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What's new in Book Connect?

The Link with Core screen is a tool in the CLZ Cloud site and the Connect web-based software that is used to link entries with CLZ Core. E.g. items that you added manually, or items that you imported. The Link with Core tool is mostly used by users coming from other software and are switching to CLZ.

Today’s update is a “behind the scenes” update, to make the Link screen faster and to improve search results.


  • The search now uses our elastic search engine, giving you better and more meaningful results for your unlinked items.
  • Better uses of indexes and the elastic engine makes everything much faster too!

On top of that, we’ve improved the search results in the Link with Core screens for some Connect flavours specifically:

  • Comic: Now takes series popularity into account.
  • Movie: Now now also digs into our vast library of “alternative” and foreign titles for movies to obtain a result that matches your movie.
  • Music: Now also uses Discogs for finding results.

What is Linking with Core?

Connect is built around our central online database: Core. All factual data and cover images are used and shown directly from Core. If you have been using the Add screen to catalog your items, then most, if not all of your items will already be linked to Core.

If you’ve added some items “manually” or if you’ve imported a list from CSV (or from somewhere else), there will not be a lot of data in them.

To automagically fill in data for your items, the items need to be linked with Core. If you have unlinked items, you can link them to Core using the Link with Core screen which is found in the menu top left!

Recent changes

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