Out Now: Book Collector 9 for Windows

January 29th, 2013

Out now:

Book Collector NINE for Windows!

Version 9 will give you automatic Author images and Wikipedia links, Author born/died information, full Unicode support, an improved main screen, plus a full cosmetic overhaul: Virtual Shelves, new icons, new templates, etc…

A quick summary of all the new features and enhancements:

* Automatic author images and Wikipedia links, plus date/city of birth & death
* Full Unicode Support
* New Virtual Shelves look for Images View
* Improved toolbars and new “Collectorz Blue” icons everywhere
* New Breadcrumb Bar at the top of the main screen
* More intuitive behaviour of the main screen’s tree and list panels
* New Two Panel Layout, with merged Folder and Book Panels
* Two new templates: Vee Nine and Metro

Check out the full “What’s New in v9″ list here, with lots of screen shots.
Existing users, check your inbox for your personal upgrade link!

Posted by Syts