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News: all updates for our software and apps (Newsletter) (page 2)

It is the last day of March, so just in time for the March 2022 edition of the CLZ Newsletter.
We are really enjoying being back at the CLZ HQ, three of us full-time, the rest of the team for 2 days a week. It is so nice to be able to have live brainstorm sessions again, about new functionality, user interface designs, etc… Video meetings are okay, but nothing beats live face to face sessions!

And the extra efficiency is already showing, because we are cranking out good updates like never before; 5 updates for the Collector desktop programs (v22 live now!), 5 for the Connect web-based software (Pre-fill updates), and 2 x 5 updates for the CLZ mobile apps!

The topics today:

  • All v22 for Windows updates are now live: Configurable Pre-fill and more!
  • Also live for Connect: the new Configurable Pre-fill screen.
  • All CLZ mobile apps: Progress Bars and Cancel buttons!
  • All CLZ mobile apps: Support for Back Cover images
  • Sneak Preview for CLZ Comics: bigger images in Add Comics screen

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the Feb 2022 edition of the CLZ Newsletter. And I am writing this one from the CLZ HQ, not from home! Yes, the improving covid situation in the Netherlands means we are back at the office!

The return to our HQ did not exactly go as planned though… On Monday Feb 21, we arrived at the office to find part of the ceiling had collapsed. The storms over Amsterdam had dislodged some of the roof tiles, causing lots of rainwater on top of the ceiling.
The result, one dead Mac (an old one, phew), 2 dead keyboards, 2 dead magic mice, and some DVDs with water damage. Luckily our main computers were safe and dry.

More pictures of the mess can be found on our blog here. In the meantime, the roof tiles have been fixed. We still have a hole in the ceiling though.

But, even with the bad start, it is great to be back at the office! For now, Sytske, AJ and I are here full-time. The rest of the team is joining us at the office 2 or 3 days each week, working from home on the other days.

As for our projects, it’s been all about the user-configurable Pre-fill screens the past 2 months. But with that feature now being released for all products, we’re getting ready to move on to other cool stuff.

The topics today:

  • Improved Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields!
  • Music Collector 22: Configurable Pre-fill & Update from Core + WebP support
  • CLZ Comics 7.3: Mark Multiple Series as Completed in one go!
  • All CLZ apps: Sort by Date Added, Date Modified
  • Coming up for the CLZ mobile apps: Progress Bars and Back Covers!

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CLZ Alwin here, with the Jan 2022 edition of the CLZ Newsletter. This month, more huge updates for our comic cataloging tools and finally, the first update is live with the user configurable Pre-fill screen (CLZ Books)!. Plus, in other news, a nice surprise from our loyal customer M. Night Shyamalan!

The topics today:

  • Coolness: M. Night Shyamalan mentions CLZ Movies in an interview!
  • For all comic tools: Minor/Major Key distinction + Key Categories
  • CLZ Books: Improved Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields!

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It’s the last day of the year, so this is CLZ Alwin with the final CLZ Newsletter for 2021. But first: A happy, healthy and safe 2022 from the entire CLZ Team: Martin, Rowdy, Sven, Stijn, Joel, AJ, Pim, Joe, Bernard, Sytske and me, Alwin!
Let’s hope that in 2022, we will finally get rid of this Covid tragedy!

Today’s newsletter topics:

It has been a bit of a slow month, with few releases. Most of the team has been taking their well deserved days off from work this month. But… in January we will be ramping up immediately, with big releases coming up, see the news below:

  • CLZ Books / CLZ Movies / CLZ Games 7.0 : New features and lots of improvements
  • Coming up for ALL products: User-configurable Pre-fill screens
  • Coming up for comics: Minor/Major Key distinction + Key Categories

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CLZ Alwin here, with the CLZ Newsletter for November 2021.
Syts and I are currently dealing with the busiest week of the year: the Black Friday craziness. Processing over 200 support tickets everyday, and answering lots of questions in our Facebook groups. Providing renewal advice, correcting wrong purchases, helping with problems, etc…

So let’s start with a quick reminder of the CLZ Black Friday Sale 2021:

CLZ BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 33% discount on all subscriptions

The deal is very simple: 33% discount on the “Pay Yearly” options for everything CLZ, so for the Collector desktop programs, the Connect web-based software and the CLZ mobile apps.

