[CLZ News] All CLZ mobile apps will go free with In-App purchases

January 30th, 2016

Welcome to the first 2016 CLZ Newsletter!
I (Alwin) and the rest of the CLZ Team are already well underway to make 2016 into a great year, with lots going on for all our online, desktop and mobile editions!

At this very moment, Ronald is working on 16.1 versions for all Windows programs, which will bring an extra new view for the main screen, ETA early March.
At the same time, Patrick is working on the same feature for the Mac OS X editions, to be released in the v16.0 updates, also planned for launch early March.

While Ronald and Patrick are working on future updates of the desktop software, our mobile dudes Pim and AJ are generating serious action on the mobile front.
In fact, the current and upcoming v4 updates are so important that the rest of this newsletter is all about the mobile apps. Here’s why:

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[CLZ News] Faster Core searches, better book data for EU books

December 30th, 2015

This is CLZ Alwin, with the last CLZ Newsletter of 2015, and it’s a loooong one.

Yes, we’re back from our 15-year anniversary celebration in London! We had a great time there, with lots of sightseeing, great food and of course, too many alcoholic beverages :-) Here’s a selection of photos from our trip.

In the meantime, we have processed the London backlog of support tickets and our help desk team is back to our normal level of support again.
And despite all anniversary and other holiday season celebrations, we’ve still been able to make progress on development too :-) Here’s an overview:

  • Version 16′s for Windows are live!
  • Server upgrades: Progress update.
  • Better book data for most EU countries.
  • Coming up: Version 4.0 for all iOS and Android apps.

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CLZ 15-Year Anniversary in London – the photos

December 30th, 2015

This December, we celebrated our 15-year anniversary by taking the entire CLZ Team on a trip to London! Here’s are some photo’s of our sight-seeing, eating and drinking :-)

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[CLZ News] 15 year anniversary, limited support for the next 4 days

December 9th, 2015

Wait, a CLZ Newsletter this early in the month?
Yep, because this week we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary!

As some of you know, I (Alwin) had been working on Music Collector in my spare time since 1996. But in December 2000, I quit my day job, founded the Collectorz.com company and finally got to work on the Collectorz products full-time!

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Coming up: version 16 for PC & Mac, aka QuickSilver!

November 27th, 2015

This is the November 2015 edition of the Collectorz.com Newsletter, with two announcements for important December releases. But first …

It’s Black Friday! So don’t forget our CLZ Black Friday sale:
»» Get a 1 year Update Plan or Connect subscription and get 6 months FREE! ««
(this sale ends on Cyber Monday, so 4 days left!)

Okay, back to the CLZ News. These are today’s topics:

  • Coming up in December:
    • Version 16 aka QuickSilver for Windows and Mac OS X.
    • CLZ Movies 4.0 for iOS.
  • New CLZ.com website, the home of our mobile apps.
  • CLZ Server Upgrades: Faster title searches and image downloads.

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[CLZ News] What’s cooking for the holiday season?

October 30th, 2015

It’s the end of October, so the busiest months in the cataloging world are coming up. As usual, we have lots of cool stuff planned for December and January: big updates for desktop and mobile, server upgrades, maybe even a Sale.

Here’s an overview of this months releases, plus some insight into what’s going on at the CLZ HQ:

  • Music Collector v15.4 for Mac: More intuitive main screen behaviour
  • Comic Collector v15.5 for Windows: Better support for TPBs and Pull Lists
  • CLZ Server Upgrades: Progress Report
  • What else is cooking?

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New on my.clz.com: see the CLZ mobile apps you own

September 30th, 2015

This is Alwin, with your monthly dose of CLZ news. And it’s a big dose this time.
September was quite crazy for us, with multiple desktop and mobile releases, an ongoing server upgrade project and, unexpectedly, having to deal with problems caused by 3rd party software updates:

  • Five 15.4 updates for Windows, with re-designed Field Selection screens.
  • Three 15.4 updates for Mac, with a more intuitive behaviour of the main screen.
  • Updates to all movie-related tools, now syncing more fields to cloud and mobile.
  • Server upgrades: super-fast downloads for desktop software updates.
  • Movie/Game Collector 15.5.2: now uses HTML5 trailer player to fix Flash-problems.

But before I give you the full story on the above 5 topics, I want to tell you about an important change to your My.CLZ.com account page :

My.CLZ.com: now lists the CLZ mobile apps you own

When you login to your CLZ Account at my.clz.com you’ll find new boxes for the iOS and Android apps, with a black checkmark shown for the apps you own (for now, this excludes CLZ Barry, sorry).

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Are you having trailer video problems? Here’s the solution.

September 24th, 2015

Wow, lots of unexpected fun this week ! :-)

This Monday, Adobe released a new version 19 of their Flash player and immediately our support guys and gal got swamped with reports of broken trailer videos in Movie Collector and Game Collector.

So instead of working on the projects they had planned to work on, Ronald and AJ spent most of this week investigating the problem and trying to come up with a solution.

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[CLZ News] What else is the CLZ Team working on?

August 31st, 2015

Alwin here, with the CLZ Newsletter for August 2015.
Unlike previous months, August only brought a couple of small feature releases:

  • Music and Book Collector: Alphabet Bar can now also be used on Title field.
  • All PC & Mac programs: New “Ignore Sort Title / Ignore Sort Names” settings.

So I am taking this opportunity to tell you about all the other stuff the 11 members of the CLZ Team are working on “behind the scenes”.
Here’s an overview of the things we do besides building new features:

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[CLZ News] No summer slowness here!

July 29th, 2015

Even though it’s been summer vacation time for several CLZ team members, we’ve been able to push out several huge releases, the most popular of which (by far) was the new Alphabet Bar. But don’t forget the huge book cloud update and CLZ Barry 2.0!

These are the topics of today’s newsletter, discussing all July releases and what’s cooking at the CLZ HQ at this very moment:

  • CLZ Cloud 2.1 for Books: Sync your *own* data for 8 extra book fields
  • CLZ Barry 2.0 for iOS and Android
  • New “Alphabet Bar” in all 15.3 versions for PC & Mac
  • Sharper Cover Thumbnails in all v15.3 versions for Windows
  • Further improvements to Connect and the CLZ Cloud viewers
  • What’s Cooking?

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