — ana allegue on CLZ Books
March 05, 2017
Very good
Easy to use and for those who have lots of books and want to know where they are it is really useful. — Pazga on CLZ Books
March 05, 2017
Very easy app fit iPhone and iPad to catalog your books with automaticaly added foto of each cover. — EckerrBE on CLZ Books
March 05, 2017
CLZ Books
I've been using Collectorz for over 10 years. This app is a welcome addition. — A Google user on CLZ Books
March 04, 2017
So far so good
I have an insane amount of books (several duplicates). I can never remember what I've read and what I own. I had another app but it was so hard to transfer my database whenever I got a new phone. I just downloaded this app, but it seems like it'll be much easier to transfer my database between devices. I'll likely end up downloading the full app, and as I use the app more, I'll adjust my rating accordingly. — Laydog97 on CLZ Books
March 02, 2017
Essential software
I could not live without this app. I read a lot and this is essential to my ability to remain organised. Some features are a little counter intuitive but once you find them they are great. — Krasney on CLZ Books
February 28, 2017
Great App
First class service and great app. — Hamish Ewan on CLZ Books
February 27, 2017
Great for our huge book collection
Allows us to check when shopping to avoid doubling up on books. Well worth the $. — Celine Soanes on CLZ Books
February 26, 2017
So simple to use
At last I can categorize and browse almost 3000 books without having to wander all over the house. Great app. — Peter Cholerton on CLZ Books
February 26, 2017
Works perfectly
Thanks for making a simple and elegant application. Scanning in book barcodes with my phone. Fast, efficient. And cloud allows synch across multiple platforms. Thank you! — Kelvin60 on CLZ Books
February 25, 2017
Have been using PC version for a long time. To have it on my phone is great. Best app ever. — A Google user on CLZ Books
February 24, 2017
Love it
Great app for keeping track of books including ebooks., easy to use and keep track across all devices — Richard Davies on CLZ Books
February 21, 2017
This is the best app
This is the best app I have found. It would be even better if it had the ability to be displayed in a bookshelf form. I love how I can view it on my phone, my tablet and my PC desktop. It's also a big advantage to be able to update from any device to have it saved to the cloud. I have lost hours of work with other apps from devices wearing out or getting broke and not being able to retrieve my investment of of time. Thanks for such a great program. — Ricky Munden on CLZ Books
February 21, 2017
Great App
Easy to use and handy when buying books. — David Nevans on CLZ Books
February 15, 2017
Been using it for years. My book buddy and I can check which books we have in order to avoid duplicates. Also use it at the bookstore and library to see if I have it or read it. — Lucy Looney on CLZ Books
February 12, 2017
So much better
I use to use BookCat - this is better since I can sync across many devices. — Allyson Luders on CLZ Books
February 12, 2017
Nützliches Helferlein
Man kann recht einfach Ordung in seine Büchersammlung bringen. Die mobile Lösung kann zudem das kaufen bereits vorhandener Bücher verhindern. — Ch-f on CLZ Books
February 10, 2017
Great app
Beats doing dewey decimal by hand. — Ted Swanson on CLZ Books
February 08, 2017
Excelente app!
Si tienes muchos libros y necesitas catalogarlos, esta es la aplicación que necesitas. Lo mejor es la posibilidad de utilizarla en varias plataformas manteniendo todo sincronizado. — MalditoAlias on CLZ Books
February 07, 2017
Great App!
Easy to use. I was able to upload a few hundred books very quickly by scanning. — Sniped again on CLZ Books
February 07, 2017
Too much like fun!
Once I started it is hard to stop. — Bookman Bob on CLZ Books
February 05, 2017
Does what it says on the Tin! — Sujoy Biswas on CLZ Books
February 05, 2017
Where have you been all my library?
Fantastic app! More than just a "you enter it all yourself," it references a database and enters most of the information for you. Less than ten books entered and only two were not found. Both have ISBN numbers but seem to be self-published, so not expecting those to be found. Even $15 to get full use of the app is definitely worth the price if you have a large collection. Highly recommended! — The Kitchen Witch on CLZ Books
February 04, 2017
Never again will I buy duplicate books! — Afpafpafpafp on CLZ Books
February 03, 2017
CLZ Books
Effective way to edit this particular database. — David Arrowsmith on CLZ Books
February 02, 2017
Perfect list
No more buying books I've already read! — Joy Mcnulty on CLZ Books
February 01, 2017
Great app!