To take advantage: »» LOGIN to the BLACK FRIDAY page here ««

This Black Friday sale will end on Cyber Monday, November 29, 23:59 EST, so only 3 days left!

Today’s newsletter topics:

As you know, the entire CLZ team has been working on a comic related project in the last few months. Which has resulted in 3 major releases for our comic cataloging tools this month, the main attraction being automatic key comic info from Core (first appearances, cameo appearances, major event, iconic covers, etc..).

In the meantime, the team has already moved on to give our other products some well deserved attention. First, big v7 releases for the other 4 CLZ mobile apps, v22 releases for the other 4 Windows programs and… many updates for the Connect web-based software.

These are the November 2021 releases:

  • Huge updates for all comic cataloging tools (CLZ Comics, Comic Connect and Comic Collector), with automatic key comic info from Core, many new fields, etc..
  • CLZ Music 7.0 : New features and lots of improvements
  • Connect: new Progress Bars for all “slower” actions
  • Connect: new Add from Core settings: select which fields to download from Core

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It’s Halloween! So it must be time for the Oct 2021 edition of the CLZ Newsletter!
October was a quiet month in terms of releases. But the CLZ team has not been sitting still, on the contrary:

At the moment, the entire team is working together on ONE big project, including all developers and all content managers. This is a rare opportunity, but we always enjoy working this way, as it is both fun and efficient.

This time, the big shared project is all about comics and it will result in BIG updates for all flavors of our comic cataloging tools: CLZ Comics 7.0, Comic Collector 22.0 and of course a big update for Comic Connect too (web developers are too cool for version numbers).
Read on for a sneak preview of the new features and improvements.

The topics today:

  • 5 updates for Windows with an improved Submit to Core system
  • 5 CLZ updates for Android to fully support system font sizes
  • Sneak Preview: huge updates for all comic cataloging tools

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The big project we are all working on now: lots of new features, new fields and improvements for our comic cataloging tools. Of course all based on your feedback!

Here’s what will be new:

  • NEW: Automatic key comic information from Core!
    When adding/updating comics from Core, it will now automatically fill in your “Is Key” and “Key Reason” fields. First appearances, deaths, cameo appearances, etc…
    BTW: don’t worry, we won’t go the “speculation route”, like the other app “that should not be named”, you know the one 🙂

  • Many new fields:
    Is Completed for series, a new Collection Status called “Sold”, Date Sold, Price Sold, Last Bag/Board Date and Slab Certification Number.

  • CLZ Comics: Improved List View entries, showing more info
    List entries will now include the Quantity (when <> 1), an Is Key icon and a Slabbed icon. Collection Status is now shown using a colored band on the right. You can now opt to show Cover Dates instead of Release Dates.
    Also, in Series List your completed series are hi-lited with a colored band on the right.

  • Add Comics screen
    New setting to “Hide Variants” when searching by Series.
    CLZ Comics only:

    • when scanning barcodes, different beeps for found vs not found.
    • tap thumbnail for bigger image

  • Improved “Missing Comics” tool
    New setting for showing/hiding “On Order” comics. When shown, hi-lited with a star (*). New setting for showing/hidding “Unreleased comics”.

  • CLZ Comics: now also use camera barcode scanner to …
    • search your own collection
    • fill in the Barcode field in the Edit Comic screen

ETA: within 3 weeks!

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No more automatic comic values from GoCollect

October 29th, 2021

This is CLZ Alwin and I am afraid I have some bad news for all users of our comic cataloging tools today:

Our agreement with GoCollect has ended, so in today’s updates all GoCollect-related features have been removed:

  • CLZ Comics 6.9 for iOS and Android (now live)
  • Comic Connect (changes now live)
  • Comic Collector 21.7 (coming up next week)

Which means no more automatic comic values when you add comics and no more daily updates for values.

We fully understand this is a shock and a disappointment for you all. Trust me, we are very disappointed too, maybe even more so than you are.
In any case, we sincerely apologize for this sudden loss of functionality.

But first, let me give you some more background on what happened:

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CLZ Alwin here, with your Sept 2021 newsletter.
In September, we continued the stream of updates and releases that we started last month, with 2 big updates for all Windows releases, 2 big updates for all CLZ mobile apps, and several new features and tweaks for the Connect web-based software.

