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Welcome to Collectorz.com, the collection database software! Easily catalog your movies, books, music, comics and games.
Work on your phone, tablet or computer and sync data between them.

Mobile app / Downloadable / Web-based
Mobile app / Downloadable / Web-based
Mobile app / Downloadable / Web-based
Mobile app / Downloadable / Web-based
Mobile app / Downloadable / Web-based

Reviews from customers

September 26, 2023
Exceptional customer service
Your organization has always been exceptional in providing customer service. For as long as I have used your product, it has always exceeded my needs. — David B. (USA)
September 04, 2023
Excellent support. Thanks again! — Ian Thurnwald (Australia)
September 02, 2023
Awesome team
You and your development team continue to be awesome. Thank you! — Dave DiMaria (Canada)
August 27, 2023
Very satisfied with CLZ's customer support
Had to get a new mobile phone a couple of days ago - fortunately the old one was still working so the shop assistant was able to transfer all my data across and I didn't lose my files. (I have the Books, Comics and Movies apps as well as Music.)
However they all told me my subscriptions had expired. Sytske helped me reconnect to my CLZ account and everything is now working as it should.
Always very satisfied with CLZ's customer support. Thanks, Sytske! — Gordon Davie (USA)
August 24, 2023
Wonderful software
I can't believe how long I've been using the Collectorz software! I have this mental image of me looking down at the first barcode scanner I ever purchased and being thrilled with the software that came with it -- Books. I've never looked back and have recommended your software to everyone I know who has a large collection of books, music, comics, and movies. I think I was the one who referred J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, etc) to y'all.
I've just finished a major move from the West Coast of the USA to the East!
Thank Heavens for all of the Collectorz software I've been using for years as it helped me reorganize my music, videos, and books. My packers just haphazardly put books, cds, and DVDs into boxes -- what a mess! I've been slowly working on getting everything set right with the MAJOR help of my Collectorz printouts.
Next stop is helping a friend organize his book library -- including where each book is located in his home.
Thank you and your team for having created the best catalog software out there *and* for keeping it not only up to date but making all kinds of major improvements. — Wilma M. (USA)
August 13, 2023
A "Must Have" for any true collector
Easy to use, makes tracking and cataloging your collection simple. If you've ever bought duplicates, or passed on an issue you thought you had only to find out you needed it, this app will be a great addition to your hobby.
The few times I had a question, their support team was quick to reply and help me out. You can even create a "wish" list of issues you want or need, including upcoming variants. I use it every week and when going to conventions. A+++++ — Steve Wilson (USA)
August 10, 2023
Good team
Thanks for your help and keep up the good work - I have now been using Collector/Connect for many years - mainly the Book version. There is still nothing anywhere near as good. — Iain Challis (United Kingdom)
August 06, 2023
The Best!
Customer support at collectorz is absolutely the best! — Ronald B Carey (USA)
August 03, 2023
The very best in customer service
You and the team work so hard to constantly improve the software, it's commendable! Thanks for always providing the very best in customer service. — David Ferguson (Canada)
August 02, 2023
Phenomenal job
I love all of the features available though, and think you and your team do a phenomenal job with what I think is the best product ever to track music, movies and all the other product you provide. Please let your team know how appreciated you and they all are! — Jeff Kratt (USA)

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Latest Collectorz.com news

CLZ Books (Android)

New Comic Book Day, week 40: 543 new releases!

October 4th, 2023

Again, a big NCDB this week, with 543 new releases, counting variants and a total of 229 unique new issues.

All of them are now available in Core, with cover art, variant descriptions and cover artists.

TIP: to discover all this week’s new releases from your CLZ Comics app:

  • tap the + icon on the bottom right to open the Add Comics screen
  • go to the Pull List tab (top right)
  • within the Pull List tab, set the week selector (top left) to “This week”
  • and go to the sub-tab called “Discover”

This will give you all NCDB releases, grouped by series. Or, tap the “All Releases” entry at the top to scroll them all in one big list!

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We’re closing in on the end of September, so here’s our CLZ Newsletter for Sept 2023.

This month was all about the CLZ mobile apps. A new sync button on the main screen and new getting started tips for new users. Read all about those below.
In the meantime, some CLZ users have helped us translate the Connect web-based software to more languages!

Also, Breaking News: The CLZ Team will present at the New York Comic Con!

The topics today:

  • All CLZ mobile apps: New Sync button on main screen
  • All CLZ mobile apps: New in-app “getting started” tips for new users
  • Connect web-based software: now available in French, Spanish and Hungarian
  • Breaking News: The CLZ Team will present at the New York Comic Con!

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Earlier this year, we updated our Connect software to make it fully localizable / translatable. Shortly after, we went live with Dutch and German version of Connect.

Today, after the hard work of three loyal CLZ users, three more language options went live on the site:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian

Thank you, Philippe, Rafael and Pető!!

Read more

Breaking news: The CLZ team will be at New York Comic Con!

We’ve been planning to go to a Comic Con in the US for a long time, but now it is finally happening:
Four members of the CLZ team (Syts, Alwin, Justin and Taco) will be at the upcoming New York Comic Con!

We will be at the NYCC show on Thursday Oct 12 and Sunday Oct 15. We can be recognized by our black shirts with a blue CLZ Comics icon.

Are you at NYCC too? Let us know by commenting under THIS post in the CLZ Comics group on Facebook.

CLZ Comics (Android)

New Comic Book Day, week 39: 581 new releases!

September 27th, 2023

It’s Wednesday, so…. New Comic Book Day!

A big week again, with 581 new comic books released today. That is 581 releases, including variants. If we don’t count variants, there are 255 actual new issues!

The CLZ content guys have been working to add and finalize all these entries in our Core online database. Ready for you to find them by series, by issue, by barcode, OR using the cool Pull List tab that lets you browse all new releases per week.

Most of the new comics and their variants now come complete with cover art, variant descriptions and cover artists.

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CLZ Comics (Android)

New Comic Book Day, week 38: 602 new releases!

September 20th, 2023

It’s New Comic Book Day! This week, NCDB brings 602 new comic releases. Of course, that number includes many variants, but still, there are 276 actual new issues!

Our CLZ Content Team (Rowdy, Justin and Taco) have prepared nice entries for all these new releases in our Core central online comic database, complete with cover art, variant descriptions and creator lists with the specific cover artists listed for all variants.

When you return home with your weekly purchases, everything will be ready for you. Easily add your new books By Barcode or By Issue. Or, browse all new releases using the Pull List tab of the Add Comics screen!

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Book Collector (Windows)

v23.2.3: Fixed a problem with editing/displaying characters

September 20th, 2023


  • Characters for books could not be correctly edited (and displayed without name sometimes)
CLZ Comics (iOS)

v8.7.1: New in-app getting started tips

September 14th, 2023


  • Added in-app getting started tips for new users (tap “dismiss” to dismiss)
CLZ Games (iOS)

v8.2.1: New in-app getting started tips

September 14th, 2023


  • Added in-app getting started tips for new users (tap “dismiss” to dismiss)
CLZ Movies (iOS)

v8.3.1: New in-app getting started tips

September 14th, 2023


  • Added in-app getting started tips for new users (tap “dismiss” to dismiss)