Easy to use and helps me stay organized. — Roger Masters on CLZ Books
January 30, 2017
CLZ Books
Top! — Sylvester0311 on CLZ Books
January 29, 2017
It's been working great for a few years now. My only comment would be the plethora of options available means I can spend even more time in my library making adjustments. — A Google user on CLZ Books
January 28, 2017
It's awesome
I've gotten obsessive about organizing my books, and this app is perfect. — Michael Sheridan on CLZ Books
January 23, 2017
CLZ Books
Best catalog app out there. — Ruthann Sutton on CLZ Books
January 18, 2017
CLZ Books
Just what i was looking for. — Megan Lockhart on CLZ Books
January 16, 2017
CLZ Books
Best tech service and very friendly help. — Gary Gluck on CLZ Books
January 16, 2017
Another awesome module added to our holdings
We currently use the music, comic and now the book module. Each being splendid and shows us why we will eventually add the movie one as well. They are better then numerous other options we have tried over the years. Take the time set them up and before you know it you will just be maintaining and updating as needed. Collectorz rocks and I will happily support it in the future as well. — Elisa Hoelscher on CLZ Books
January 14, 2017
Just the best
Simple yet has everything one would look for.... — Krishnakumar G on CLZ Books
January 13, 2017
Greatest library software
I have a vast library and the thought of getting software to automate it had me horrified. This software was well priced and the customer service has been tremendous. They have gone the extra mile to help a non-computer guy like me to make sure I was able to get up and running. When I have had trouble because of my ineptitude the customer service has gotten back up and running again. I will never stop using this software. — Ron Clites on CLZ Books
January 13, 2017
Ótimo App
Para quem procura uma organização dos seus livros e os que querem obter, esse app cumpre com a requisito. — Alison Moura on CLZ Books
January 13, 2017
Nulla da eccepire
Ottimo prodotto: collegato alla versione per pc è anche meglio. — Marco Italia on CLZ Books
January 13, 2017
I've been using this for a long time
New to the app, but it's just as awesome as the software I use on my computers. I'm never disappointed! — Stephanie Dean on CLZ Books
January 12, 2017
Great App
Best app if you have a lot of books. Well worth the money. — Paul Everingham on CLZ Books
January 12, 2017
App and program work awesome just as advertised
Perfect for keeping a full catalog of all my books plenty of flexibility with user defined fields. Having my complete catalog on my phone synced with my pc is phenomenal. — Rndmnknm on CLZ Books
January 11, 2017
I freaking adore this app! Most books are super easy to look up! If not, just manually enter! — Maria Carlton on CLZ Books
January 11, 2017
A spectacular piece of software that's updated regularly and with great awareness of user needs. Amazing developer, superb app! — Shawn Nacol on CLZ Books
January 09, 2017
Todo Excelente
Descargue la app hoy y ya me ha permitido crear en poco tiempo un listado de mi colección de libros con muchos detalles. Además se sincroniza con los diferentes dispositivos. Hasta el momento una excelente y poderosa app. — Alef Baral on CLZ Books
January 07, 2017
Fits the bill
Effective way to edit this particular database. — David Arrowsmith on CLZ Books
January 05, 2017
Great Tool
Started loading books quickly. My new BF! — Lynnie White on CLZ Books
January 05, 2017
Funziona perfettamente. L'integrazione via cloud con l'applicazione desktop è utilissima. — Abbonato molto arrabbiato on CLZ Books
January 04, 2017
CLZ Books
Great solution for your collection. — Michael Updike on CLZ Books
January 03, 2017
So easy
The Collectorz app makes this book collector's book shop visits a lot safer as, despite my best efforts, I have bought duplicate copies on occasion. Scanning the bar codes with the phone's camera is brilliant as is the ability to add books manually. The regular updates are always useful and the guys listen to their customers. — A Google user on CLZ Books
January 02, 2017
Keeps getting better
I love my collectorz apps, especially Books now I can add on my phone. Scanner can be a bit clunky but overall a terrific piece of software. — Paul Goodison on CLZ Books
January 02, 2017
Loved it
Good software. — Denny Gray on CLZ Books
January 01, 2017
Convenient scan using mobile
This is a very convenient way to maintain my book collections, and check whether I've already got a book wherever I am. — Marty Pilott on CLZ Books
January 01, 2017
Clz books
Easy to use and very wide ranging. — Tony McGarry on CLZ Books
January 01, 2017
Great App
The app makes adding books much simpler than the full PC program. Display, filtering and sorting are excellent. — Gary_Carr on CLZ Books