These are all September releases:

  • For all “Collector” Windows programs:
    • v21.4: Bar chart in folder panel background
    • v21.5 for Movie/Comic/Game Collector: website-links now sync to cloud
  • For the “CLZ” mobile apps:
    • Version 6.5, with several new features in one go:
      • Duplicate an item
      • Clear Cloud button in Sync screen
      • “Shake to Shuffle” – select a random item
      • Games/Comics: a new Links tab for adding web-links
      • Music/Movies: choose the currency symbol for displaying prices and values
      • Movies: Set and Sync your own Box Set cover images
    • Version 6.6, Submit to Core (and more):
      • Submit to Core
      • New Select Mode with new Action menu
      • Action menu now also available on details page
  • For the “Connect” web-based software:
    • More fields available in Field Defaults
    • Easier user interface for Columns and Sorting
    • Remove/Restore the automatic Core images for Front and Back
    • Search your own database using CLZ Barry
    • Set Cloud Visibility per Collection

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the August 2021 edition of the CLZ Newsletter.
As promised in my “What’s cooking?” edition last month, there have been lots of releases in August, for the mobile apps, for Windows and several small updates for the Connect web-based software.

Here’s an overview of the August releases:

  • For all “Collector” Windows programs:
    • v21.3: New Transfer Field Data tool: copy field values from one field to another
  • For the “CLZ” mobile apps:
    • CLZ Music v6.4: Lots of new database field
    • Coming up for all 5: Duplicate, Clear Cloud and “Shake to Shuffle”
  • For the “Connect” web-based software:
    • Collection Status filter
    • Update from Core
    • Movie Connect: Set Box Set Covers
    • Coming up: more Field Default options, better UI for Columns/Sorting

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[CLZ News] What’s cooking at CLZ?

July 30th, 2021

Here it is, the CLZ Newsletter for July 2021.
Now, this could be a very short newsletter, because we did only ONE release this month: the CLZ Games 6.4 update on July 2 (the one with the new look).
But I won’t let you get away that easily:-) Instead, I am turning today’s newsletter into a big “What’s cooking at CLZ?” overview!

Even though we did no further releases, we have not exactly been sitting on our hands this month. Big projects are underway, some preparing for big releases in August, but also some “behind the scenes” work to improve our online services.

So… here’s what’s cooking:

  • CLZ Music 6.4 for iOS and Android: lots of new fields
    support for all new cloud fields that were introduced recently (Musicians, Credits, Headers in track lists, etc..)
  • For all Windows editions: new “Transfer Field Data” tool
    an advanced tool for batch copying data from from one field to another.
  • Submit to Core site re-write
    a new design and fully mobile ready!
  • Moving to a new server infrastructure
    full scalable, more secure and more cost-effective
  • Better ISBN coverage for some European countries
    implementing new data sources for European ISBNs.

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CLZ Alwin here, with the June 2021 edition of the CLZ newsletter.
The CLZ Team is still working from home, but the end is near. We are hoping to start working at the office again around September 1.
And, as the regulations in the Netherlands have loosened up already, we were finally able to meet up for food and drinks. It was so good to see each other face to face again!

This month, it was all about 3 big projects:

  1. Lots of new fields for the CLZ Cloud for music:
    • Music Connect / CLZ cloud updated with many new fields
    • Music Collector 21.2 for Windows: More fields now sync to CLZ Cloud
    • Coming up: CLZ Music 6.4, with all new fields editable and syncable
  2. New look for all CLZ mobile apps:
    • CLZ Comics 6.6
    • CLZ Books 6.4
    • CLZ Music 6.3
  3. New Link with Core screens for all Windows products:
    • Comic Collector 21.2: New Link Comics with Core screen

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Here’s the CLZ News for May 2021, as always brought to you by CLZ Alwin.
Yes, I am still at it, after 25 years! That’s right, this month we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first Collectorz.com product: Music Collector for Windows!
Read my full “origin story” below 🙂

A large part of the CLZ team is working on big projects that take long to complete. The new Submit to Core system, the big CLZ Cloud / Connect update for music with lots of new fields and all the new Batch Link screens for Windows.
And we have started on a new huge endeavour: big cosmetic updates for all CLZ mobile apps. We have 4 people working on that, mobile developers Pim and Bernard, UI designer and tester AJ and since last week, even web-developer Sven joined the mobile team to bring you great looking new details screens with this updates to the “Clear” templates.

