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CLZ Books reviews

December 09, 2012
Fantastic app for book collectors
The program works great!!! I have over 5,000 books and I just started using this program. It will allow me, for the first time, to know what books I have available.
I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to keep track of their books. — Lexkyusa on CLZ Books
November 28, 2012
I have the full version of Book Collector and Music Collector therefore have both CLZ's. The good thing about these programmes is they have NO missing artwork, and the support is amazing. Since buying these programmes I have stopped buying duplicates.
If you like to catalogue books, music, comics etc,etc then these programmes are for you. — Amdramsing on CLZ Books
November 21, 2012
Great App!
A very useful app. Excellent features. — sumansuresh on CLZ Books
November 16, 2012
Excellent companion to PC database, allowing me to look up database whenever I want.
Easy to use. Thank you. — AMLMN on CLZ Books
October 09, 2012
Great app.
Great app. Does as advertised. Upcoming upgrade will give ability to update on the fly and sync with home database. — Gribbid on CLZ Books
September 12, 2012
Just superb !
A simple but excellent app, easy to use & configure & has more than paid for itself over the years by allowing me to check for books I've already purchased before buying them again !! — Stevie - Westcountry on CLZ Books
August 19, 2012
Taking your collection with you!
Having the Book Collector on the Mac at home is superb but when out and about there is the nightmare of finding yourself in a bookshop miles from home and wondering have you got this book or not?
With iPad and iPhone versions of Book Collector with you such doubts can be resolved in no time. Sync works fine and most book covers survive the process. Alvin and his team are enthusiastic. — Steven Reid on CLZ Books
August 13, 2012
Very handy
Great to have my books list and wish book list with me everywhere. It is missing an edit function on the IPhone and IPad app but I think they are working on that. I have stopped buying duplicate books because I have this app and database with me. — Grn19 on CLZ Books
July 27, 2012
It does what it says on the tin
I actually bought the IPad for this app. I have a specialist book collection of over 6,000 titles and was finding it increasingly difficult to remember what I had. It does what it says on the tin. It was easy to load from my laptop and is easy to keep up to date. It would be better if books listed under each author could be in order but I can always search for a title or author.
The app has already saved me from duplicating quite few titles so will give it four out of five stars. — Belaughcats on CLZ Books
July 04, 2012
Love It!
Love being able to check what books I have, and the ones on my wish list. No more duplicates or carrying notebook with me. — Wicki97 on CLZ Books
June 22, 2012
If you use collectorz software on your PC, this is a must add on.
A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. The PC software is good enough to justify its price even including the price of this App.It seems solid, wiFi transfers are easy and I have my book DB with me everywhere in a very pleasing format.
I would love to be able to make changes to my book DB through this app but even without this feature I am happy with it. — MagoryOH on CLZ Books
June 14, 2012
Excellent program
Love this application - I have over 900 books and having the ability to carry my list (library) info around in a portable version is excellent. Have a lot of this companies programs and have not been disappointed by their products. — Dmbrownie698 on CLZ Books
June 08, 2012
I'm in heaven!
I have been using Bookcollector on my PC for years and am VERY satisfied with both how user friendly it is and how customizable it is. Plus it just keeps gettting better and better!
At first the little app for my iPhone seemed rudimentary (unless I was missing something?) but now it has all the details and the App for my new iPad 3 with retina display and the cover images just blows me away!
I LOVE my personal library of over 3,500 books and now if I am talking to someone about a book I have that they might like I can just whip out my iPhone or IPad and show it to them. What fun! Bookcollector Helps me actually find and use my books. — CreativeCompass on CLZ Books
April 08, 2012
Awesome app!
Let me first start by saying that I have been using the stand alone (PC) app, the iPhone apps, and the iPad apps since they first came out. I have never had a problem with apps crashing, or inconsistent/partial downloads or updates.

I don't have a lot of books (only about 300), but this app is just a strong as the movie and music ones! I love them. I have over 4000 movies and 62,000 songs, so I am really picky about what these can do and how well they perform.

I am still a big fan because these apps work wonderfully! — Rob Sandberg on CLZ Books

April 01, 2012
Excelente aplicación
Es perfecta para clasificar libros. Tima los datos automáticamente a partir del ISDN. Pueden personalizarse los campos. Con la app lector de código de barras es todavía mejor. Solo le falta adaptarse un poco al idioma español. — Aldagarum on CLZ Books
April 01, 2012
Easy to use. Very comprehensive. Great features. — Neil0908 on CLZ Books
March 23, 2012
Great app
Have used this ap and the main program since they first came out.
5*s but will be 6*s when i can download my data from the cloud. — finfeature on CLZ Books
March 17, 2012
I love it
If you’re a book collector, I recommend this app and the bookcollectorz software to help keep track of your book collection, whether it's small, medium or large.
It's also helps to avoid buying the same book twice. — SherryTexas on CLZ Books
March 15, 2012
Awesome and useful!
We love CLZ.
It rocks.
It's simple enough to easily list all of our books and find them when needs be and complex enough to give us details we need. And...you can view your info offline!
WAY AWESOME! — sweetsavoirfaire on CLZ Books
March 11, 2012
Finally-I have control!
After buying the same digital book more than once because of a change in readers I was desperate. Clz is the answer. Customizable easy to use and I can even use my phone to read the codes! Fabulous! — MicheeBee on CLZ Books
February 20, 2012
Great addition to PC app
Works as described. — Daksidhe on CLZ Books
February 19, 2012
Great stuff
Love it. A portable copy of my collection. No more duplicate purchases or worse, leaving that precious book behind cos I am not sure if I already own it.
My fav app so far. — Mjp66 on CLZ Books
February 18, 2012
Super, function is good, now i can see all my books. — rejo.uri on CLZ Books
February 16, 2012
Great app!
Great app to keep your books. Started with the desktop version and was happy to see an app for it to take it with me. — lauri64 on CLZ Books
February 05, 2012
Fab app...
This is a brilliant app as a companion to the pc app - only way to be sure you don't buy duplicate books is to have the list with you!

Wouldn't want to be without this app! — JewelMistress on CLZ Books
January 23, 2012
Best book database program currently available for iphone. — Fussimist on CLZ Books
January 21, 2012
Great Aps
I'm a long time Collectorz fan and customer. These aps are very good.
I hear their working on updates for two way syncing which would make the aps perfect. — Long collectorz fan & customer on CLZ Books
January 16, 2012
Absolutely Fantastic
Easy to use, intuitive.
Works great with iPhone scanner app (CLZ Barry) and desktop/online program. I've been waiting for this type of program since I started grad school.
Excellent. — Marcel Ponton on CLZ Books
January 04, 2012
Good app
Good app, but of course only if you have the desktop version - this app does not work on a standalone basis. I have both, and am very happy, especially with the PC one. — Gaucho_97 on CLZ Books