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Book Collector (Windows)

v23.0: 3 completely new data fields and 4 new sync fields

January 16th, 2023

Here it is, the promised big v23.0 release of your Book Collector desktop software, in which we added 3 completely new data fields and 4 new cloud-sync fields.
All fields were added based on feedback from you all, the users of the app.

Three completely new fields (Signed By, Dust Jacket and Number Line) were added to all of our book database solutions (mobile, web and desktop).

Also, you can now finally sync these existing Book Collector fields through the CLZ Cloud to the CLZ Books mobile app (Cover Artist, Foreword Author, Ghostwriter and Box Set).

BTW: similar updates have also been released for the CLZ Books mobile apps and Book Connect web-based software so all 7 fields now nicely sync between all of them.

Three new data fields:

  • Signed By, for adding the names of people who signed your copy
  • Dust Jacket (yes/no)
  • Number Line for indicating the print run of a book (also called Printer’s Key)

New fields in the Edit Screen:

All these fields also sync through CLZ Cloud to the CLZ Books mobile app and to the Comic Connect web-based software.

Four existing fields added to the CLZ Cloud sycing:

  • Cover Artist
  • Foreword Author
  • Ghostwriter
  • Box Set

Change book order in Edit Box set:

You can now also edit a box set to change the order of books. This order of books will also be synced through CLZ Cloud!

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