So… all in all… only 2 actual releases this month. More coming up soon!
The newsletter topics today:

  • Music Collector’s 25th anniversary
  • CLZ Movies 6.4: New look for movie list, cover view & movie details
  • Music Collector 21.1 for Windows: New Link with Core screen

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CLZ Alwin here, with your CLZ news for April 2021.

Here in the Netherlands things are looking up, albeit slowly. The evening curfew has been lifted, shops can be visited without appointments and restaurants and bars are allowed to open up their outdoor terraces between noon and 18:00.

For the CLZ team, it’s business as usual, with some nice releases this April, and more big projects coming to an end soon:

  • Released this month:
    • Movie/Book/Game Collector 21.2 for Windows: New Link with Core screen
    • Comic Collector 21.1: Download values in other currencies
    • CLZ Books 6.3: New fields, website links and: other currencies!

  • Coming up:
    • Music/Comic Collector for Windows: New Link with Core screen
    • CLZ mobile apps: big “cosmetic” update with a new look
    • Music Connect/Cloud: new fields
    • Re-design for the core.collectorz.net Submit to Core site

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the CLZ News for March 2021.

We just started on our 2nd year with the entire CLZ Team working from their own homes. It feels like the new “normal” by now. Still hoping that we will all be working at our nice office again later this year. Time will tell.

Lots of releases in March, for Connect, the CLZ apps and the Windows software. Here’s what went live this month:

  • Connect web-based software:
    • Book Connect: New fields! Translator, Editor, Photographer, web-links, etc…
    • Music/Movie/Comic/Game Connect: New: add website links to your entries
  • Windows software:
    • Book Collector: More fields now sync to CLZ Cloud / Book Connect
    • All Windows editions: Various improvements and fixes
  • CLZ mobile apps, for iOS and Android:
    • CLZ Movies 6.3: Automatic Audience Ratings from IMDb
    • CLZ Comics 6.4: Keep track of your Pull List
    • CLZ Comics 6.5: Download GoCollect values in other currencies

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Welcome to the CLZ News for Feb 2021, as always brought to you by me, CLZ Alwin.

In the Netherlands, the lockdown with curfew has been extended, so that’s not going in the right direction yet. In two weeks, on March 13, we will be “celebrating” our 1 year anniversary of the entire CLZ Team working from home. Crazy, right?

But we will have to deal with the situation, so we’ll just focus on bringing you lots of improvements for your software!

This month we sure managed to get a lot of updates out: 1 for Windows, 6 for Connect, 5 for iOS and 5 for Android.
The topics today:

  • Movie Collector/Connect: Automatic Audience Ratings from IMDb
  • Connect web-based software: 3 new settings to save screen space
  • CLZ mobile apps: Big updates with various improvements
  • What’s cooking?

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Here’s CLZ Alwin, with your CLZ News for January 2021.
I hope you are all staying safe. In the Netherlands, we just went into a stricter lockdown, including a curfew, meaning we can’t go outside between 9PM and 5AM. So it looks like we will have to remain in our work-from-home situation for quite a while 🙁

Still, we are now fully set up to work like this, so there’s absolutely no delays here, not in customer support, not in development, not in content management. Here’s what’s new and what’s cooking:

  • Windows: New “Pre-fill” screens for Movie, Book, Music and Game Collector
  • CLZ Comics: Missing Comics tool
  • Connect: Currency selector and Currency Display settings
  • Coming up: Audience Ratings from IMDb, for all movie tools
  • Coming up: mobile-friendly Submit to Core site

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This is CLZ Alwin, with the last newsletter for this strange 2020. All CLZ team members have been working from home for most of the year. With the Netherlands being in lockdown, I suspect it will stay like this for quite a while in 2021 too 🙁
Still, we were able to make lots of progress on our products and services in 2020, no problems there. And we’ve got big plans for 2021, so lots more to come!

BTW: did you know we celebrated our 20th anniversary this month? I started work on the first program in 1996 (Music Collector), but the Collectorz.com company was officially founded in December 2000, 20 years ago!
In a normal year, this would mean a nice long weekend trip with the entire team, to a city in Europe (we’ve done Berlin and London for our 10th and 15th anniversaries). But of course, no such trip was possible this year :-(.
Let’s hope 2021 will bring us back to normal life.

For now: The entire CLZ team wishes you a happy, healthy and safe 2021: Martin, Rowdy, Sven, Stijn, Joel, AJ, Pim, Joe, Bernard, Sytske and me, CLZ Alwin!

