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CLZ Books reviews

December 04, 2013
Great app
This is a great app for tracking books owned and read and with the desktop version you have incredible database editing capabilities. I've tried a number of less expensive apps but none approach this one. User manuals are comprehensive and when I messed up my account by using two different email addresses, technical support fixed the problem in less than a day. — rcon23 on CLZ Books
August 15, 2013
This thing started out as a just very useful (and fun) tool and they refused to stop improving it. Combined with their SUPERB customer support, this app is every bibliophile's dream come true! I also own their desktop software and subscribe to their online database hosting. No complaints there, either. — Ross Dunn on CLZ Books
August 09, 2013
Clz Books
Excellent complément au logiciel, l'éditeur devrait ajouter la gestion des prêts. — denislam on CLZ Books
July 11, 2013
A Great Program
This book app is worth every cent (especially if it can prevent you from buying duplicates!) and with the new update has become increasingly user friendly. The design is very laid back and easy to use. Definantly the best book cataloguing app out their. One feature I would like seeing however is database totals so I can view the worth of my collection. — LongHairedFreakyDude on CLZ Books
May 14, 2013
Great App
Great for tracking the thousands of books I have. — BofhUsul on CLZ Books
March 30, 2013
Molto utile
Dalla versione 2 fa un buon lavoro, permettendo di inserire libri dall'iPhone (leggendo il codice a barre o a mano), con buona parte dei dati contemplati dal programma per computer. La sincronizzazione è buona ma non perfetta (per esempio la versione per iOS sembra non capire alcuni segni diacritici). Nel complesso, molto utile. — Emiliano68 on CLZ Books
March 16, 2013
Collectorz Book Collector
Excellent software, I have been using it for almost 10 years. Support for the product is also excellent and timing of replies to support requests are received in a timely manner, within 24 hours of it being sent. I have even received a reply within 2 hours, depending on the time differences between Australia and The Netherlands.
I strongly recommend this product and the other Collectorz products to anyone needing a way of cataloging their collections, whether it is books, music or movies as it is in my case. — Anne from Oz on CLZ Books
February 25, 2013
Great app
This is a great app for my book collection.
I love that you can sort it in so many ways including by location. I have several shelves all over the house and I can easily see where a book is just by sorting them in the app.
Even better, if you loan a book to someone, just add them as a location and you can keep track of where it went. — Grizwaldstrip on CLZ Books
February 24, 2013
An exquisite app
This is a great! The best book indexing app out there by far. It is defiantly worth the $10. But just because it's the best doesn't mean it can't be better. As stated in a previous review, I think the app would be much more convenient if more of the fields provided on the computer version were accessible such as 'credits' or 'printing'.
Also, I think being able to add additional photos of the book would be helpful, especially when trying to determine if my copy is better than one I'm considering to buy. But, otherwise, defiantly worth the expenditure!
And, in case you're wondering, the computer program is also worth looking into too! — LongHairedFreakyDude on CLZ Books
February 22, 2013
This app is perfect for keeping track of an ever expanding book collection! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking at library based apps.
The graphics, and choice of book cover displays, are exceptional. This app has been well thought out. Added features such as recording price of the books also helps me keep track of my expenditure. Brilliant!
If I could find any way to improve this app, I would include an option or link to a website that gives a full list of all books written by your selected author. This would really complete this app! Well Done all the same though — Boooooooooooooooks on CLZ Books
February 13, 2013
Good Book Indexing App!
Over the past several days, I've been using this app to index my book collection. The barcode scanner works great! One helpful hint, especially for paperbacks more than a few years old: use the barcode inside the front cover, not on the back of the book, as that's the one you can count on for containing the ISBN.

If you want to do more than just upload your books, i.e. organize your books by genre, subject, or tag, it can be a bit tedious, as each book must be edited individually. However, if you just want to scan in your book collection and are happy with organization by author and the existing genre and subject labels that come with each electronic book record, you will be good to go.

I've not tried other book indexing apps, so I can't say how this might stack up against the competition. However, I like the simple interface. It's also nice to be able to organize and view my book collection in so many different ways.
Being able to flip through horizontally is the closest I've found to something online that simulates scanning my eyes along a shelf of books. This is a terrific feature! — Theresaawilson on CLZ Books

February 08, 2013
A great app for keeping track of books!
I love how the app works. I am using it for regular books, audiobooks, and ebooks.
It's easy to add new books to your collection simply by scanning the barcode on the book or entering it's ISBN number. There is a ton of data that the app gets for the books you add, so you don't have to put the info in. — VesperDEM on CLZ Books
February 07, 2013
Very handy
Great to have my books list and wish book list with me everywhere. I have stopped buying duplicate books because I have this app and database with me.
And now I can edit on my IPhone - yeah! — Grn19 on CLZ Books
February 05, 2013
Good stuff
This app is a good stuff for manage my books on my bookcase. — Katie Hubbard on CLZ Books
February 04, 2013
Visti i giudizi negativi delle versioni precedenti questa app deve essere stata rivoluzionata con la versione 2. Usando l'input dell'ISBN e la fotocamera dell'iphone si possono inserire in modo rapido ed efficace i libri. Il collegamento al database fà il resto, e se mancano delle info o le copertine, queste possono essere integrate alle informazioni scaricate. I record del database sono anche integrabili con un numero piu che sufficente di dati personali tra cui la data di lettura del libro e delle note. La considero pressoche perfetta per gestire la propria libreria. 5 stelle meritate. — Ciberciccio on CLZ Books
January 26, 2013
Best program EVER
This app syncs with CLZ Books and it has literally saved me hundreds of $$$$.
Before I bought it I would go book hunting and end up with several that I already owned but could never remember. Now I pull out my app and never have to buy doubles again!!!! — Shebewebe on CLZ Books
January 21, 2013
Clz Books
Works just how I need it - no more buying the same book twice — RonAbes on CLZ Books
January 21, 2013
Yep, I have the hardback version
I sometimes forget what versions I have, and replacing my paperbacks with hardbacks when I find them. — RichK90113 on CLZ Books
January 04, 2013
Collectorz books.
Excelente aplicación muy versátil,completa y de gran ayuda para el control de bibliotecas, muy recomendable — MARIO AUGUSTO LOPEZ URBINA on CLZ Books