Wanna see faces with the names? Here’s a picture of the team during our online Christmas party via Google Meet!

Now, this is the CLZ News for December 2020:

  • New “Pre-fill” screens for Connect and mobile apps
  • Comic Connect: Missing Comics tool
  • Comic Collector 21 for Windows
  • V20.2 for all Mac editions: Now fully Big Sur compatible

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CLZ Alwin here, with the CLZ Newsletter for November 2020.
We’re in the middle of the Black Friday craziness here, which means that my wife Sytske and I are answering over 250 support tickets on a daily basis. Providing renewal advice, correcting wrong purchases, helping with problems, etc…
AJ is assisting us with the more complex 2nd line issues, even logging in to user’s computers with TeamViewer to fix problems for them.

Today’s newsletter topics:

Just like last month, this newsletter is all about our tools for video games and comic books. Good news for the comic and game collectors among us, but if you’re here for the music, movie or book news, you may be thinking… “hey, what gives?”.
Don’t worry, we’ll be swinging back to the other programs soon. Let me explain what’s going on:

In the past few years, we have been doing a lot of improvement to what we call our “framework”. Improvements that benefited all collection types, like faster cloud syncing, easier folder options, faster image downloads, better shelves view, etc… Super efficient work and resulting in updates for all our tools, so for movies, books, music, comics and video games.

However, since about 6 months ago, we have changed our focus to implementing dedicated collection specific features, finally responding to common requests and complaints from our 5 different audiences. Since most of these were about games and comics, we started with those.

Also, because of we’re all still working from home, it makes project management and communication a lot easier if the entire CLZ team is working on the same project. So that is why we all spent 3 months working on many video game specific features, then after that the entire team switched over to work on the most common comic book related requests.

Next up are our movie collecting solutions. Our web-developer Stijn is already preparing our back-end for the things to come. First up: audience ratings from IMDb. We are also looking at delivering movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, as a nice 2nd opinion next to the IMDb Ratings. Cool movie stuff coming up!

Now, let’s look at all November updates, plus a sneak preview at what’s coming up in December:

  • Game Connect / CLZ Games 6.1: New “Updated Values” report
  • CLZ Comics 6.0: Batch editing, Updated Values report, Add Issue, etc..
  • Comic Connect: Add Issues / Updated Values report
  • Coming up: Comic Collector 21 for Windows
  • Coming up: CLZ Comics 6.1 with new Pre-Fill screen when adding comics.
  • Coming up: Comic Connect Missing Comics tool

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Time flies when you’re working from home! It’s the end of October already, so here’s your monthly dose of CLZ News.

After 3 months of work, we have finally released the promised huge updates for all our game database programs. Phew! A big and complex project, but we really enjoyed working on this multi-disciplined job together (desktop, web and mobile) with the entire team.

So we decided to do the same for comics: all team members have now switched to our comic tools, with Joe working on Comic Collector 21.0, Pim and Bernard on CLZ Comics 6.0, Joel and Sven on Comic Connect, AJ working on UI designs for them all and finally Rowdy, Stijn and Sytske on improvements to our Core for Comics.
Read on below for what will be new in these big comic related updates!

All topics for today:

  • Improved PriceCharting value features for all game tools:
    • Game Collector 21.0 for Windows
    • CLZ Games 6.0 for iOS and Android
    • Game Connect
  • CLZ Games 6.0: better Edit features + crop/rotate images
  • Coming up: big updates for all comic database tools

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Here it is, the CLZ News for September 2020.

It’s a sad day today. Since late June, part of the team had been working at the office again, but in the Netherlands the 2nd wave of the virus has hit us full on. So to keep the team safe and healthy, we have decided that the entire team will be working from home again, starting today 🙁

But don’t worry, we have gotten quite good at this “work from home” situation, with the team communicating over Slack all day. So it’s all business as usual. The support team is still lightning fast in answering your questions. The content team is still keeping our Core up-to-date will all new releases. And finally, the dev team is still making excellent progress on updates for our software and services.

These are the topics of today’s newsletter:

  • v6.0 now live for CLZ Books, CLZ Music and CLZ Movies apps!
  • Coming up: Improved PriceCharting support for all game tools

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This CLZ Newsletter for August 2020 is shorter than usual, because strangely enough, there were only 5 releases this month, for the 5 Windows versions.

The CLZ team has been very busy though, still partly working from home and partly from the CLZ office. But most of that work was spent preparing for upcoming big releases:

  • Pim, Bernard and AJ are finalizing the upcoming v6.0 releases for the CLZ mobile apps. Coming up soon (sneak preview below!).
  • Stijn, Martin, AJ and I (Alwin) have embarked on a huge project: taking the PriceCharting features of our game database tools to a new level. Linking in more PriceCharting entries (PAL games, special editions, etc..), better support for US vs EU vs JP pricing, multi-currency support, etc..
  • Rowdy, Sytske and Joël are very busy with our Core online comic database, making sure we can keep bringing you all new releases each week, especially after the Diamond / DC Comics break-up.

So only two topics today:

  • Windows: Easier access to Manage Pick Lists screen
  • Coming up: v6.0 for all CLZ mobile apps

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It’s the last day of July already, so here it is: your monthly dose of CLZ News!

Still making great progress, with half of the team still working from home, the other half present at the CLZ HQ in Amsterdam.
In July, we released 5 big updates for Windows and lots of small improvements to the Connect web-based software. Next to that, team mobile is preparing huge v6 updates for the CLZ mobile apps (sneak preview below!).

Here we go:

  • Collector desktop software for Windows:
    • Changing your folder field is now much easier
    • Edit screen: Add multiple authors, actors, artists in one go
    • Some examples of user feedback
    • Renew your subscription and always keep it active!
  • Connect web-based software:
    • Improved “Edit Multiple” screen
    • Configurable Date Format for Edit screens
    • New “Year” options for folders, colums and sorting
    • Improved Auto-Capitalization feature
    • More Totals in Statistics screens
    • Comic Connect: Auto-Fill Purchase Price with Cover Price
    • Music Connect: Use Alphabet Bar for Composers
    • Book Connect: AutoCap for Subtitles
  • CLZ mobile apps, for iOS and Android:
    • Sneak Preview: version 6.0 is coming up!

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Here’s the CLZ Newsletter for June 2020, as always brought to you by CLZ Alwin.

First the big news: We’re back at the office! That is, not all of us, but just 5 members of the team: Sytske and Alwin, AJ, Martin and Joe. All five can get to the office safely by bike, so no need to use public transport.
And it’s so good to be back! So nice to see each other again, get into a normal day rhythm again, have face-to-face project conversations and to enjoy our excellent office coffee.
Of course, we are staying safe. We all keep our distance, wash our hands regularly, we keep cleaning common “touch points” (the coffee machine!), have lunch separately, etc..

Picture: Leading lady Sytske, back at her desk by the window:

Now, here’s all our releases for June 2020:

  • Collector software for Windows:
    • Faster Shelves View (+ 2 new Shelf Styles)
    • Faster image downloads
    • Faster Update from Core
  • CLZ mobile apps:
    • All: Re-designed “Select Folder Field” screen and faster Update from Core
    • CLZ Music 5.5: Better support for multi-disc albums!
  • Connect web-based software:
    • Book Connect: Select your preferred Regions in Add Books screen
    • All: Improved main menu, with better grouping of all features

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CLZ Alwin here, with a slightly delayed CLZ Newsletter for May 2020.

I hope you and your family are still safe and healthy. In the Netherlands, we are slowly loosening the lockdown. With schools, bars and restaurants opening up again, normal life is returning, step by step.
However, for Collectorz.com we have decided to keep working from home for now. If only to prevent our team members from having to use public transport. Safety first!

This decision was made easier by the fact that we are fully operational in our “work from home” situation. Just look at last month’s releases:

  • CLZ Comics 5.6 + Comic Connect: Better barcode recognition for older comics!
  • CLZ mobile apps:
    • CLZ Comics 5.5: New folder options for Creators and Characters
    • CLZ Movies 5.5: New folder option for Actors
  • Connect web-based software:
    • Connect (all): New Crop and Rotate tool for cover images
    • Comic Connect: Submit to Core
    • Music Connect: Improved track list editing in Edit Album screen
    • Comic Connect: Better barcode recognition for older comics!
  • Coming up soon:
    • Coming up for Windows: Faster Shelves View + 2 new Shelf Styles
    • Coming up for iOS/Android: CLZ Music 5.5, with Add / Merge Multi-Disc Albums

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